The Murder and The Cherry Blossom

Name: Nahari Nurul Fitriani

NPM: 180410140066

Summary: Gi Young Jae is a profiler who did a shoplifting on an ornate shop, but the owner said she won’t tell the police in exchange for a personal favor.

That day seems like another usual day. It was spring, and people filled the famous Yeouido Park to see the blooming cherry blossoms. Gi Young Jae picked her son up to Dongne preschool in rashly. “Da Eul ah, daddy cannot pick you up right after the school end today, you know daddy have to catch another bad people today. I am sorry my Da Eul, I love you,” he kissed Da Eul’s cheek apologetically. Da Eul just replied with a grim smile and lightly nodded. He takes his unseparated friend, a penguin doll, called Polar and got off from the car. The teachers stood near the school gate and waved to him with a warm smile. Every time like this, Young Jae is always reminded of her wife that he missed so much, unfortunately she cannot accompany him and Da Eul forever.

Young Jae drove ahead to the police office in haste, during his way, detective Go kept calling him. As Young Jae arrived at the office, detective Go and detective Baek handed him the profiles of homicide suspects. The homicide case happened at Parsha Apartment in Mapo district, near a famous night club. The latest victim was a high school teacher, death caused is out of breath and two stabs on her vertebrata. According to the investigation she was injected by sedative and her mouth was taped, after the victims became unconscious the suspected backstabbed her, and then tied her on the corner side of the bed. “This case has the same ways of homicide like the last year unsolved case. You must know the Sinchon case right? Which are almost all the victims were tightened on the bed after they died from out of breath then the murdered stabbed them. I think the suspected is the same person or at least has a relation with this case”, said detective Go rounding her eyes as she believed on her own hypothesis. “Ah, at first I will check the detail of these suspects and then I’ll go to the Sinchon’s crime scene.

Young Jae sat on the corner bench with a cup of coffee on the left hand and profile papers on his right hand. Analyzing is one of Young Jae’s skills which are famous among the entire Seoul Central Police Office. This time, honestly he felt his analyzing skill decreased, since his wife passed away about five months ago. He often got a sudden burden from thinking how he has to rear his one and only son, Da Eul.

As the time passed by, Young Jae already stuck on his papers for one half hours. As he read the papers, he started to believe on what Detective Go said before. There are several same things that related to the Sinchon case. The victims are actually related to each other through their jobs, the homicide methods and also the tie rope pattern. Suddenly his cellphone vibrated, it’s a call from detective Go, “ah coincidentally,” he mumbled. “Yes, detective Go?”, “Ah, Young Jae yah, I’ve just arrived in NFS office (National Forensic Service) and checked the finger print that may left on the Sinchon case, nah there is fingerprint of the lady named Ms. Yang Ah Ra.” detective Go said. “But, if they found a fingerprint on the crime scene before, how could they didn’t catch the suspect till now? Are you sure that what? Ms. Yang is one of the suspected people?” Young Jae replied with a confused expression drawn on his face. “I’m not really hold on this, but maybe we can just add her to the suspected people. Honestly, it’s really confusing because the previous team whom investigated the case found, that on the time of the incident happened, Ms. Yang was on her way to China, she even had the evidence on her passport. But I think I find a strange thing…” She continued.

Young Jae rushed ahead into the NFS office to meet detective Go. “Ah, glad finally you arrived. Here is the fingerprint report, it is clearly seen that it’s Ms. Yang Ah Ra’s. But what I found strange is Detective Baek said it’s most probably that she is the suspect. Because the staffs who marked on the passport said that she didn’t find any moles on her hand. When I checked it into the public security division, they told me Ms. Yang Ah Ra has the special features on her left hand. You know what’s more surprising? I just talked to the disguise team, they found someone who looks alike Ms. Yang Ah Ra who is an ornate shop owner on Gwanghamun, finally we find a light!” Detective Go explained the whole things enthusiastically. “Well, that is good if we found a new possibility, but I’m still unsure that she is also the murder of the recent case, or more into I’m not sure that we can make her admit what she did easily, we have to find more evidence and investigate more about her daily life right now,” Young Jae replied with a expressionless smile, “Sure, he still confuse because it is very easily nowadays to just remove the moles, also did the staffs are really sure that they talked about the right person, it’s kind of weak evidence to prosecute her. I should silently come into her life,” his thought told him.

