Curse Lifted by A Drink

Saesario Lisenty

Npm: 180410140057


Max is a young German – American young man who is in love with a waitress while having a date with his girlfriend

Curse Lifted by a Drink

“Am I drunk??”This is what Max thought, looking at a waitress holding his next meal.

His name is Max Ulrich, a young German – American with an unusual habit of overthinking when he’s drunk. He lives in Jakarta as a photographer for magazine companies in need of women model pictures. His alcohol-induced disorder always interfere with his love-life like a thunder in the middle of the day. Max is a man with a bad habit which leads to a bad love-life. But this time, it brought a twist to his life. “Aw shucks, I drop the salt can.” Said max. But his superstitious mind said something different, “Crap! Will this be a bad luck for the whole day?”

“Come on max, I know what you’re thinking, just grab the freakin salt can, and eat, we’re about to go to work in one hour” Yogi’s deep voice echoes in max’s head bringing a quick jolt to his mind”. “Alright alright, sheesh, are you supposed to be a paranormal or something? He chuckles as he grabs the can. “It’s because I’ve known you for five years, bone head” Yogi is his best friend from work who’s also appears to be a shrink for him. By the time he grabbed the can, his phone is ringing. “Hey babe.” “Hey, we’re eating out tonight right babe? Said Bella with enthusiastic tone.

“Aw shucks, I forgot, sorry babe, yeah okay ill pick you up at six okay?” “Aw come on max, it’s the second time you did this to me, yea yea pick me up at six that’s fine”. She hung up with an upset tone. Bella is Max’s girlfriend, she is a perfectionist which appears to be a torture to Max who is a slob and a laidback person. “Damn man, you’re screwed”. Said Yogi while he laughs at Max who is bit confused. “This is not good man, come on we’re gonna be late”.

The day goes by with Max constantly thinking about Bella, and thinking about how fed up he is with Bella’s constant whining and pouting every time he did something that is just simple, yet she always made it complicated all the time. After some convincing and some corny words he texted to Bella, he drove to Bella’s house, and by seven, they are in Bella’s favorite Chinese restaurant. Things goes just as Max’s plan which is not making a single mistake.

They were happy and laughing as alcohol starts to kick in. “Hey can I have another glass of wine please?” “Yes of course, sir “Said the waiter. The alcohol is starting to take its toll on Max’s brain. With each passing minute, Max is thinking about his
relationship with Bella, and he knew he cannot keep up with her perfectionist way of thinking. He starts to think about how ridiculous it is to lie about his feelings that the truth is, he is actually forcing his relationship with Bella.

“Here you go, sir”. A waitress comes with his wine. “Am i drunk?” Said Max in his clouded mind, and like cheap Indonesian films, his eyes meets with the waitress’s, he even got the chance to get her name, Sophia by looking at the little nametag on her shirt. It is not noticeable by a normal person, but it is a different thing when it goes to Bella. “That’s very mature Max”. Said Bella with a subtle Tone, but he can sense her fiery heart from looking at her facial expression.

Utter silence accompany their whole trip to Bella’s home, he knew he will never get it right with Bella. Once again, he tries to apologize by sending corny texts, but Bella bombarded Max by sending incredibly long texts and cussing. That night, they are done, Max somehow felt free from the torturing and madness he has to cope with. Months has passed and Max feels better than ever, he never felt better. But today he is happier, and of course Yogi noticed this and he cannot help but to ask. “Dude, why are you smiling often you freaking egg head? I thought that overthinking of yours will never let you move on and you’d be depressed in like, forever dude”. “Shut up and read this man, Said Max”. Yogi smiles and chuckles while he looked at Max’s phone, it reads: “Hey Max, we should go out tonight, I’m not working tonight, Sophia”.

Word count :739 words
Curse Lifted by A Drink.docx

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