My Husband’s Other Side

Mugi Indah Lestari

Summary: Saras has a husband who looks like perfect man. she happy become his wife, but she surprised that her husband has another side.

She watered plants in the garden. She wore white t-shirt and training. Doing all of these are has become her habits every morning, woke up at 5 am then cooking breakfast for husband after that she jogging and the last she watering plants. Her name’s Sarah Arumi, 25 years old she has not seem like have married because of her posture like as teenagers generally. She has a beautiful and charming face.

She picked up the phone ringing on the table. Lisa told her that she will visit her home to chat and do anything together.

“Hello Sar, I’m bored here, can I visit you today?” She laughed. “Of course! Anyway don’t forget to bring my novels. Oh yeah, thank you for reminding me, is your husband in home?” Lisa asked to Sarah. “No Lis, you are lucky because he was working in Surabaya,” She replied.

“Alright, I will go inbe there in two hours later”. “ok lis, see you”

She looks s happy because she will meet her best friend, it’s no wonder, because since she was married to Angga, she rarely met Lisa, she miss all that what they did together.

Suddenly she remembered that she hasn’t called her husband yet, she immediately phone Angga, Hi y dear, how are you? Sarah began conversation. Hay, I’m ok dear. I’m glad you called me. He replied. “Don’t forget to breakfast and drink vitamins.” Sarah said” Thanks for reminding, I have already to go now because my friends are waiting, love you dear. He closed the phone.

They are new couple who have married six month ago. They look perfect as a couple, Sarah is very lucky to be married with Angga. He is the chairman of marketing division on a famous and big company in Jakarta. Before married Sarah is a freelance designer, she got enough money to complete hler life and her young brother. Until now, she sometime gets order to design from her old costumers. Meanwhile the orders were not as much as before; she just develops her hobby and talent.

After Sarah took a bath, the home’s bell is sounding. It should be from Lisa. Sarah opened the door, “Hi Lisa! I really miss you” They hug each other. “Come in! Let us chat in my garden” Sarah pulled Lisa’s hand. “Ok, by the way are you cooking some food today? I’m so hungry, hadn’t got my breakfast”. She spoke with pitifully. ‘’what a pity my friend” she is laughing. “Just understand me, I’m alone and nobody give attention for me” Her face really funny makes Sarah can’t stop laughing. “So that you must hurry for looking husband, don’t always play boy’s heart” she gives suggest. “Anyway, I didn’t cook if my husband not home. “What a suck you, just calm sar, next week I’ll get married. Let’s go out and find a restaurant” she is stood up while she spoke. “oke, ooh wait a moment, I forgot to send my design to Mr. David. He is waiting for my email” She opened her laptop immediately.

After that they went to the mall, first they went to restaurant, and walked around the mall to find something that Lisa’s need. The last they also went to salon. These habits which are always they did. They are become close friend since junior high school and they got same university.

Lisa: Sar, I forget to buy something, I leave you for a moment, Ok!

Sarah: “Oh okee.”

Lisa walked straight to the store, but suddenly her eyes fixed on a jewelry store. Not because she attracted by the beautiful jewelry but she is because she saw Angga, Sarah’s husband is there with another woman. She walks a little bit closer because of curiosity, she is also assured that he is Angga, Lisa went back directly to the salon and tried to drag Sarah to see it.

“Come with me, you should see anyway” She pulled Sarah’s hand. “What’s wrong? What did you see? Sarah gets panic.

Apparently after they arrived in front of the jewelry store they could not found Angga and the woman. What would you tell lis? Sarah asked curiously. “There were Angga with another woman, I saw them here”. Lisa explained. “Angga? My husband? I told you that Angga was working in Surabaya, moreover you say that he was here with other women. It’s impossible Lis, Do not make things up! or maybe you are mistaken”. Sarah said with exasperation. “I swear I saw them with my own eyes, but maybe you are right that I might be wrong. Let us return to the salon again.”

Actually Lisa still convinced herself that what she saw before it was really Angga. But she relented because she respects her close friend.

They went back into the house, but Lisa permission for leave to go home, because his boss asked to meet her.

At that night, Angga got home. He brought a bouquet of flowers for his wife. “hay, this is for my beautiful wife” he gave the flower to her.”what a beautiful flower, thank you honey,” she huggeds her husband. “You are welcome honey, did you cooked some food for me today? “Sorry I didn’t, but don’t worry honey I will make a special spaghetti for you”.

While Sarah was cooking spaghetti, Angga took his book. Sarah was actually curious about the book, because she often caught her husband was looking at the book. Once day, she asked what the content is, but the Angga immediately closed and put away the book. Now, she tried to ask her husband again.

