Annisa Nurma Indriyani


Summary: Ardan has a best friend when he was young. Then he meets her again in a café and his life changes.

“Saras… Come here, let’s play with the train!”

There was a boy about 5 years old who was playing with his new toys in a room. The room was too big to be placed by a kid as young as him. Bed sheets neatly arranged, but many toys scattered such as mini train, hot wheels, Lego, Barney doll, and many more. There was also a television in the room which was showing Barney and Friends who became kid’s favorite TV play. His face looked happy when he called “Saras” to play with him in that room.


“Dan, do you finish the Literature Analysis assignment on Mrs. Tuty class? Then, where were you going? Why you didn’t attend the class? You are often didn’t get in class, huh?”

Ardan just shrugged.

Didit asked Ardan so many classic. Whereas three years Didit and Ardan were friends and Ardan always looked like that. Ardan is busy. Very busy. Every day there were news that should reported by Ardan. He is a freelance reporter in well-known newspaper company. His college life was pretty good though had to work extra to undergo academic activities and the part-time job.

Ardan came from affluent family. It was more than enough. His father was a major shareholder in Pertamina, his mother was an editor in chief at Bazaar Magazine. Although he was born in a wealthy family, Ardan did not want to live only with his parent’s facilities. Since he was 5 years old he was always left alone with Bi Ei who charged up the house and cooked for him. The days of his childhood was spent in a room that was too large for his ages. Small Ardan was killing loneliness by playing with toys which always brought by his father and mother after returning from working.

Light up, light up

As if you have a choice

Even if you cannot hear my voice

I’ll be right beside you dear


The phone is ringing again.

“Argh! This woman is so annoying!”

“Hello.” Finally Ardan answered that call from his smartphone.

“Hello, Dan! Where have you been? I have already missed youL” A woman talks to him with a cute voice.

“I am writing a report, today is the deadline. Why are you always calling me?”

“You don’t miss me, do you? If you don’t report news for your work, you were hanging out for reviewing some foods for your site. When you have time with me?” That woman started to cry.

“Yeah. I’m so sorry, Ras. I am quite busy this time. You know that there is much news which I have to report. Also I couldn’t manage my site.” Ardan tried to explain to Rasti.

After Ardan’s reason, the situation became strange. Ardan’s attitude looked unconcerned with Rasti’s worries.

“Hmm okay, finish your work and call me later then.”

Rasti finished their brief conversation. She still missed Ardan deep in her heart and worried him. The relationship between them was not running for a while. Since the beginning of their relationship Ardan’s attitude is like that. In that time when Rasti first saw Ardan in Cats and Ice Cream, Ardan was playing with some cats but he was just alone. He also was taking some picture of the cats and some foods. He smiled when he was playing with the cats. Rasti braved herself to come closer with Ardan and began to have a little talk. Ardan always looks calmly. It is the reason why Rasti likes Ardan.

Rasti was not at her wit’s end. She tried everything to attract Ardan’s attention. She invited him walking at midnight as they usual do before Ardan became busier. Before Ardan was be a freelance reporter, Rasti and Ardan often met up even though Ardan’s attitude is always unconcerned about something around him included Rasti. Rasti knew what Ardan liked to do. Rasti invited Ardan to visit new Café with various foods and drinks that Ardan never tried before.

From: Rasti

To: Ardan

Dan, let’s have little talk at new place. I’ve found new Café that you’ve never tried. You can review this adorable place!

Ardan read the message. He seemed not exited. And then there was one new message again from Rasti.

From: Rasti

To: Ardan

Come on, Dan:((

From: Ardan

To: Rasti

Ok. Just text me when I can pick you up.

Ardan finally wanted to go out with Rasti. They went to one place at the center of Bandung. There was a little café which strangely Ardan never visited that café, whereas Ardan often went around Bandung both for reporting and reviewing foods and drinks. It was called Mémoire Café. They sat at the corner of the café. There was waitress who came near them. The waitress asked them what they wanted to order. Rasti opened the menu and Ardan was seeing around café. He had surprised by a woman who wore uniform as same as the waitress beside him. That woman had the same long black hair, same brown eyes, same thin lips, everything looked the same with the girl who always played with him when he was child.

“Dan, what will you order?” Rasti asked Ardan but there was no answer.


“Y..ya? Oh I’ll go to the toilet for a minute.” Ardan left Rasti who was still confused in her seat.

In the toilet, Ardan was busy with himself. He remembered all the things about the girl and related the girl with the waitress who looked the same with the girl. Ardan felt everything is real. He felt someone who always accompanied him was back to his life. He believed that the woman would be his friend again. Ardan washed his face with a lot of water. Then he went back to his seat.

“Are you okay, Dan?” Rasti asked him worriedly.

“Yeah. Let’s eat, Ras.” Ardan smiled at Rasti and his feeling became cheerful after saw the woman.


The next day Ardan visited Mémoire Café again, he would make review about this café to post on his site; Ardan saw the woman that he met yesterday. The woman approached him and asked him what he wanted to order. Ardan made some order slowly so that he could see the woman closer. The woman repeated Ardan’s order carefully. And when she repeated it, Ardan could see her nametag. “Saras”.

Since he knew her name, visited Mémoire Café became his something to do. Every day there was always little chit-chat between Ardan and Saras. Ardan seemed very blissful. He always laughed when he talked with Saras. There always something in Saras which could make Ardan felt this life was meaningful. Until one day he did not see Saras at Mémoire Café again. He asked another waitress where Saras went but another waitress answered there was not waitress called Saras. Ardan’s day became quiet again. He was back to Ardan like he never met Saras again.

Rasti also felt Ardan changed. She was looking for the reason why Ardan changed. She spied on Ardan’s routine. She asked Didit where Ardan was going lately. Rasti knew from Didit that lately Ardan was going to Mémoire Café, he said that Ardan had some reports to do about the café. After hearing the answer from Didit, Rasti became more curious. She visited Mémoire Café again and asked one waiter in there if they have ever seen person like the one in the photograph Rasti carrying. The waiter said that he was ever seen the man, he often had a seat in the corner and often talk to himself cheerfully. And then she decided to find out what really happened.


Ardan became frustated because he could not meet Saras again. However he still visited Mémoire Café waiting for Saras. Until one day he received a letter in front of his room.

Dear Ardan,

Please come to Vanda Park at 5 p.m.

Yours faithfully,


Rasti intended to meet Ardan at his room yet she saw Ardan would go impetuously. Rasti followed him with a lot of curiosity. Rasti just noticed Ardan from a far and felt a strange. She wondered why Ardan talked by himself and mumbled “Ras” when she was away from Ardan. And there were no people around Ardan, the park was deserted. Rasti was still clouded by confussion yet Ardan still talked by himself.

Ardan went to the place which mentioned by Saras in her letter. He saw Saras sat down beside the fountain. Ardan smiled at Saras and she smiled back but she looked pale and had important things to talk.

“Ardan.. I have to go.”

“Where will you go, Ras? Let me take you.”

“No, Dan. I want to go by myself. You should run your life here.”

“What do you mean?”

Saras walked away from the place where Ardan still was there, she walked away without looking back. Ardan was still pensive but he chased Saras soon. When he chased Saras, he did not realize that he was at the street and there was a car run very fast.


Hello Goodbye short movie, Written & Directed by Gadis Dellilah Maxworthy on

Word count: 1512 words

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