Dark Ash

Aris Ramdan

Summary: Kalifa is 22 years old orphan girl who lives alone in her parent’s house,she have a job as a waiter in some restaurant in Russia. She is a good girl but in deeply her heart she has the ambition to kill a man who killed her parents 2 years ago. in one night there was an old man who come to the restaurant and the old man is the person who killed Kalifa’s parents.

Kalifa is 22 years old orphan girl who lives alone in her parent’s house,she have a job as a waiter in some restaurant in Russia. She is a good girl but in deeply her heart she has the ambition to kill a man who killed her parents 2 years ago. in one night there was an old man who come to the restaurant and the old man is the person who killed Kalifa’s parents.

This is winter in Moscow,Rusia. There’s a girl named Kalifa,she’s an orphan when she’s parents were killed 2 years ago by a stranger,and she was deeply mad to the man who killed her parents. She was reported to the police and she had been waiting for almost one year but the police cannot resolve this problem.

By this time,she was work in a restaurant as a waiter. She is a special employee,she is not just an ordinary waiter but she has a good ability to attracted the customer in that restaurant. She has to work every weekday,from 5pm until 2am. And on the weekends, she has free times.

It’s 11pm on Friday night,the restaurant is still crowded of customer “ugh,why people always come over and over this time. I need a rest” she is mumbling to herself. “Kalifa,can you come over ?” “sure,wait a minute” then she walk to the cashier. “What’s the matter ?” “did you see that old man in the corner ? He asks me to buy some cigarettes out there but you know,I have to stay here, do you…..” “yeah…I don’t mind.i’ll buy the cigarettes for that old man” “thank you !” she walks out and in a few moment she is back with cigarettes and give it to the old man. “sir, here is your cigarettes. I bring it for you just like what you need.” “oh thank you, as your kindness I’ll give you my card. I’m a collector and I’ll open the garage sale on Sunday. If you want, you can come visit my place to checking an antique stuff that I’ll sell” “yeah,sure. Thank you, sir.” “you’re welcome !”. and now is 2am,Kalifa were packed her stuff into her pouch. And when she has arrived at her home, she changes her clothes then go to the bathroom to clean up her face and brushing teeth. She is going to the bedroom and look around that she needs something new decoration in the bedroom, then she turn on her computer and start looking a good thing for her bedroom decoration. After a couple hours, she realized about the card from the old man in the restaurant. Then she picked her pouch and sit upon the bed, she take the card and look for the address and she finds it.

“Well, today is Saturday and I have a free time to come visit the garage sale today.” She turn off the light and go to sleep. In the morning at 9am, she is wake up and take the card that given from old man,she is looking for the phone number and she find it then she is trying to call the old man. “Hallo sir,I’m the waiter from the restaurant that you had visited last night and…” “oh yes,even I still notice you.what’s going on ?” “Mmm…Sir, did you open the garage sale yet ?” “oh I’m open at 1pm,there’s something that you need ?” “yes sir, I’d like to check every stuff that you have.” “ok,then come here at 11am. So you can choose the stuff that you looking for” “alright sir,thank you.”

Kalifa so excited that she was invited very soon,she go to the kitchen to make some breakfast for herself and then going to take a bath. Now she is ready to come visit the old man place after that when she came out from the bus,she is trying to look for the address and start to ask someone. A few moments she found the house that she looking for,and then she knock the door and…”well,you were here right now” “yes sir,nice to meet you again.” “oh yes,we don’t even know our name, we have no many times last night. my name is Kalifa,sir” “oh,that’s a good name” “Thank you” “my name is Mr.Reyjavick,you can call me Mr.Rey” “oh yes,mr.rey” “would you like some coffees or tea” “a tea mr.rey,please” Mr.Rey go to kitchen for making some tea. Kalifa looks around in Mr.Rey house,she is so impressed by the stuff inside the house. So many antique stuff from middle age like an old jug,picture,urn etc. after a while,Mr. Rey comes with 2 cups of tea and sits on the couch “Kalifa,please have a seat” “Thank You sir” “so what are you looking for ? Do you need something” “yes,sir I need something antique for decoration in my room. But when I look around,this is unreal. So many stuff from middle age.” “haha…I’ve told you before that I’m a collector” Mr.Rey reminds her.

