The Jealous Wife

Arnita Nurutami Putri (180410100011)

Summary : Tania suspects that Andrew is having an affair with his pariban and decides to spy on them. But what Tania discover is not she expected.

“its hot in here” Tania complained, the sun was shined brighter than usual and the air conditioner in Ekky’s room happened to be broken. Maybe the sun and the air conditioner knew Tania’s feeling that day. “don’t use those paper to be your fan, they would be broken and what you have done can be wasted” said Andrew. Those paper contained the deal of Tania and Andrew marriage. Suddenly Ekky came with a jar filled ice, glasess and soft drink with her, “give me an ice, darling” Tania requested, “ let me serve you all, the cold soft drink” Ekky refused. “ I mean not the drink, the ice only. I can’t handle the heat anymore” said Tania with her raised eyebrow and took the ice from the bucket and put it onto her neck, “its better” she relief. “ let us drink, maybe it would help us to decrease the heat” said Ekky.

“as tania’s bestfriend I don’t pick a side neither Tania or Andrew, but I just want to know the explanation from Andrew and Kiyoe clearly. Tania has been sick of your affair for more than 6 months” ekky explained, as she does softly and patiently. With the glass on his hand, andrew said “ I cant explain about it now but I will, when the time is right, I have promised to Kiyoe not to talk about this until we get what we want”, “ so you want to divorce!” screamed Tania, “ or you want to see me hurt for more time?!” “ do you think I don’t know what you did?!, do you think I am crazy because this sudden divorce request?!, I know what you did, Andrew!”. “ honey, I love you for years” said Andrew gently “ I never want to leave you, eventhough you would leave me I will stay and fix our marriage, honey please stop it” Andrew beg Tania and touch her hair caressly. “don’t you dare to touch me anymore!” refused Tania.

Ekky couldn’t handle those fight anymore, so she turn the conversation and ask them to having lunch. Ekky kindly remind her friends to grab their lunch. “ let us move to diningroom” Kiyoe accepted Ekky’s invite friendly, but only Ekky and Kiyoe move to diningroom.

“sorry for the food, I just can serve this for our lunch” said Ekky to Kiyoe. “ never mind, that’s kind of you” Kiyoe answered. Ekky served a plate of rice and fried chicken for Kiyoe, “ thank you so much” said Kiyoe, “ honestly, I just asked Andrew to do me a favor but… “, “ just eat the food” Ekky interupted. “ just listen to me” Kiyoe replied “ Tania is emotional and I don’t know how can I talk to her and I don’t want to be the third person in their marriage” Kiyoe explained. “ just finish your meal, we can talk later” said Ekky. Her diningroom was very narrow, there only have two chairs, one dining table, one stove, one dispenser and a clock hanging on the wall above the dispenser. With their eyes that didn’t notice to the food, they worried about leaving Tania and Andrew in TV room with their emotional and unstable condition. “ let us finish this problem, our food almost finish anyway. We have eaten with our portion, or you want more?” Ekky asked, “ no, thanks. I have enough. If I eat more, my body will refuse and I am afraid you would be offended” Kiyoe answered. “ agree, so that feeling and heart, they could rejected if you don’t get the right portion” Ekky replied.

They came back to the TV room, they found Andrew and Tania didn’t talk to each other, and they found Tania cried, took piece by piece of tissue from the box wipping her tears on her cheek. Slowly Ekky reached Tania and said “ calm down honey, be patient. Don’t take the wrong decision. Don’t let it crush your marriage”, “ let Kiyoe explain what she needs to explain, nobody interrupt her and please just listen”.

