The Unexpected Ending

Jorgie Romanov Wattimena180410100238

Summary: The desire of a man that want to apologize for all the mistakes he did in the past, but in the end, it do not match with his expectations

The knock on the door was harsh and intrusive especially for 11p.m. to midnight. Alyssa immediately jumped from her covers, feeling scared and pissed at the same time. “urrgh.. Who the hell could that be?” she said out loud to herself. Boom, Boom, Boom. Again, the sound of hard banging came from the front door. Alyssa swiftly hopped out from her king sized bed, grabbed her robe, and walked downstairs into the living room. “Alyssa open the damn door!” a familiar man’s voice heard from the other side. “Who is it?!” Alyssa screamed back. “it is me, Gio! Giovanni Elya!” the very-familiar-voice yelled back. Could it be? The man that had deceived her and left her for dead but which she also still loved are standing outside the door demanding her to open it?

“What the hell are you doing here Gio!? Get away from my house before I call the police!!” Alyssa yelled terrified. “Alyssa please open the door! I will explain everything if you let me come in!” Alyssa stood there looking at the door deciding whether she should open it or letting the man yelling and banging the door. Could this be a scheme just to get her open the door? Alyssa ran to the kitchen and grabbed the first knife she could get and hold it tight. “Alyssa, are you going to open the door or what?” Gio yelled but now in a calmer tone. Alyssa slowly unlocked the door. She walked a couple steps back and yelled “It is open!” The door knob twisted and the light from the street came in through the crack of the opening door. From the street light came a shadow figure of a tall and cocky man, the man she thought and hoped she’d never see again.

Giovanni was tall and cocky which is what made him so intimidating, but his brown-tan skin and baby face made him absolutely gorgeous. Alyssa stood there in total shock not only on how his looks that had not changed a bit but also shocked at the fact he was standing in her living room. “Wha-.. What the hell do you want?” Alyssa stuttered with the knife still in her left hand. “Alyssa… Baby it it been so long! I missed you so much.” Gio said while closing the door. “You’ve missed me?” he said. “You’ve missed me?! How dare you say you’ve missed me! You lied to me Gio! For 5 years I gave you everything. A home, a job, food, love, my whole entire life was dedicated to YOU! But you cheated on me Gio! You cheated on me and let that bitch into my home and almost kill me! You did not even care! You left me for dead Gio. But here you are 2 years later to say you missed me? You do not have the right to even miss me!” Alyssa said while dripping tears.

Alyssa had been through hell and back many years ago when she met Giovanni Elya, her senior in college. When Alyssa first met Giovanni, he was a smart, well-rounded, sweet, romantic, lovable person, and really loves sports. With him coming from nothing he made his best attempts to give Alyssa everything. But their senior year of college seemed changed much. He started drinking heavily, going out constantly, flirting with other women, and would not talk to Alyssa for weeks at a time. At that point Alyssa realized what they had would never be the same, but she keep it going and pretend that one day he will change again.

I am sorry baby, I am so sorry I treated you the way I did.” Gio began to apologize. But the room went quiet in Alyssa’s eyes. She could no longer hear him and his plea for forgiveness. The flashback of that horrific day came across her mind and she shut down and all she could concentrate on was what was going through her head.

“Gio I am home!” Alyssa yelled walking through the living room. “Gio!” she yelled again sitting her purse on the couch. She walked down the hall to the guestroom. “Gio..” she said in a seductive voice slowly opening the door. But to her surprise no one was there, just a messy bed. She turned and walked up her steps to the second floor. “Do you feel it?” she hears Gio’s voice through the closed door towards the end of the hall. Alyssa slowly inches up to the door listening to the sounds of hard moaning and groaning. When she opens the door, she shocked to see her boyfriend of 5 years having steamy sex in the back of her with not just any girl, but her own sister. “Gio!” Alyssa yells. In an instant shock Gio and Alyssa’s sister, Kayla, both looked up hastily to get out the shower. “Alyssa.. Sis.. I am—“ Alyssa slaps Kayla in the mid-sentence. In less than a second the two sisters are going at it. Pulling hair, throwing punches, and scratching each other out. “Stop it!” Giovanni yells out while trying to break the two apart. “Both of you have 3 seconds to get the hell out of my house!!” Alyssa yells then running out of the bathroom toward the first floor. Alyssa goes to the hallway closet in search of hand gun. But before she can find it she feels a sharp pain go through her left shoulder. She slowly turns around to figure out why she was suddenly in continuous pain. There she is, her oldest and only sister standing behind her, bloody knife in hand. Alyssa fall to the floor with her mouth wide open but no words are coming out. “Gio we got to get the hell outta here…” Kayla says while looking Alyssa dying in the eye. Gio comes from around the corner, drag Kayla up in his arms and they disappear together into the night.”

“Alyssa! Alyssa!” Gio yells snapping her back into reality. “Did you hear me baby?” Gio says walking closer towards her. “Stay back!!” Alyssa yells. “Gio, you have to leave…right now, and never come back to this house ever again. Do you hear me? Never!” Alyssa says to him. Just as she finishes her sentence her front door opens and walks in Alyssa’s fiancé, and Gio’s brother, Gilbert. Gio turns around to see his younger brother standing in front of the door. Both brothers are shocked. “What the hell is he doing here?” Gilbert yells to Alyssa. “What the hell am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here?!” Gio says. “I can explain it!” Alyssa screams. “Gio, get the hell out of my fiancés house!” Gilbert demands. “Your fiancé? Your fiancé?! Number one; she was mine before she was yours, and number two; how could you do something like this Gill?!” Gio says in a moderate tone. “Number one brother, She WAS yours, pass tense. Number two; how could I? Only thing I have done, has given this woman what she deserves, a real man.” Gilbert says with anger in his voice. “Now Gio, I suggest you walk out this door and never come back here again. Okay?” Gilbert says while taking the knife on Alyssa and pointing on Gio. Gio stand still there, in a total shock. He turns back, throwing stuff he sees and then slamming the door behind him.


  • “Kenangan Terindah” by Samson
  • Shattered: Butterfly on a Wheel by Mike Barker

Word Count: 1.233 words

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