Confusion Destiny

Azrina Abharini180410140018

Summary: Citra who are confused how to pay for the hospital cost. She tried to steal but did not succeed at being caught and she had to be the wife of the shop owner so that she would not be reported to the police.

Today is the middle of august. The weather is very hot at all. In the famous hospital in Bandung was confusion because there is old woman who was coming from ambulance in a state covered with blood all over her body. The old woman thought that she was the victim of car accident. At the hospital corridor, there is a female with brown skin and the mole under her left eye was running and looks anxious. The name of that female is Citra, she toward the receptionist with anxious face.

”Sorry miss, how can I help you?” ask the receptionist to Citra.

“Where the woman is exposed car accident?” Citra ask to the receptionist.

“Sorry miss, are you family of the victim?” the receptionist ask again.

“Yes, I am her daughter, let me know where my mother and how she was..” said Citra impatiently.

“Your mother was in operating room at the end of the line.” the receptionist pointed to the existing corridor to the right of Citra. “Your mother suffered severe bleeding in his brain. For more details, please wait the explanation of the Doctors who are conducting the operation of your mother.” Ask the receptionist.

Citra ran toward the corridor appointed by the receptionist. Her feeling getting messed up knowing her mother’s condition was very severe. She is afraid of something undesirable happening to her mother. She is afraid if her mother cannot with her again. Arriving in front of the operating room, she immediately sat down with the face tangled while waiting for her mother completed operations. She keeps praying that her mother get through surgery well.

Already an hour had passed, but the door of surgical site is still closed. It seems people are not going to get out of the place. Citra increasingly worried about the fate of her mother who was still in operation in the room. She thought that what is the doctor doing until the operation is not completed quickly. She hoped her mother could pass the operation.

“Mom… are you okay in there? Why the operation is so long mom..?” she asked in the quiet corridor of the hospital. “Mom does not leave me here alone.” She spoke again.

Already three hour had passed Citra waiting her mother operation until the operation door is opened and reveals a doctor who still uses a uniform operation. Suddenly, Citra ran and went to the doctor to ask about her mother’s condition.

”Doctor, how is my mother’s condition?” Citra ask to the Doctor.

“Are you a daughter of Ms. Sani?” The Doctor asks.

“Yes I am a daughter of Ms. Sani. How is my mother’s condition doctor? Is she okay? “Ask Citra.

“Your mother’s surgery is successful, she had suffered severe bleeding in her head but we can take t and now your mother is still in a coma since the clash in her head and your mother can already we bring into the wards.” the Doctor said.

”When my mother can be revived doc?” asked Citra with panic condition but there’s still a sense of relief because the operation succeeded.

“We cannot be sure of your mother when to wake up. We can only pray that your mother can quickly wake.”

“Okay, thank you doc.” Citra said to Doctor.

The doctor left the hall and Citra went straight to the room that her mother hospitalized. In her heart, there was a little relief for the operation is facile. But she was worried because she did not know when her mother revived. Arriving at the room of her mother was treated, Citra see her mother’s body was very weak with a very pale face. She is very not bear to see her mother like that. Her mother, who raised her alone now she is lying weakly in there without being able to do anything. She is very sad.

Citra approach her mother who was in a coma. She held her mother’s hand and the hand feels very cold. She held the hands with the feeling frivolous between sadness and anger to someone who could hit her mother and irresponsible. When she was holding the mother’s hand, she heard the door knocked and a nurse came into the room.

“Are you a daughter of this woman?” The nurse asked to Citra.

“Yes, I am her daughter, there is something happen?” Citra ask to the nurse.

“Ahh .. You are asked to register first to the administration.” The nurse replied.

“oh I see, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The nurse left the room while smiling.

Citra went into administration and in there she saw that the cost of operating is big enough. She does not know how she would have to pay the operating costs. She had no money and she also does not have a job because she just graduated from college. Besides that she had to pay the cost of hospitalization of her mother who has not revived until now. Citra became more confused, she did not know what to do. Finally she decided to get some fresh air out of the hospital, so that she could get an idea how to pay for the surgery and hospitalization of her mother.

Citra walked out of the hospital by aimlessly because actually she did not know where to go. She just goes according to her instinct. When she conscious she had arrive in shopping area. She actually confused where she is. She eventually kept walking until she found a shop that sells watches are very luxurious and expensive. She was interested with the watches and she went into the store.

Citra look to the store, there was a lot of watches are very beautiful and she thought if she had an expensive watch, she could pay for her mother’s hospital cost by selling the watch. Citra came to storefront that displaying the watch and she saw a very interesting watch which attract her attention. She finally asked to the shop keeper to get the watch of her choosing.

“Sir, I want to see that watch.” Citra asked to the shop keeper.

“Which side miss?” the shop keeper asked.

“The round watch, which is surrounded by diamond.” Citra answered.

“Here it is.” The shop keeper replied.

