The Misunderstanding

Name: Santika Vania Putri, 180410140048
Summary: Lisa’s husband, Brad, has been skipping breakfasts and dinners for days, he said it was an office thing. One day, Brad was reported to be going out with his secretary instead of working, but Brad wasn’t actually cheating on Lisa.

“I’m leaving!” shouted Brad, Lisa’s husband, from the door. Lisa came in a rush from the kitchen whilst holding her 12-month-old baby. “Are you going to skip breakfast again? For God’s sake, Brad, this is your 3rd times skipping breakfast!”

Lisa and Brad have been married for 2 years now, met at college, fell in love, and got married after 3 years dating. Lisa runs a blog; a beauty blog, in which she gives review about beauty products. While Brad works at a Magazine Company.

“I’m sorry, babe, but there is something going on in the office and I have to go like right now.” Brad pleaded as he held onto Lisa’s shoulders. “Oh, Brad! You’re not the only employee in your office! There has to be someone there to take care of those things.” Lisa was trying not to speak in a loud voice because of the baby. “Yes, indeed! But I’m the head of my department, at least I have to be there to make sure everything’s alright. I have to go now, I’m sorry! I’ll call you at lunch!” Brad dashed off to his car, leaving Lisa in awe. She couldn’t believe it! He was really leaving? This was his 3rd times leaving without breakfast and it was 2 hours early!

“Something is definitely going on with him! Is he cheating on me?!” Lisa thought. But she quickly brush that thought away from her mind. She knew Brad more than anyone and Brad that she has known for years wouldn’t do something like that. She then went back to her working’s room.

Lisa was writing her blog when she heard a phone’s ringing. “Oh, great, Brad forgot his phone again,” Lisa groaned as she walking to their bedroom. As she walked into the room, the ringing stopped. She looked at the phone to see who was calling him, name ‘Kathleen’ popped up on the screen. “Who the hell is Kathleen? I don’t remember Brad has a friend named Kathleen,” she thought. She was thinking to call back Kathleen to ask who is she, but then she realized it wasn’t her business. Her thoughts wandered trying to remember if Brad had mentioned something about Kathleen, but she couldn’t recall anything. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to her blog.

This time, her phone’s ringing. It was Brad.

“Hey I think I left my phone at home,” Brad said. Lisa was thinking whether she should ask about Kathleen or not. “Who the hell is Kathleen? She called not a long time ago and I couldn’t remember any of your friends named Kathleen,” She heard him laughing a little because he knew Lisa is always like this, she is a jealousy type of wife. “Kathleen is the new secretary in here. I thought I lost my phone somewhere here in the office, so I asked her to call my phone. But then I remember I left it at our room. Don’t worry she’s no one,” Lisa felt a little relieved but still worried about it. You know all the classic stories when the boss is cheating with his secretary behind his wife’s back. Again, she brushed that thought off her mind. “Don’t go home too late. We’re having your favorite for dinner.” Brad sighed; he said he couldn’t come home early because of the meeting. This time, Lisa was the one who’s sighing. “It’s okay. I’m hanging up.”

Lisa got back to her blog. She was trying to stay focus on what she was doing, but the thought of Brad cheating behind her wouldn’t leave her mind. She then picked her phone up and typed a phone number.

“Hi! What’s up?” a familiar voice is heard. “Hey, Zoe,”

Zoe works in the same office as Brad and she is Lisa’s best friend since high school, more like her spy agent now. “Is Brad in the office?” Lisa asked. “Oh, he just went out. Like 5 minutes before you called. Is there something wrong?” Lisa widened her eyes. She thought Brad was just sitting in his office working. “With whom did he go out? Perhaps with his secretary? That Kathleen or whoever is it,”

“Talk slowly would you? Yeah, he went out with Kathleen,” Zoe stopped talking, “Oh no, Lisa. Don’t think that way! Kathleen is a good girl, and so is Brad!”

“I’ll call you later, Z. Thanks,” Lisa hung up the phone, grabbed her belongings, and carried her daughter to her car. She drove around the neighborhood and ended up on the street of the center of Bristol. She looked around to see if she could find Brad’s car parked somewhere on the street. When she was going to turn right, she saw Brad’s car parked nicely in front of Sephora. She widened her eyes and parked exactly behind Brad’s. Lisa with her daughter in the carriage entered Sephora and found Kathleen and Brad were chatting.

“Brad?” Lisa looked at Kathleen and came up to her, “what are you doing here with my husband? Picking makeups? You should be working right now, not laughing and chatting over here?”

“Lisa, wait, this isn’t what you thought it would be, no,” Brad tried to calm Lisa down and he seemed so surprised to see Lisa here. “Shut it, Brad! You said, she’s no one, but well, here you are buying her makeup!”

“No, I wasn’t-,”

“Really, Brad? You skipped so many breakfasts and dinners just to be with this girl? You said it was an office thing but I guess it wasn’t an office thing, right, Brad?” Lisa had tears on her eyes and was going to leave the store. Brad held her hands to stop her from leaving. “Lisa, please listen to me. I wasn’t cheating on you. I was picking makeup for you! I didn’t what to pick and what to buy that’s why I brought Kathleen with me to help me. I wanted to give something to you because it almost your blog’s anniversary,” Lisa looked at Brad in disbelief. This whole time, Brad was trying to buy her makeup? Lisa couldn’t believe what Brad just said and broke into tears. “I’m so sorry, Brad. I didn’t know,”

“No, that’s okay. Of course you’re going to think that I’m cheating, who wouldn’t? I’m out here with a woman,” Kathleen came up to Lisa to say sorry because of the misunderstanding.

“Oh, I should be the one to say sorry to you,” Lisa said, “I’m sorry, Kathleen.”

After all the chaos they made at Sephora. They came back home.

“You should have told me if you want to buy me things. I would choose the shade by myself. This one is too light for me, Brad, but thanks,” Lisa said with a little laugh.

“Yeah, I know. I will next time.”

Word Count: 1133 words

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