The Series Incident on Dating

Cinthia Nurmaulani

Summary: Yuri went on a date with his boyfriend. As she and her guy were at Manohara, she was attracted to a waiter. Then, she had an incident on her dating.

I met the bills to the 04 driver and stepped out. I pulled my dress for not getting trampled by heels. I carried my bag on the shoulder. I saw a guy on the crowd. He wore a red sweater. He was stamping and nodding. He was smoking and put his headphone on. It is he. He looked at me and stood up.

“Hi Yuri. You haven’t had your dinner, have you?”

Oh God. I do keep my promise for him- to be with him- to eat. I will not go if I have eaten, of course. Doesn’t he think importance things? I wear this, this, and this. I don’t need to get such a question like that! Look at my blue-dress!

I was going to go to my fourteenth… No, it is sixteenth, my sixteenth date with my guy. I did not know the reason why I became a part of his life. Boyfriend, I think, gives lots of praise but he never did. Never have I got amazing words from his mouth. Never have I heard his mention about me, his love. This morning, he texted me that Manohara would be his choice. It seemed to me less interesting, but I had to agree because there was no better choice.

He walked first to the cafe and I followed him. There was no conversing. We did not talk all the way. He sat and then I sat.There were some people at Manohara; girls, boys, waitresses, and waiters. It was like nothing new. In my right side, some girls were talking and laughing. Some boys were squinting the girls. I said that today was nice, but it did not affect this guy. I just like a seatmate. Txt.text1=””. Argh. Let’s see a guy wearing skirt, a lady wearing a hat, and a-bright-skin-guy-tall-tray-apron-eye glasses-slanted eyes- pencil thick eyebrow- pointed nose. Ah.

“Here we are. Enjoy your meal”. A bright skin guy smiled.


“I am sorry, I bother you. You have to sign your identity first, right here.” He said.

“Wait for a moment, Rud. I will be okay” I said to Rudy. He just nodded. I stepped on the waiter’s toe.

“Please, make sure you have your number you usually use.” The waiter turned on the computer on his table.

“Pardon me?”

“I forgot to remind you. I say, tomorrow will be a party here. Many couples have to sign their number to be a couple winner. You should be here, at least at eight tomorrow night. It’s a big big surprise. So now, may I get your number?” The bright skinned guy stated.

“Uh, o, okay, 0812-0808-3808. What a party? Can I have a table?”

“It’s the second cafe anniversary. Sure. Your name and your friend, please.” He started to type.

“Yuri, and, er… I have no guy yet to be on a date.”

“I cannot wait no longer” He continued typing. I was drumming my finger.

“Sign your name.” I said. He rolled his eyes, stopped typing and then took a note.

“T o m o r r o w n i g h t w i t h…” He dictated what he was writing.

“Y u r i” He added. “Okay. See you” He smiled, tore the note and placed it on the table. Great!

Today was not just today. Let’s think. Tomorrow, it would be a change. It would be no more silence. Great, sounds great! I walked back to my table.

“I’m so sorry. I should pay the bills first and wait the exchange. Have you finished your meals?” I raised my glass and drank a little. He responded my question but he could not take one’s hat off to me. Pff.Never have I got amazing words from his mouth.

“A long time ago, a guinea pig came to my house. He asked me to be cared of, to get feeding, and… are you serious to me, Rud?” He stopped chewing because of my voice.

“What is that? We always go dinner. Is it not enough date?”

This guy, I know. It wasno bed of ‘roses. Give him applause.

We exited the cafe. The time is over. Rudy tugged on his zipper jacket and got his helmet. He turned on the machine and, again, asked me to go first. Dinner was only dinner. It was no fun talking. It was no picking. It was… I saw many ladies hugging their boyfriend on the sidewalk, talked much, laughed much, and smiled much. It is not like Rudy and I.

I racked my brains to select my dress. It was late night, but I could not sleep before finding a dress for tomorrow night. All dress at the left and right side had been emptied. White dresswas only the last dress I expected. I hurriedly tried it but I got trouble. Come on! I hanged the dress up on a mattress pole and turned on the fan- and had a brief silence in honor. Oh no. I cannot be like this. I opened all the cupboard doors and then took the drawer up. There was a blue box which was a prize from Hani, my old friend. Long time no see. A green short dress and a hair band were on it. I tried it and looked in the mirror. Yeah.

At that night, my stomach got hurt. I leaned on my bed, squeezing the left abdomen. I counted three hundreds seconds. I breathed and exhaled. I was crawling and trying to stand up. I brought a box in a bigger box. There were a lot of leaves. I took Curcuma Domestico Rhizoma and Kaempferia Galanga L. Iblended and swallowed it all. I went back to bed, stored my thick eyeglasses, turned off the lights, and closed my eyes.

My room did not begin to lighten. I took the alarm clock and got it closer to the eyes, but it did not work. I fumbled around the pillows, brought cellphones and turned on the lock button. It was at 6 pm. How long. I hurried to shower and had breakfast. No, it was like lunch. No, I just had a meal. Argh,I don’t know.

“Yukki!! Take me to Manohara. I have a date.”

“Why do you ask me? Rudy have waited you there.”

“How can?”

“What do you mean by how can?” His eyes rounded. I ran, opened the curtain. The sky was already dark. I saw Rudy sitting on his motorcycle seat. He was tossing his phone.