“oh,Mr.Rey do you have something special ?” “I’m sorry Kalifa,what do you mean with special ?” “Mmm…I mean do you have any stuff that you like the most ?” “oh,of course, I have.” “really ? can you show me sir” “ok,wait a minute. There something that I have to tell you before.” “really ? what is that ?” “this stuff is so really full of magic and I got this one from Egypt about ten years ago.” “so,what would happen if I’m having that stuff ?” Kalifa was worried “Hahaha…no Kalifa,you will get nothing. I’m just joking.” “well sir,you made me looks like a child.” “Hahaha…ok wait a minute,I’ll take that stuff” Mr.Rey go to downstairs and Kalifa waiting while she enjoyed the tea. A few moment,Mr.Rey comes out with the antique urn on his hand. “Sir,did you know. My parents is an archeologist in the past but now,they were gone forever” “oh,I’m sorry to hear that. Well,here it comes,my favourite stuff for you.” “sorry,did u said that’s for me ?” “yes,I’ll give it to you.” “But why,that’s an ancient stuff and I can buy it. And this urn is looked similar with my dad’s urn when he show me when I was child” “haha…no,I’ll give it to you for your kindness on the restaurant.” “oh,I think that was just nothing hehe…” Kalifa was embarrassed “ok,here it comes” “is it real ? thank you so much sir” Kalifa accepted the antique urn “well,now put it in your room. It would be nice.” “sure,thank you very much sir” Kalifa was leaving Mr.Rey’s house and back to her house.

“Oh my Gosh,I can’t believe it he gave it to me. And I still have my money.” She is so happy,”but wait…where I have to put it ?” after while she found and empty space in her bookcase and she putting it down. The day is getting dark,she was going to her bed and try to sleep while she is looking at the ancient urn. A few moment she falls asleep,a couple hours later she got nightmare in her sleep and she was dreaming about when she’s parents were killed. She was so mad and then she waking up from her sleep and she heard something whispering from her bookcase “do you want to know who is the person that kill your parents ?” “who is there ? no Kalifa, no,it just your imagination,it’s just something like goosebumps.” She closed her eyes and make sure herself that there was nothing happens. On Sunday morning, Kalifa was thinking about what happens last night and she was worried about it because the whispering it seems real for her. Now,she is trying to call Mr.Rey about the antique urn and asked anything about it. “Hallo,Mr.Rey” “Hallo,Kalifa. What happen ? you call me in the morning ?” “I want to ask you something,where did you find the urn ?” “I told you before,I found it from Egypt about ten years ago. Why ?” “No,I just want to make sure that the urn was very special hehe” “yes, of course,I found it was buried in the sand next to the sphinx statue. From the pharaoh’s graveyard” but the voice is not clear to Kalifa “I’m sorry sir,what ? I cannot hear you.” And the phone was ended. “Man,it’s so insane” Kalifa trying to act normal and didn’t worry about it. The night was coming,she fall asleep and the same nightmare is happening again. She wake up and heard the whisper again,she trying to calm down but the whisper is very strong and starting control her mind to do revenge. “Yes,I want to know who is the killer of my parents and I have to kill him.” Not too long,she feels confused and then she fainted.