“ I am sorry, I am sorry if you feel bothered with me, Tania.” “ I don’t mean to crush your marriage, I just need Andrew to help me with my problem. I cant explain the problem now but I am sure you will understand, Tania”, “ I have a problem with my fiance then I met Andrew months ago and I ask him to help me. That’s all I can tell for now” Kiyoe explained. Tania seemed more emotional after she heard Kiyoe’s explanation “ so why did you two meet clandestinely from me, I know both of you are pariban and I am sundaneese. I know Andrew’s parents didn’t agree about our marriage because I am not batakneese. Without you, my life is full of fear. I am fear about matchmaking tradition in batak. And you as Andrew’s pariban came to our life, now I feel more fear with my marriage!” said Tania to Kiyoe but she reminds in silence, in her deepest heart, she understood Tania’s feeling but it didn’t make her to explain clearly about the matter why she asked Andrew to help. Suddenly Andrew hold Tania’s body against his chest closely to calm her down. Andrew cried and his tears fall down to her head, she was touched. Andrew is the first man that could make her fall in love with his kindness, patient and lovely eventhough the others men before him were better financially but only him can touch her heart. A year before she got married to Andrew, her parents was divorced and that was make her really sad and need of love then Andrew came to her life, she feels her other half back to her through Andrew. Eventhough her life was full of fear because of her marriage with Andrew, she feels better with Andrew beside her.

“honey please stop crying it hurts me so bad. I will explain you the whole problem about me and Kiyoe, I am willing to break my promise to her” said Andrew. “ what promise?!” Tania shouted, “ the promise of our marriage?! How could you! I love you please tell me everything!”. “ Tania, grow up ! when will you stop being childish! You are a grown up woman, you have married, don’t be stupid !” Ekky shouted emotionally. Tania cried louder after Ekky shouted at her, she felt Ekky, as her bestfriend, didn’t stand for her.

“honey listen to me” said Andrew to Tania, “ I am sorry Kiyoe, I have to break my promise to you, I care about my marriage and tania more than you “ said Andrew to Kiyoe “ after I tell all about our promise to Tania, if you want to hate me, or hit me, just do it. I don’t care anymore!”.

After Tania heard what andrew’s said, she suspiciously think that Andrew had an affair with Kiyoe, because what just he said sounds like a man who have a love to a woman and want to end it. Then she realized why was Andrew didn’t complain about her getting back to her bad habbit such as smoking, clubbing and so on. Tania thought that Andrew felt guilty enough about his affair and then he let her bad habbit back. She cried louder because of her own thought.

Suddenly, Kiyoe’s phone ringing. She asked permittion by whispering to Ekky to go to answer the phone because its urgent. Ekky had a doubt to give her a permittion, because she started to think Kiyoe had a real affair with Andrew but finally she let her go.

Its 9pm and Kiyoe have not come back yet. “ where did she go?, I have patient enough to wait for her for two hours” Tania complained Andrew, “ you have an affair with her, don’t you !,admit it!, she feels guilty and afraid to face it!”. “ admit what?, I don’t have an affair with her! I love you, please tear the paper up!” Andrew commanded to Tania. “ you said you love me but you was hold her when she cried, you hold her hand too, I have been spying on you for six months!” said Tania. “ so it is all about jealousy?!” asked Andrew, “ you think I don’t feel the same?, don’t you know how I feel when I saw you doing your photoshoot romantically with those male models?!”. “ so you don’t like my job!, you don’t like how I work. I cant live with that. Divorce is the answer then” Tania shouted. “ fine, I will do it if all you want is divorce. I am sick of it” Andrew agreed about the divorce and start to sign the paper, so that Tania.

Kiyoe came back to Ekky’s apartement, suddenly she hug Andrew without knowing that he signed the divorce paper and said “thank you Andrew”. It made Tania mad, “ see that darling, ! you see that!, she hug him in front of me right after he signed the papper, they clearly have an affair !”. Kiyoe shocked that Andrew signed the paper, “ no! Tania, listen, I say thank you to Andrew, because of him my parents agree about my relationship to my fiance, eventhough we have a different ethnic and religion just like you and Andrew, that is all about. Well I am sorry, I have to go because my parents have been waiting me at the airport, I have to pick them up immediately. Thank you ekky for helping us in this problem. See you Tania, I am sorry I have to go”.

Kiyoe has gone but the regret still remind for Tania and Andrew. Tania felt regret, why she mad at her, and did a crazy thing for making the divorce paper, beside, Andrew felt that he did a fool thing, signed the paper., the paper still useful for them as the firestarter at their home to warm their night.

Reference(s) :

o Carnage

o Great gatsby

o Padi – Terbakar Cemburu

Word count : 1675

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