From the report given, Ms. Yang Ah Ra’s shop located two blocks near a night club. The shop usually opens from Thursday to Sunday at 10 AM to 6 PM. “Hmm why isn’t she opens the store on Monday? There’s must be something hidden about it” he murmured alone in his own speculation, seeing the store from his half opened car’s windows. He took a look around and when he was about to leave, a straight brownish haired woman in a blue dress and khaki colored coat appeared, opened that ornate shop’s door and got into the shop. When he saw her a while, indeed she looked alike Ms. Yang Ah Ra whom he saw from the photos. “It must be her, “Young Jae mumbled and refrain himself from met her, he thought it would be better if he met her on an unexpected situation.

Later, on Thursday 11 AM Young Jae already entered the ornate shop which is called ‘Eternity’. That day Ms. Yang Ah Ra was busy on the racks behind the checkout counter, the situation in the shop is filled by one person who was ready to pay, the new marriage couple who discussed about things they should buy for their new home, three young girls in their high school uniform who looked into the sparkling bead-necklaces, an old man who focused his eyes on the vintage novel, and also him. Looking around from one rack to another rack, display per display, something attracted him. A one sided mini mirror with brown color cover with its tagline ‘You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone’. The mirror seems had some mysterious thing inside. Without any hesitation he grabbed the mirror, put it inside his coat, and then left the shop.

Next day, he came back to the store, as usually looked for Ms. Yang Ah Ra. But that day she wasn’t seen in the store. Yesterday, he purposely did the shoplifting to attract Mrs. Yang Ah Ra. Young Jae waited for her quietly. 25 minutes passed. Suddenly someone tapped his back lightly. Young Jae looks startled and quite flustered. “Yes?” he said to her. It is Ms. Yang Ah Ra coming from nowhere else, and Young Jae suddenly realized something interesting would be happened. “Ah, Mr. Gi Young Jae? “ Ms. Young Ah Ra replied with a smile. “I know you. I know you know me.” She stopped for a while, “And I know what you did yesterday,” she smiled while playing her polished fingers. “Yesterday? Did I really came here yesterday?,” Young Jae replied and scratched his forehead. “Good, you came into my trap Ms. Yang” mumbled him. “Ah, don’t be like this. Hahaha. I know I know. I think it’s okay. I won’t tell anybody…since you are a police officer..hahaha” Ms. Yang replied in giggled. “What? I am a police? How do you know? And what did I exactly do yesterday?…in here?,” Young Jae really looked flustered, “How did she know that he is a police,” he thought.

They sat on a coffee shop across the ornate shop, with two cups of Americano coffee served on the table. The atmosphere felt so awkward, Young Jae never think that Ms. Yang would actually knew him, and she most probably knew that he has been stalking her from the ornate store. “Oh my, this is so awkward. But, I know you Mr. Gi Young Jae, you worked as a profiler on the police force. I know you have been stalking me for the few days. I know that this day will come,” she let the heavy sigh. “Excuse me, but I am still confused about what you said. You know about this day?” Young Jae said with a frown appeared on his forehead. Ms. Yang Ah Ra sipped on her coffee, continued to talk while stared on the street. “You know Sinchon case? I was involved in that case because of my fingerprint was found on the crime scene. I was suspected before, but fortunately, I was extricable because there is no strong evidence that prove I was the murder.” Ms. Yang took another sip on the cup. “I don’t even know the victims. When I was once a student, I don’t even know how to tie my sneakers properly. Why did I have to murder someone and tied her professionally like that?”. Young Jae tried to apprehend what her explanation. “But I know one thing that I haven’t said before. Two days before the Sinchon case happened I had a meeting with few of my acquaintances who are part of knackers, and that day I actually lost my phone.” She explained. “Right on the meeting venue?,” Young Jae inquired. “Hum, yes. When I realized that it was lost, I came back to the restaurant. I thought I left it on the restroom but when I asked to the staffs there, they didn’t find any cellphone left, after that, I navigated my phone location but it wasn’t active for long time, ah, I think for about a month.” She continued “Sometimes, I am just afraid. That he or she will return my phone.” Both of them were in silence, then Young Jae said, “It’s okay Ms. Yang Ah Ra. Finally you said something. Did you actually say this when you were investigated? “. “No, I didn’t say anything further. I’m just answered the question given and denied the accusation.” She said then continued “But for now, I’m not that afraid anymore. At least I’ve told this to you, the right person. I trust you to solve this case soon Mr. Gi Young Jae.”