Riiiiiiinnngg…….Riiiiiiinnngg…….Riiiiiiinnngg the alarm was ringing and Kalifa wake up from her bed,”Oh…what happen to me ?” she walk to the bathroom and taking a bath. After that, she has checked the antique urn and there is nothing wrong. She doing normal activity until the lunch time,after that she have a lunch and then she is watching Tv and then lay on the bed before she is going to work. The time showed 4pm she is prepared to work and then go to the restaurant where she’s work at. “Hi Binca,how is your weekend ?” “ah…I just stay in my bed all day long. How about you ?” “I’ve just got an antique urn from a garage sale on last Saturday.” “wow…sounds good.” “yeah,it looks pretty nice in my bookcase.” “well,now you have to work and me too.” “Oh,yes I’ll tell you later.” She walks to the back of the restaurant. She’s job it seems normal like always,and the time showing at 2pm “Binca,did you want to…” “it’s late Kalifa let’s go home,I need a rest” “well…see you !” everyday,every night were same like always for Kalifa, and a couple weeks later,she is so worried about the nightmare that always happen to her every night. She take the antique urn and looking each part of it,and then when she open it,she found the ashes. “God,is it human’s ash ?” she is so panic and try to call Mr.Rey but the call is not connected. In couple moments, she decided to come to Mr.Rey house but now there was just an empty house,after that she go back to her house and try to find information about the ancient Egypt stuff. No longer,she found articles about ancient Egypt stuff that the urn in the past is used for dead people ash and have some curse within. She take the urn try to throw it but before she did it her body is paralyzed and heard something whispering “if you want to revenge,don’t throw it and I will help you” “what do you want from me ? how can you help me ? I can do it by myself” Kalifa were scared “No,you can’t do that by yourself,because you don’t know who is the killer” and then Kalifa were quiet and ask “so tell me who did that ?” “No,I won’t tell you because I need you.” “why ? why you need me ?” “I need your body so I can use your body to kill him and you will be not disappointed” the devil’s whisper try to make sure of her “alright,but promise me you won’t hurt me” “No,I won’t hurt you as long as you keep the urn in your bookcase” “ok,I’ll keep it in my bookcase,in my room” “alright then,I’ll get into your body now.” The devil got into Kalifa’s body “Now,show me who is the killer” “ok,I’ll show you. First,you have to go to the restaurant where you work” “why ?” “come on just do what I say” “oke” Kalifa go to the restaurant and when she was there the restaurant is closed “now what ?” Kalifa ask to the devil. “now,did you see the apartment across the restaurant ?” “yes,then what should I do ?” “you have to go to 14th floor and find the 414 room” Kalifa entered the apartment and found the 414 room. “get into the room and you’ll find the man who’d been killed your parents.” Kalifa entered the rooms and saw the old man were watching Tv and then “Hey,what are you doing here Kalifa” “Mr.Rey ? what are you doing here ?” Kalifa shocked “it’s my apartment,I moved here because this apartment has a good view haha…”

“Kalifa he is the man who killed your parents he is the person who takes the ancient urn from your dad in the past” Kalifa were shocked and…”Sir,are you sure that you get that urn from Egypt ?”

“Why asking about it Kalifa ? actually, I accept it from my old friends”

“who is your friend’s name ?”

“what happen ? why you want to know about him ?”

“I just want to make sure that you get that urn is not from my father,Rukoovick”

Mr.Rey shocked “why did you know him ? why you know that ?” he was so panic

“so is it true ? you take that from my dad and then you gave it back to me ?”

“wait Kalifa wait,I didn’t mean to take it from your father but…”

“ok old man,now it’s all clear that you are the person who had kill my parents in a museum exhibition.”

“but wait Kalifa I didn’t mean to kill your parents. I just want to have the ancient urn,not to kill your parents”

“do you know sir ? I’m so proud of my parents and I loved them so much” Kalifa takes a knife from her pouch and walking close to Mr.Rey

“I know,I know what do you feel right now.but please don’t kill me” Mr.Rey begging her

“I’m sorry sir,I’m not a good girl as you thought” Kalifa grabbed Mr.Rey and stab his neck with her knife. “now,how do you feel Kalifa ?” the devil whispered. Kalifa ignoring the devil and watching her hand is full of blood and look at the Mr.Rey body. “I have to clean up this blood from my hand and then go back to my house” she talking by herself “now you can leave my body dark soul” “ok,I’ll leave your body and then gone” the devil leave Kalifa’s body and then disappear. Kalifa came out from the apartment and walking to her house,but in her minds, she is not having any memories and just walking through the road and then…..Biiiiiiippp………..when she across the road,she is hit by a van and her head is hit the roadside.

Kalifa,Based on character Anime One Piece

Word count: 2.422 words

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