“It is… Is it… Impossible. It is possible?!”. “It’s like I’m going to hell! What can I do, Yukki? Can you help? Oh my God! WHAT-IS-THAT? Then, he phones!”

Yukki pulled my hand taking my cellphone,

“Yuri is at campus. She may forget to bring her mobile phone. Phone her later on” Clicked. Yukki ended the call and went to the door. Eek.

“Yukki! Are you going to kill me?! No. Don’t do that! Hold on! No Yukki!! Oh, I should hide.” I moved back and forth.

“Be calm, I’ve brought the key. I will not tell him that you have an affair. Wait until he goes then I’ll go with you.”

On the way to Manohara,Yukki were always saying that I had an affair. I said that he was wrong. I had no affair. I just had a date with someone. That’s all. He kept joking. He said I lied. I said he made it up.Yukki.

At T-intersection, the rain poured down and Yukki’s motorcycle stopped unexpectedly. Yukki asked me to move that I had to cross the road. Many helmsman honked their horn. What I do I can?

“You have no hurt! I will die!” I screamed and struck my brother’s back. There were many people who looked at me.

“Don’t be stupid!” Yukki yelled.

He tried to start the engine many times, but it failed. He ran while he was pushing the motorcycle. I’m going to go to the end of the world. My heart tap was faster. It felt like I got session for my project. Please, I cannot be a standee! Close your eyes, and walk. Close walk, and eyes. Close, and walked. I was holding up and tried to reach the sidewalk. I was like a moving statue of the city way.

At Manohara, I got a bright skin guy sitting. He did not wear his apron. He was more handsome. He was twirling a straw in a glass. I tiptoed, peeked, and then comb my hair with fingers. It was so hard because my hair got wet. I went first to the toilet and then approached him. He asked my condition and I said I had never better. I drank my coffee he had ordered. He said his name was Dera. He played the gum in his mouth, and would stop when he spoke to me. Occasionally, he made his tie knotted. He usually replied with smile.

There was a man, who were busy talking with a lady. He showed off his photograph, then stomping to the music that was being played. Besides him, there were ladies who were talking each other. One of the ladies said that she had curetted. Her mouth was full of foods. Her right hand was stirring sauce that she had added, while her left hand was moving to and fro.

In front of me, there were another woman wearing veil and a person whom I could not guess the gender. The person wore a hat. His hair style and suit was like a man, but his voice was just like a woman. A mobile phone rang. He brought his mobile phone and then spoke out.

“What? I’ve told you that the chef’s always delaying the food!”, “Yeah I know. I know. I’m still at Mano now. Oh crazy. You know he is crazy. The chef is crazy, I think. Don’t be angry with me. I will arrive soon. You know, I got stomachache. You make me more headaches.” He spoke long.

The person, then, left his chair and went to a waitress who was walking.

Neng, can you do faster? If you can’t, I will give you money first” He said while giving the money which was said.

“I’ve told you that you must pay first. Right there, Mom”

“You shouldn’t be like that! I had been waiting for almost two hours”.

Is it?

“I’m sorry. I have to serve that one.” The waitress left.

“Hey, all of you, do you know? I bet no one visits here again.” He throw the book and shoved glasses into the table. Old folk and kids who came to Manohara witnessed him. It was no comment. No voice. No laughing.

It was a woman who came from the gate. Her veil was long and her clothes were not loose. She wore socks and pink shoes. She looked at the right and the left. She smiled at meand then neared. Dera pulled his chair out and welcomed to the woman. He said that the woman was his fiancée. I see the ring.

I held my hand tightly, trying to warp tablespoons. I threw the spoon on the floor. I dropped my body on hers but she holdout the table. I pulled her ankle that made her fall as well. The table was tilted. Cups rolled. Plates broke. My laptop dropped. The woman fell and suppressed my laptop. I pushed her away and she did it also to me. No! My project!

I forced her, getting my laptop that was still suppressed. I saw Dera running. He left the room. I pushed the woman harder. She moaned and then gritted her teeth and got my eyeglasses flying.

“Stop!!” I saw vaguely a man who divorced me with that woman. I stood up and snorted.
“You, come here! You must be responsible!” I pointed at hers.

“What is the problem? All of these were just an accident!”
“What did you say? You said it’s just an accident? I need my glasses, and my laptop, why you broke them?
“I’ll fix it. I’ll fix it” She replied in a trembling voice.
“How can you create the project that was long times I’ve made? Oh my God!!”

I guess Dera came back. He drew my fist and put my glasses into my hand. I pushed his hand away. I slapped his face and pulled his lips. I saw a thing falling from his mouth.

“What is that? Is it my rabit’s tooth?” A child cried. Oops.

He immediately went on. The woman ran to meet him.
“Hey, what is this?” A man whom I know the fragrance came. I could not see him clearly, but I knew the voice. The security situated the people to sit in.
“Yuri, what’s happened? You okay?” Asked him.
“Is that you?”

Rudy took me to a chair. He put in my glasses. I could see his smile and his navy clothes. He told me that he would fix the laptop. As he raised his hand, a waiter came. The waiter’s hair was black. His wristband was a third of his arm. I smelled his perfume while he stooped. I saw his fair-skinned hand when he positioned his nametag. He winked.

“Excuse me. Any one of you can go to register table?”

Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway

Idiomatic American English by Barbara K. Gaines

Pollyanna by Eleanor Hodgman Porter

Word count: 2223 words

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