“Dad! Come back!”

Sifa Deana Dara

Summary: It started by misconception of Karlson to his family’s behaviour lately, that he thought they needed him to stick around together. He sincerely leave his job and hoped they would be happier but, infact their family felt a little annoyed with Karl that just kept stay at home. Then they asked Karlson better came back to his daily routine.

“Karl!” as people used to call him. People knew him so well.

“Karl!, come on! I just need to talk to you for few minutes. Can’t you give your time even just for your wife?” Hellen, his wife, yelled to his husband that just keep walking in rush through Hellen so far. Then Karlson stopped hearing such words from his wife. Then he looked back, approached his wife, and said “I’m so sorry Hellen, we talk next time, okay”, and then he went away. Actually she just wanted to asked Karlson to buy some fresh vegetables for salad when he came back home but, she seemed too dramatic to said that at that morning.

Karlson was a lovely father, actually but, he did not know how to expresse it to his family. All he did everyday was only to make his family happy and all at one to reach the top of his career. So as a profesional editor of a big magazine, he tried so hard to be the best among all of the editors in his office. He was a graduated from English department major of best university in the city.

Young Karlson was a type of quiet, but attractive person. He had joined many external activities in his campus, like football unit, band music as a pianist, writing magazine team, social organization, and still many. But none of all he did perfectly. He sometimes experienced misunderstanding with other people because he did things according to his willingness. When he and his band had had a concert in a farewell occasion, he kept playing the piano although the song had sung by the vocalist. And finally he casted away from the group with such attitude that the band couldn not accepted. It was his problem he had never done until now. Still he was a quiet men. One thing had been changed ; he was too focus of his job; An Editor.

Once in the midnight, he found out his family gathering in the living room with television on. There was so many food served in the table, some peanuts, soft drinks, potatoes, some of his favourite cakes, and baked chickens served on the table. But unfortunately the people had just slept soundly.

“Owwh apparently they have been waiting for me until asleep, im sorry” he spoke softly while kissed his cute little daughter”.

At that time, he felt so touched by his family that tried so hard to make a special time for him -he tought. He cried and regreted all what he had just done to his family, he just tought that his family were not happy without him.

“ I’m too bussy to do all my job for other people, but I neglect my family, instead. How a worst father and husband ever I am”. He cries in his heart.

Once in the afternoon at a resting time, he took a cup of coffe and cheese bread with his two closest friend in his office.

“Hey Karl, how are you doing ?” Alan, his closest friend since he was student up until now.

“ Yeah, you look so different lately, you seemed have a trouble, men. Come on! Share with us.” Harry, his band music’s partner in the university –they both works in the same office, finally.

“I think I have to spend more time with my family, guys. They need me. But in such this condition, I cant stick around with them. I think I have to change my job, not as an editor. Being an editor takes my time so much. I come home in the midnight, seeing my children were asleep, and because im too tired, i use to wake up late, and find my children gone away to school. My communication with my wife also so bad. Now i have nothing to make myself happy, except my family. He said seriously.

“But are you sure you going to out of here?, think twice before you do it. Youre the best editor here, Karl” Alan asked curiously.

“ I still haven’t decide it yet, im thinking about how if I am to be a writer?, then I cant stick around with my family in home, or takes some vacation, camping to the mountain or watching television all night and laugh with them. Oowh how wonderful my life would be”

“ Yaa being a father and a husband is another thing to me, fortunately I’m not. So im still fun as far” Harry grumbled.

In the next morning, as fast as speed of thunderbolt blitz, he decided to change his job to be a novel writer. He thought that he would have more time to spend with his family, so he did not need to feel regreted and his family would be more happier than they were.

At the dawn he woke up, then he took shift all his wife chores. He woke his children up to go to school, prepared all the meals for their breakfast. But what just seen in their faces were peculiar with such situation. Why was their father just kept smiling in his mouth, wearing his mother’s apron instead of went working in rush as ussual. There was no conversation. All time while they were eating, no one tried to make a conversation. Karl felt so weird also to open the conversation. And then finally his children stopped to take their bag to go to school, without Karlson dare to said goodbye first, and then Hellen took all the dishes in the tabble and gone away to the kitchen to washes all the dishes. Karl just sat there alone and saw nothing, did not know what just happened. But he just kept calm and thought that good thing would be happen in the end. And then the time his children went home, and they gathered in the living room to watch their favourite tv program, again Karlson tried to make them surprised with his presence, he hoped that they would feel more happier to getting along with his father. But how pitty Karls was, no one or at least greeted him. They just laughed watching the cartoon they had been waiting for. But Karlson did not a type of optimistic person, he kept trying to get their attention with imitated the way one of the character of the cartoon they were watching played.

“Dad, what are you doing? You block the tv. It is are not funny at all dad”. Jimmy said

“Do you have nothing to do dad?, you’d better go for work, as you do everyday. Hmm or are you have just dischanged from your office, dad? Ooh its bad news, mom” said Sara to Hellen, his mother.

“Maybe, yeeah I think I have to looking for A job. Must I replace you to go work henceforth, Karls?” Hellen lazily said that, while her eyes kept looking at the tv.

“No, Hellen, you dont need to do that. I will looking for a new job after this. Then you’ll better take care of our children as well.” Karls replied his wife lazily too.

One day after that, finnaly Karls go back to his office, his daily routine as well.

Looking Karlson comes again in that office, Harry and Alan surprised and then they approached Karlson.

“Hy, men! You back! How are you?, why are you here? Don’t you….?” Alan astonished

“Im fine enough guys. Whats going on here? Are things good? “

“You just leave us two days, but you asking such questions as if you have left this office for more than a years, whats going on men? Haha” Harry asked.

“I guess my family just happy even without me to stick around with them. I seems misunderstood about something” Karlson said.

“Haha,, Karlsoon you still haven’t changed apparently”Harry laughed.

“So, should we go for eat together this night, to celebrate Karlson who is coming back again?”Alan said while embrace his two friends, Karlson and Harry.

“Oh how pitty i am, guys. But at least my children still called me dad, right?”

“Hahaha” they then laughed happily –to entertain Karlson, actually.

The end

Word count: 1356 words

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