Rules on Dating a Girl

Rayhan Ali Muhammad

Summary: Adam is on a date with a girl he admires with the help of his brother’s advice. But he fell in love with the waitress.


Adam never thought that he would fell in love with a girl he only met once – not even a cheap conversation. He used to believe that people can’t love other living creatures at the first sight. All the signs that people thought is love at the first sight is a mistake, it is admiring. But his eyes betrayed his thought.

Tiara was sitting in front of him talking about something. Adam couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was supposed to do all the stuff he was told about dating a girl. The step one was ‘Listen to her’ with three exclamation marks after, indicating that this is very crucial. Adam is 19 years old and he had no problems with auditory perception and concentration but it was hard this time. Maybe people were right about eyes are stronger than your ears, that’s why you don’t believe what you hear until you see it for yourself. He observed every single detail on her face. How her lips shape when she talks is just beautiful. Maybe she does facial exercises every night for 15 minutes before she goes to sleep, or maybe she is just born pretty like nobody does. Her nose, her brows, her cheek, they are gorgeous that he never even made a girl that looks prettier than her in The Sims 3.

“Adam?” She woke him up. “Ah yes I agree” Adam replied. His ears started hearing the environment. He just broke the first rule on dating a girl.

“I was asking if my lipstick is too thick..” Her smile went away, “I shouldn’t wear this one. I know this is ugly. I wonder why my sister is still using this one. Her cosmetics are the worst I have ever seen. Katy Perry would also look terrible wearing this stuff.”

“Uh, sorry. I was thinking about what my brother had said before I went here. I didn’t mean to say that,” He hoped the lies worked this time. Then he remembered about the second rule in dating a girl, ‘Compliment her’.

“And that lipstick looks perfect on you. Katy Perry never wear makeups, she sweats a lot” he continued and they were laughing as if it was funny. He just made it to the third rule, ‘Make her laugh’. Her smile came back. The feeling was similar with the moment when he saw a video about a deer was being saved by a group of firemen from drowning in a frozen lake.

He wasn’t actually lying at the time. Adam’s brother, Dan, has a problem with his high school and hasn’t been going to school for the last 2 weeks. Adam isn’t really close with his brother in some way – they are so cooperative and enthusiast in supporting their favorite soccer team, especially when it comes to the final match. Moreover, Adam still hasn’t found out what was the problem with him since he never asked him about it. But from what he vaguely heard from his parents, it’s about a friend of him.

Adam got the tips on dating a girl from his own brother. He can hardly believe what his brother said, but this time Adam would pay attention on every single word Dan said. He never failed in doing anything with girls – everything he does is always cool in front of girls. Dan is good looking and has a good charisma, and those are the only thing he has. And an original earphone from Apple he had been hyping for thousand years – he had been saving money for a rock. So, knowing that he got problems in school was a little bit odd, good looking guys never have problems, except on grades.

“Would you like to order now, sir?” Said a voice that woke him up for the second time. Right after him, there was standing a girl with a smile on her face, short black hair, and a beauty spot, hence the name, sits beautifully on the right side upon her lips. Her smile is not beautiful, it is perfect. A nametag sat on her white polo shirt, ‘Amanda’. Adam were numb for 5 seconds before his brain started working again. He remembered the last rule in dating a girl, ‘Be the first one to greet her’.

“Hi, Amanda.”

Word count: 715

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