May I Order Your Phone Number?

Niken Pratiwi Dwi Ritami180410140055

Summary: Trapped in a boring first date with a guy she met on Tinder, Lilla thinks that the charming waiter is worth a shot.

It had been forty five minutes I was here, sitting alone while sometimes observing the situation in this coffee shop. Fairly heavy rain is falling outside. Maybe that’s the reason why not so many visitors came this afternoon. Because when it rains, people prefer to be in the house while enjoying his own coffee rather than bother driving and braved the rain for sipping a cup of coffee here.

If it was not for the blind date, I wouldn’t be here on this rainy day. I met Istvan Dihel, the guy I’m supposed to meet today, from Tinder. We had been in touch for the past two weeks and decided to bring it to real life. I picked Musevz Kafehaz for our place for the date because it happened to be located in the middle of our neighborhood.

The small bell above the entrance door chimed, a sign that someone opens or closes the door. I reflexively glanced towards the door, and saw a man entering this coffee shop. He was wearing a grey polo shirt and black jeans. The glasses that framed his eyes also looks a bit dewy from afar. He took the baseball cap off his head, showing his hair which is short and a bit damp, possibly because of the raindrops out there. He must be Istvan. Once he told me that he is a die-hard fan of Reds, a famous baseball team in this city.

I smiled as I was waving my hand to let him know where I was sitting. He looked at me, smiled back for a moment and headed behind the counter instead. Wait, what?

“Danci! Why are you so late?” said one of the baristas to the man which I mistook as my date.

“Sorry, man. The tram I supposed to take is out of service and I had to reroute. Don’t you see it’s raining outside?”

“Whatever. Please bring this menu to table five.” the barista handed over the menu to Danci.

I inhaled deeply. Let’s rewind the past five minutes. So, I did smile and waved to a waiter whom I thought was my date. It isn’t my fault, is it? What kind of cafe that has the same door for both guests and employees? And why that Danci guy wear Reds cap? “Oh, easy, Lilla. If you are in the state of feeling embarrassed, stop blaming on everything.” I said to myself.

To be honest, I didn’t really recognized Istvan’s face because his Tinder picture was taken from his left side, and yeah, he looks good in that angle, which made me think it was worth a swipe-right. The small bell chimed again. There he is. Now I’m sure he is the guy. I peeked at my watch as I put back my sugar spoon into the saucer. Ugh, what kind of man who is being late on the first date?

“Hi. I’m Istvan. You must be Lilla.” he sat in front of me and looked around. “Why did you choose this old place? I could take you to Menza if you want.”

I hadn’t said a word and he already insulted this coffee shop, which is my favorite place. Anyway, Menza is one of the upper class restaurants in this city.

“My friend told me that it was very hard to get a table at Menza.” I replied as I was flipping the menu book back and forth.

“Hello. What would you guys like to order?” I looked up and there was Danci, with a paper and a pen in his hand. From dozens of waiter who are here, why did it have to be him who served about table? I covered half of my face with the menu.

“I would like a Goulash stew. Make it savory but not too salty. For the drink, I would like an orange juice, no sugar, less ice.” he talked endlessly. What was that? A shopping list?

Twenty minutes later, our food came to the table. “You know what? I’ve had much better Goulash stew when I was in Zurich.” said Istvan as he chewed his food. Oh, travel snobbery. It made me sure this date won’t go somewhere good.

I rolled my eyes and landed on Danci. He was bringing back a tray to the kitchen. Another waiter called him from behind and Danci poked him with leftover sauce from the tray on this finger. He laughed. What a funny guy.

Istvan kept talking about his experience of riding a hot air balloon somewhere in Turkey. I didn’t really pay attention though. I made an excuse by saying that I wanted to go to the restroom, to save myself.

I washed my hands and waited inside for another minutes to make it seem like I actually had to go to the restroom. Then I went out and bumped to Danci on my way to the table.

“Must be a boring date, huh?” said Danci. I was sure he laughed a bit.

“How could you tell?”

“Judging from your oh-please-take-me-out-of-this-place expression during the conversation.” now he laughed for real.

I was surprised how he could guess correctly. Did he keep an eye on me during my date? Looking at Istvan who waited in our table, I secretly wish Danci was my date instead.

Finally, this lousy date ended. Istvan had to see his dentist, but I decided to stay still in this coffee shop. Danci is still serving other tables. Out of the table, I felt the desire to know about him. Maybe when I ordered one more cup of Americano, I dared to initiate a conversation. Who knows it could lead into exchanging phone number? I blushed because of my own thought.

As I was about to waved my hand to Danci. The small bell above the entrance door chimed one more time. This time, a blonde-haired guy came in. I saw Danci took off his apron, runned into him, talked a bit, and I sweared they kissed. Slightly, and twice.

Oh, well.


– Istvan’s appearance from Jesse (Before Sunrise)
– Danci’s physical features from Geri (Negeri Van Oranjee)
– Muvesz Kafehaz in Budapest

Word count: 993

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