Young Jae was sitting on the working chair, span around, and looked into the papers he got from detective Baek. The data of Ms. Yang Ah Ra’s acquaintances is already obtained. The suspected lists are Mrs. Shin In Ah who worked as a private high school, Mr. Kim Dae Ha who was a famous bar owner in Seoul, and Mr. Cha Jun Yeol who owned a vintage musical instruments store. All of them are long acquaintances of Mrs. Yang Ah Ra for about two years and often hold a non-formal meeting. As written from the papers, it said that Ms. Yang Ah Ra is the teacher of the same high school where the victims were teaching. Another suspicious thing is, both the crime scenes are also near the night clubs which both have the bars that are owned by Mr. Kim Dae Ha. There is no particular relation between Mr. Cha Jun Yeol and the victims. Reading the data carefully, suddenly Young Jae found out a jackpot clue.

The next day, Young Jae, detective Go and detective Baek came into the three suspected people. Detective Go came to the High School where Mrs. Shin In Ah was teaching, detective Baek came into the café to meet Mr. Kim Dae Ha and Young Jae came into Mr. Cha Jun Yeol store to ask for more information relating to the homicide case. The vintage musical instruments store is located in Nagwon Music Mall. It can be seen that his business were running well, seeing from how big his store. Young Jae entered the store and asked to the staff right there, whether he can met Mr. Cha Jun Yeol. For waiting about 30 minutes, Mr. Cha Jun Yeol appeared and gave him warm smile. “Hello, I’m Mr. Cha Jun Yeol that you asked for, hmm I heard you are a police officer?” .”Ah, yes. I’m Gi Young Jae a police officer from Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. “he said while shaking hands. “I’m sorry for interrupting you but I have to ask for several question regarding the Sinchon case and the recent case happened in Mapo district, do you mind If I take your time?,” “Well it’s okay. Never mind, I’m glad if I can help the investigation,” Mr. Cha Jun Yeol replied. “Let’s just sit in other room,” he led Young Jae into a fancy looking room inside the store. “Please, comfortably take a sit,” Mr. Cha Jun Yeol gave a code to the staff to bring them drinks. “Shall we start now?” Young Jae said while taking a notebook from his bag.

During one hour meeting, Mr. Cha Jun Yeol answers the questions straightly, without any hesitation on his speaking tone. “So, what we want to say is the Sinchon and Mapo cases have the same suspected. “ Young Jae said while stretching his legs under the table. “Ms. Yang Ah Ra recently met me and we had a talk,” he continued. Mr. Cha Jun Yeol seemed to widen his eyes. “So, you got my information from her?” he said in a low tone. “Not really, I’ve just collected little information from her because you know, Ms. Yang Ah Ra was suspected as the Sinchon case murderer, the investigation team also said the two cases have the same homicide pattern. Both of the victims are teachers, and both crime scenes located near the bar. Do you think that the murderer do that in purpose?” Young Jae said and glowered directly to Mr. Cha Jun Yeol’s eyes. The atmosphere became strange. ”I…I..of course I don’t know Mr. Gi Young Jae,” he gave his grim smile. “Do you think that I’m the suspected?” he talked in a high tone, “It does seem so strange, it is not asking for investigation, it’s like you are already accuse me as the murderer.” Young Jae replied in a smile ‘tipis’. “Actually, I’m not even told you, that you are one of the suspected. Mr. Cha Jun Yeol, I just want to ask about the cellphone…” “I don’t know! Where Ms. Yang Ah Ra’s cellphone is, that day we just left after the meeting ended.” Mr. Cha Jun Yeol interrupted him while taking down his glasses, Young Jae felt he hit the nail on the head. “I don’t even tell Mrs. Yang Ah Ra cellphone, I want to ask because there is your contact on the victim’s cellphone. Did you actually really don’t know the victim?” Young Jae said and sipped his cup of tea. “And Mrs. Yang Ah Ra never asks or tells others that she lost her cellphone on the meeting, on that day…” he continued, and took another sip.