“This is special spaghetti for your dear”. She gave to Angga. “It looks delicious, wait a moment dear, I will put this book first” said Angga. “Honey, may I borrow your book? why you often read the book? Sarah asked “Is this? It’s nothing dear, it’s just mailing-list my company’s shareholders” returned back the book in his safe-box.

Sarah is increasingly curious about the book, if only mailing-list stockholders why she should not see it and what the purpose for Angga that he constantly reading the book. She occurred to quietly take the book from her husband.

While her husband was eating, Sarah retell that she and Lisa did today. When she told that Lisa saw Angga with a woman, suddenly Angga is choking his food.

“Why dear? Drink it first. Sarah gives a glass of water to Angga. “it’s okay, maybe because I ate rush times. Lisa saw me with another woman? did Sarah know if I was working in Surabaya? He asked to Sarah. “yeah, She knew then I give sure that she was wrong .. hmm but it was not you, right? She is laughing. “Why you even asked that dear, of course, he was not me. You are funny”. Angga said with his expressions which look little frightened. “yeah of course I believe he was not you, I will go out tomorrow, there is a meeting in Mr. David’s office to talk project about designing apartment build in the northern Jakarta. She asked permission. “Okay dear, I will carry you to his office”.

The next day Sarah went to Mr. David’s office, after meeting she didn’t go home but she chats with Mr. David. Suddenly Mr. David talked if reva, his secretary saw Angga with women. But it was not Sarah. “Does reva know my husband? When she saw Angga?” sarah asked. “Of course, You’ve already three times come here with Angga, right? Hmm about a week ago. But don’t worry, maybe reva was wrong” said Mr. David.

“Yeah I hope” Sarah’s feeling became restless because already two people who caught a man who resemble Angga were walking with another woman. She was anxious what her husband was having an affair or not. “Ok, I will go home now”. “Ok sar, thank you for your attendance in our meeting. Do the best for your design”.

During in the way her mind is more restless. She confused what should she does, want to ask Angga, it impossible that he will answer truthfully. Moreover her curiosity about the book, what was exactly her husband was hiding from her.

At the traffic light near Angga’s office there is a coffee shop and cake, she saw Angga’s car parked in front of the shop. She asked the taxi to stop. She approaches the shop quietly and to her surprise, she saw her husband was talking with a woman who is older than her. Her heart was broken to see her husband joked friendly with the woman. But she did not directly confront them because she must keep the good family’s name exposed in public. Sarah immediately returned home with feeling anxious and upset.

Arriving home she was still curious about the contents of the book, she tries to open Angga’s safe-box. She kept trying to open the code, theirs wedding date 090 915, Angga’s birth date 080592 its remain locked, 050515 theirs anniversary date, finally the code opens. She immediately put out the book.

It is true that at the beginning of the book is contains a list of shareholders of the Angga’s company. But after that she surprised to find photographs of her husband being intimate with a guy. She starteds crying when she saw the photos. There notes from Angga in each of the backsheet of the photo. – This is the photo of our first meeting. This is a photo of us invented. This photo of our holiday in Japan and many others.

Sarah was very upset, sad and broken with the fact that her husband is not only have affair, but he was also a gay. She ripped the photos. She immediately packed all her things and left the house. She goes to Lisa’s house. He told everything to Lisa. Lisa just gives her spirit. She tells that she want to divorce with Angga.

Lisa quietly asked s Angga to meet her. Asking for explanation why he would do o all this to Sarah. Lisa told him that Sarah already knew that her husband was a guy and having an affair

Then Angga told her everything. In fact, before he married Sarah he was a guy. The man who in the photo, his named roy,he was a friend in colllage. He and Roy have a relationship two years. But last year he left without report. During that time I was thinking to stop being a guy. And begin to love Sarah. And become a good husband for her. But last month, roy contacted again but not as boyfriend, he was just want some help for me. He asked me to accompany his women client. I refused because I’m now a husband, but he threatened me, he will give their photos and give know that he is a gay. So I took order what he will, besides it, I also still loved him.

“I am ashamed with Sarah, what should I do?

You’re stupid anyway. Really, really stupid! You should say sorry to Sarah. Just told all what happened.

Now, you come to my house, she was in there, gives explanation to Sarah.

“Sar I’m sorry, I want you to listen my explanation first.

“Sorry I do not believe with you anymore, I still do not believe this if you are a gay and nothing else that you have to explain. I just wants us to divorce.

Word count: 1902 words

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