First Love on First Date

Elvina Dwi Hinelia

Summary: Avia just had a new boyfriend, but when they were on a date unexpectedly Avia met her first love.

Avia looked in the mirror and making sure that she is already looking good. She checked on her outfit today once again, her broken white shirt and blue jeans suit her petite figure well. She tied her medium straight hair up to a ponytail, made her looked like a child in her 21 years old. This is her first date with his new boyfriend and she definitely didn’t want to look bad in front of him. Her beloved cat—Obel—meowed beside her legs.

“Hey, Obel. How do I look?” asked Avia to her pet. Obel just answered her with a meow like usual. She then grabbed her bag and went out from her bedroom.

“Mom! Dad!” Avia looked for her parents and finally found them in the dining room. “I’m going out with Diaz tonight.”

“Well, you do look pretty, honey,” praised her mother.

“Is he here yet?” Avia’s father, Mr. Winara, asked her while he was eating his soup.

Avia pulled a chair across her father and took her phone from her bag. “I don’t know. He said he’ll be here at 7. It’s nearly 7 o’clock now. I’m sure he’ll be here soon.”

“Here. Drink this first, dear.” Her mother put a glass of orange juice in front of her.

“Thanks, Mom,” replied Avia. Her free hand took the orange juice while her eyes are too focused on looking her phone. “Oh, he’s here.” Avia put down her glass and made a quick kiss to her parents. She hurried outside and saw Diaz was waiting.

“Hi.” Diaz smiled at Avia.

“Hi.” There’s some pause before Avia replied back. She was too stunned by how charming Diaz in his navy blue flannel shirt tonight that she nearly lost her voice.

“Ready to go?” asked her boyfriend.

Avia nodded. Diaz opened his car’s door and let Avia got in before he went inside and rode the car to wherever in his mind. At this time, Avia didn’t mind where Diaz would bring her to because she’s one lucky girl to have a good looking boyfriend like Diaz beside her.


Avia was so happy when she found out Diaz brought her to one of her favorite restaurants in Central Jakarta. She only had been visiting this restaurant twice, beside the restaurant serves delicious food, it also has 90s concept that make it looks vintage. One more thing, the restaurant played her favorite playlists too. That’s why Avia was so excited when she got there.

After deciding her order, Avia looked around. All the tables are full. Luckily for Avia, Diaz has reserved a table first, or else she didn’t think they would get a table. The restaurant was so crowded, mainly with couples having dinner together and a group of friends hanging out. Not many families were seen there.

Suddenly Avia’s eyes caught a figure from one of the waiters. She was pretty sure that she has seen his face somewhere. However, she couldn’t put a finger on it. Her eyes kept following the waiter wherever he went. While she was monitoring, a name popped up to her mind. A name that she hasn’t heard from many years. A name that up until now has been long forgotten.


“Have you heard about it?” Avia was too busy reading her magazine to focus on what has her best friend been talking about. “Hey, Avia! I am talking to you, not to a ghost.”

“Huh? Sorry. What were you saying?” Avia closed her magazine when Hanny poked her pretty hard.

“Have you heard that Audy is going to move?”

“What? Who said that?” She was so shocked to hear the news that she nearly dropped her magazine from her lap.

“Now I get your attention.” Hanny rolled her eyes. “Everybody’s been talking about it. Apparently his grandfather is pretty sick and the whole family is going to move back to Surabaya. He didn’t tell you?”

Avia shook her head. “It’s not I’m closed with him or anything,” she said with a low voice. Too low that Avia doubted that Hanny has heard her. Audy is a guy that Avia likes since the first year of high-school. It’s been two years but Avia and Audy have never developed a romance relationship, nor she has tried to become closer to him. Avia was too shy to do the first move. They’ve been a classmate for a year and both of them were radio announcers at school which become one of the reasons why Avia chose broadcasting as her major now, but that is all. She has a crush on him—a huge crush, but Avia didn’t think Audy ever realized that. They were closed as friends but not too close to be called best friends either.

“Well, I’m sure he’s going to tell you anytime soon,” replied Hanny, who apparently heard what Avia has said earlier.

“Nah, I don’t think so. We’re not that close, you know.”

“Before he goes, why don’t you tell him about your feelings?”

Avia looked at her best friends to find a glimpse of a joke on her face. But there was none. “You’ve got to be kidding me, right? I’m not going to tell him anything. I don’t want him to get burdened or something.”

“Why not?” Hanny stared at her with so much confusion in her eyes.

“Forget it, Hanny. I won’t do it. Ever. Period. Come on. I am hungry, let’s go to the canteen.” Avia stood up and went out from her class without further ado. Hanny could only follow her from behind and say nothing anymore.



Avia was back to reality when she heard Diaz’s calling her name—which she didn’t know how many times has he done it. “Sorry. I was daydreaming.”

“What were you daydreaming about?” Her boyfriend asked with a smile on his face. Suddenly Avia was feeling guilty of remembering her first love at a time like this. She never told Diaz about Audy, nor she intended to. At least not on their first month of the relationship.

“Nothing. Nothing important. I just remembered that I haven’t called Hanny for awhile. I think I should call her tomorrow.”

Diaz smiled and made Avia felt even worse than before. Her boyfriend is perfect, at least for her. No one can ask for more. But somehow, remembering her first love made Avia felt bitter. She never knew that she still has feeling for her first love and she definitely doesn’t want Diaz to find out.

“I need to go to the lady’s room. Do you mind?” said Avia finally.

“Not at all.”

Avia stood up and looked for the lady’s room. She didn’t do anything there. She just stared her reflection in the mirror, making sure that she looks fine. Avia waited for a couple of minutes before deciding to go out. Stepping out of the lady’s room, she saw the waiter again. Now she was sure that he was Audy, her first love.

Avia took a deep breath and decided to say hi. And that’s when she saw her. A girl, who looked younger than Avia, approaching Audy. Avia didn’t think much when the girl said hi to Audy until she hugged him and they kissed. Avia knew she mustn’t feel bad, but she did. She felt jealous and worse, broken-hearted. Her breath was getting heavier, too shocked to digest what she saw. Hurriedly, Avia went back to the lady’s room. Making sure she didn’t end up crying.

She didn’t know how long she was in the lady’s room, but Avia was sure she took awhile. Even her food has arrived on the table. Diaz hasn’t touched his food either. Apparently he was waiting for her.

“You okay, Avia? You look a little bit pale.”

Avia forced a smile. “I’m fine. Wow, the food looks delicious.”

“It is. They have delicious desserts too. If you want one, you can order them too,” said Diaz kindly. His face looked so happy when he was talking to Avia.

Still smiling, Avia nodded her head. When Diaz was busy eating his food, Avia went looking for Audy. He was now serving another customer. Avia looked back at her current boyfriend who didn’t stop smiling when he looked at her. For now, Avia must be happy and felt grateful to have a boyfriend like Diaz. She must forget all of her love for Audy or else she would end up hurting the good man that has loved her dearly and unconditionally. No matter how long it takes, Avia must try to forget her first love.

Word count: 1434 words

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