It was Sunday morning and Young Jae already sat on the investigating room, with Mr. Cha Jun Yeol in front of him. Mr. Cha Jun Yeol was arrested that morning, as the investigation team found the evidence which is Ms. Yang Ah Ra’s cellphone found on the goods-shed of his store. “I don’t know if this Ah Ra’s scenario can drag me into the jail. I won’t admit anything related to the Sinchon or Mapo murder cases “he said in a grim smile. “How can you approve that I’m the murderer? What is my relation with the victims?” he continued and drummed up his face. “Shall I explain all your infamies?” Young Jae replied with his raising voice. “We already summed up our investigation and it’s not only me who did the job. There are of course the other detectives, forensic team, and other investigation team. I am here as a profiler, to inspect and comprehend the suspect’s profile and background.

“First, you surely know both of the victims, they are the regular customers of your shop, and we found their transactions. Second, they know you first from Mrs. Shin In Ah who introduced them to you. That time, they are indeed part of the classical orchestra of the school. After the first meeting both of you were involved in a black market business for the vintage trombone. Suddenly the two of them are hurried cleansed themselves and no one knows, the three of you are actually “the black market acquaintances”. Since it’s only you who came to the warehouse near Busan trading port, trapped by the police force, then you were arrested, but the genius lawyer whom you paid for a high price successfully exonerated you from the accusation, even though that time your business is not on a good condition. After the incident happened, you pursued the victims as the revenge for what they did. You planned on how to murder them without become the actual murder and set ‘v2’ the plan to make a monkey out of the police, and also targeted the ornate acquaintances, because you think that it is also Mrs. Shin In Ah’s fault. You are the one who set the meeting and took Ms. Yang Ah Ra’s cellphone when she and Mrs. Shin In Ah went to the restroom, while Mr. Kim Dae Ha was answering his phone. You know that actually Ms. Yang Ah Ra is a forgetful person, so you wielded her by taking her cellphone. You faked her fingerprints from using the cellphone’s screen protector, and then portrayed her as the murder. However, you didn’t know that at the same time of the homicide happened, she was on the way to China for the knacker gathering. We already checked the invitation and it’s valid that Ms. Yang Ah Ra is one of the invited people. It was your big mistake Mr. Cha Jun Yeol, you missed a perfect finishing touch.” Young Jae carefully explained the detail of the homicide.

“Ah, I don’t expect you’re this smart. But how can I murder the last victim? I mean I may responsible for the Sinchon case homicide, but the Mapo case? Did you find any fingerprints?” Mr. Cha Jun Yeol still holds into his word, he still wouldn’t admit as the murderer. “Ah, we found a big clue. Your name card on her purse, and investigated the crime scene then the trade agreement letter was founded there.” Young Jae said and closed the laptop, “Now, you can’t deny it again Mr. Cha Jun Yeol. It’s already clear that you are the murderer. Call the genius lawyer and see you on the court,”

Finally the Sinchon and Mapo cases are resolved. Since the first meeting with Ms. Yang Ah Ra, Young Jae came often to the ornate store and the two became close. Ms. Yang Ah Ra even met Da Eul and became close. She often picked up Da Eul from school and played with him on her store until Young Jae came. Seasons keep changing, year into year changing, they already know each other for one year. That day, Young Jae and Ms. Yang Ah Ra met on the coffee shop where they first met. “It’s been one year, since we met each other. I don’t expect I can be this close with a suspected person. Haha,” Young Jae said and shyly smiled. “I know right, it’s also the first time I close to someone since people around me knew I am the suspected murderer. Even my family before the case is solved, they may think that I’m the actual murderer,” she said, gave a look to Young Jae and continued,” but do you still remember, the mirror that you took from the store?. “Yes, I’m still having it. Shall I give it back to you?” Young Jae replied. “Uhm, no you can take it. Do you know something mysterious about the mirror?” Ms. Yang Ah Ra said in a gleam smile. “No, of course I don’t know. I just thought that it looks kind of unique, and the tagline on the back cover also attracts me” He said while sipping on his coffee. “Well, shall I tell this? It is said that when you think of someone while staring on that mirror, that someone would become important in your life.” She smiled with narrowed eyes. “So that is why we became this close,” Young Jae took her hands and stared at her for long. The cherry blossom never feels as sheen as that time.

The End.


Signal, Drama.

Word Count: 3525 words

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