Nameless mind

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Nelson is a poor boy with a lot of things he never thought before will happen.
He is fat and sad.

Nameless mind.

Heaven called Home

Nelson sincerely graduated from senior high school, he was 18th and he was looking for a job. Every morning after he graduated his mother Martha always loudly shout at him.

“Nelsooooon, go get a joob, I need some money, you fool!” Martha shout while she do the dishes and Nelson sitting on the chair.

“Take it easy martha, I just woke up.” Ben said.

It was Ben, Nelson’s father. In Papua ,each teenager should leave their house and looking for a job, especially in somekind of hinterland as in Kuala kencana, Mimika. Luckilly, Ben is raised to be a miners from the day he was born in Tembagapura. Nelson is get to be very close with his father, because he thought his father is the best actor in the world. What?the best actor?was he an actor?the answer is totally nope. His father was very good in impersonate some people, and Nelson is always laughing when he saw his father did it.

“Hi son, have you eat your breakfast?” Father asked. Grab a chair next to Nelson

“I just did, dad.” Answered Nelson.

“What are you planning today son?”

“I don’t know dad, I wanna go to town and looking for a job.”

“Sounds great son, I put you to Senior High School so you ain’t never be a miners.”

“Yeah dad.” He headed down.

The door was knocked three times. And Nelson walk to the door and looking who was there. It was uncle Stefanus knocking, “You gonna come with me or not?” He asked. “Give me five minutes uncle.” And he suddenly running through his room and go packing. Last night he make a promise with uncle Stefanus to with him this morning, because he was looking for a job.

“Where you going son?” His father coming to his room.

“I’m going to town and looking for a job, dad.” He whispered.

“Why do you whispering?”

“I don’t want mommy knows.” Still whispering.

“Ok, then. So, when you coming back?”

“Don’t know dad, maybe it takes a long time.”

“Okay son, just don’t do drug, alright?”

“Aye Aye, Captain.” Nelson laugh.

Then, they both leave the front door silently. But inside the house Martha was shouted over and over.

Leaving Home

Nelson leave. He has not somebody to take care of him, he doesn’t know where to go, and he don’t know how he gonna live tommorow. He don’t have any cash in his pocket, with his round body and his fat, Nelson have to survive.

“wake up everyone, we’re in town.” Stefanus said. (After sixteen hours on the street)

It was dawn, and fresh morning air. Nelson was so excited to look around the town, he was totally a stranger just like other people in the car.

“Are you ready to get a life boy?” Stefanus look at him.

“Maybe.” He answered

The car stopped in one of building in the main street of Jayapura. Stefanus drop them and then just leave right away. in the big city like that “Can I have a job here?” He thinked. Then he look at some guys with a truck and some baskets full of fruit cross the street.

“Do you know the place I can wash my body or a place I can stay?” Nelson asked one of the guys.

“Oh, I don’t know either, or maybe you can take a bath my place, you wanna come?”

“Okay, thank you by the way.”

“I’m Obama, you?”

“ Nelson.”

The other guys said “Bama, it’s done. Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Obama said “get in the truck boy” asked Nelson.

Obama is a driver for a fruit company named Fruits. He worked for more than four years. Every day he drive along to pick-up fruits and bring it to company. “Why do you come here, boy?” Obama asked, “ I’m looking for a job”, “okay, I think I can help you.” Obama think he can help.

And Nelson finally have a job because being promoted by Obama. He now live with Obama in renting house.

The Hometown

For two years Nelson been working with Fruits company, and every month he did not forget to send his parents a letter and some money. But one day, the day was turningback. He gets a letter from the parents. It says “Nelson, your father was sick. It takes a lot of cash to take care of him, and I don’t have it much. Please give me some cash to take care of him.” It was his mom, Martha.

“What are you reading boy?” Obama asked.

“It’s a letter from my mom.”

“Ow, what she said?”

“Nothing, she just tell that my father was sick.”

“Go visit them boy.” Obama suggest.

Heard that suggestion, Nelson plans to go. And he leave suddenly, he got enough cash to take care of his father. He arrived in Kuala kencana at dawn just like he was arrived in jayapura two years ago. He walk to the house and knock the door. His mother opened it and shock “Nelson, what are you doing here?”,”I come to see you both mom, maybe I could live here and take care of dad.” His mother was crying. Nelson hug his mother and asking her “Where’s dad mom?”, “He’s in the John store looking for medicine.” She answered. “Okay, I’ll pick him up, mom.” Then he left to pick his father and to give him surprise.

In the middle of the road, he meet with Sonja. Sonja house is next two house with Nelsons. “Nelson?where have you been this two years?” Sonja asked. “I worked in Jayapura.” Nelson said.

“Ow, that sounds great. Oh by the way, I’m sorry for your lost.”

“pardon me, what lost?”

“Your father I mean, you knew it don’t you.”

“What?he was sick and I knew it.”

“He passed yesterday.”

“What you just said?don’t make any jokes about my father.”

“I’m serious Nelson.”

He’s silent and feels that his being fooled. Fooled by his own mother, his lovely mother.

word count: 1002

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