The clerk immediately leaves Citra because he must serve another buyer and also the shop keepers are confined and the atmosphere of the store was crowded at all. Citra looking at the watch, she really like with the watch buts he had no money especially for that expensive watch. She recently was not able to cost her mother’s hospital. Finally she had an idea what if she took the watch. But she was very scared because he never stole before but she thinks that this is her chance to be able to pay for her mother’s hospital. In the end with trembling hands and cautious she went out of the store with a watch.

In CCTV room, a staff who worked in CTTV sees any strange signs of a customer. She’s as carrying the items in the shop and the staff finally came out of the room to catch the strange person. The staff ran out of the watch store and where the suspicious person is was gone. From a distance the staff saw a suspicious person in the CCTV was crossing the street. The staff immediately chased her.

Citra was crossing the street with a sense of fear because this is the first time she stole the goods. But she had no other choice because she had to pay the hospital costs. Citra walk with a great hurry because she was afraid of anyone knowing her actions. She did not know that there was the staff of the store that followed her. Citra go to a pawn shop to pawn the watch, but when she would go into the pawnshop there was a hand that holds her arm.

“I’m sorry Miss you should come with Me.” the staff of the watch store said.

“Who are you? What’s wrong with me?” Asked Citra to the staff while fear.

“You’ve been stealing items from our store Miss. You have to come with me to the store.” Ask the staff.

“It seems you have the wrong person. I do not steal from your store. Let me go .. “Citra deny but if we can see from her expression she was very frightened.

“I know the stuff that in your hands is a watch that you stole from our store. You do not deny again and quickly come with me. “The staff was forced Citra to go with him.

“Please let me go sir, I beg you.” Citra sobbed and pleaded.

“Let’s come first with me.”

The staff brought Citra to watch store again. In watch store Citra taken to the shop owner. Citra very scared and she could do nothing for all this. She felt stupid why she could think to steal. Even though she knew that it was wrong.

“Are you stolen this hour?” the shop owner asks to Citra.

Citra look to the store owner and answered “Yes I stole it. Please forgive me. I beg you..” Citra pleaded to the shop owner.

The store owner just smiled with a look charming and charismatic.

“Why did you steal this hour? Even though I see you, you are the one who looks innocent.” The store owner asked again.

“Sorry sir I just pressed. I do not know where I was to seek the money. My mother was in hospital and I do not have money to pay the hospital.” Citra explains with sobbed.

“Please sir, do not report me to the police.” Citra is begging.

The shop owner was a little compassion toward Citra. But do not a long time the shop owner smiled back. Citra saw the shop owner smiled. She thought that the shop owner was weird because according to her, the story she describes nothing funny at all.

“Okay, I forgive you for the deeds you have.” The store owner was talking to Citra.

Citra immediately smiled happily and said “thank you sir …”

“But … there is a term.” The store owner was talking.

“What term sir?” Citra was asked.

“You have to marry with me.” The man replied while smiling.

“WHAT?? I don’t want it. I don’t agree with that term.” Citra was answered.

“I didn’t ask your agreement. Okay if you do not want it, I will report you to the police.” The shop owner was talking.

“Please sir, don’t report me to the police.” Citra appeal again.

“Yeah.. You just choose reported to the police or marry with me. If you marry with me, I’ll pay all your mother’s hospital costs.” The store owner gives her the choice.

“Sorry sir I have to think about it. I can’t decide it now.” Citra answered with a weak voice.

“Okay I will give you the time to think until tomorrow. No complaints.” He said firmly.

“Okay sir I’ll go now.” Citra answered with a weak voice while looking down.

Citra went away from the shop. Along the way she thinks what she should do now. She didn’t want to get married now. But if she doesn’t agree to terms, she could go to jail and she had to leave her mother. Citra very frustrating and it seems she wants to get away from all these problems. All the night Citra kept thinking until she could not sleep for thinking that term.

The next day Citra went out of the hospital. She had to see her mother who still in a coma. When she came out of the door of the hospital, she met with the shop owner. Apparently, the shop owner followed her to the hospital yesterday. Citra was very surprised and afraid because of what she should do and whether she should approve the marriage. Citra was very confused. The store owner approached her and brings her to the cafe in the hospital.

The store owner asked “what about the term yesterday? Do you want to accept it or not?”

“Hmmm … sorry sir I still can’t answer that.” Citra was replied.

“Okay, then I’ll call the police because you stole the watches yesterday.”

“Don’t sir, don’t report me. I had to take care of my mother, she is sick. “

“Then you should choose, marry with me or to the police.”

“But I am still confused …” replied Citra.

“Okay I will call the police right now.” Replied the shop owner he pulled out his cell phone.

“Okay.. Okay.. Okay.. I’ll marry with you.” Citra was answered with out of frustration.

The store owner smiled and storing his cell phone back.

“Okay we’re getting married next month. No excuse. I’m going to the administration to pay the hospital cost” The store owner was talking as he walks away.

Citra looked shocked by the last words of the store owner. She cannot do anything now. All she could do was stay still. But from it all she can be relieved because, her mother’s hospital cost already paid by the shop owner or now she can call him as her future husband.


Word count: 2.195 words

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