A Fool

Atika Salsabila

Summary: Maya and Adrian have been married for eight years but they haven’t got children. Lately Adrian seems so busy lately and Maya began suspicious to Adrian. What she discover is not what she expected.

“Ring,ring, ring.” A cell phone rang.

“May, when will you come to my house?” “Lisa will be arrived soon.” said a familiar voice to me.

That voice is my best friend Ajeng. Ajeng, Lisa and I have been friends since we were in high school.

“Yes, yes, I’m leaving soon.” I said.

My name is Maya. I am a housewife. I and my husband, Adrian, have been married for 8 years but we have not got children. It is not once or twice people asked me if I was pregnant or not. Sometimes I feel sad but I’m trying to be strong. Adrian and I first met in college. We dated for two years and finally we decided to get married.
Today I, Ajeng and Lisa will gather in Ajeng’s house for a chat. I locked my house door, went into the garage and turned on my car to go Ajeng’s house.


“Hello dear, finally you come.” Ajeng said and kissed my cheek.

“Come on. Lisa already come.”

I entered Ajeng house and sat on her sofa. After chatting a while I found myself daydreaming. Ajeng who married one year after me already has two children. Raina her eldest daughter has just entered elementary school. How it feels to have a child. I thought.

“Mama, mama I’m home!” Raina’s cheerful voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Mama, I learn to make origami at school.” Raina said.

“Whoa, whoa darling calm down. You must greeted Auntie Maya and Lisa first.”
Ajeng said to Raina.

Raina greeted Lisa and I.

“How’s school Raina?”I asked .

“It’s great Auntie.” Raina said with a smile.

“Raina, changed your clothes.” Ajeng said.

“Ahh Mama, I wanna talk with Auntie Maya and Lisa.” Raina answered.

Ajeng glared Raina.

“Okay, okay Mama.” “Good bye Auntie. See ya.” Raina said and run to her bedroom.

“Let’s go to Bandung this Saturday. It’s been a while since we hang out together yo know.” Lisa said.

“It’s a great idea. Let’s go!” Ajeng answered.

“Hmm, I think I should ask Adrian first.” I said.

“Come on May! It’s on Saturday. Didn’t Adrian not working on weekend?” asked Lisa.

“He should stay at home but lately he always busy on weekend.” I replied.

“Didn’t it seem suspicious May?” said Lisa. “May be he….”

Lisa couldn’t finish her sentence because Ajeng nudged her.
“What?” said Lisa.

“What can of friend that makes her own friend worried?” said Ajeng.

“And besides we don’t know the real reason. We cannot make a conclusion without investigating first”

“I didn’t mean to make her worried. I just try to warn her.” Lisa said.

“Okay, okay I’m fine. Really.” I said.

Hhhhh. Because of Lisa I felt suspicious of Adrian. “No, Maya you must stay positve” I said while pat my cheek. I need to ask Adrian first. It’s already 8 PM Adrian should return from his office soon. I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner while waiting for Adrian to come home.


The front door opened and a familiar man wearing a navy shirt and black trousers.

“Waalaikumsalam.” I said.

“Dri,are you free on Saturday ?” “Lisa and Ajeng asked us to go to Bandung this Saturday.” “Hmm, sorry dear I already have a plan this Saturday but it’s okay if you want to come with them.” Adrian said. “What are you doing lately Dri? You seem so busy.” I said. “I have some business.” Adrian said and smiled at me. Adrian response only make me more curious than ever.

I decided not to go along with Maya and Lisa. I thought I cannot enjoy it. I was cleaning my house. I entered Adrian’s study room. There are so many papers in his desk. So I decided to clean it. As I was cleaning up the papers I see a paper with an address and a name. “Via?” “Who is it?” I wondered who is Via. On the paper is also written in a date. “Is it the date Adrian would meet this woman?” I decided to write down the address and the date that is in the paper.

“May, you better follow Adrian to this address.” Said Lisa and pointed the address I found. “No, Maya you cannot do that.” “You should ask directly to Adrian.” Said Ajeng. I met Lisa and Ajeng on Monday to discuss about the paper I found. “May, what if Adrian has an affair.” Lisa said. “Hush Lisa, shut up!” Ajeng said. I tried to held my tears from coming down. On the way home in the car I kept thinking about whether I should go to the address on the paper or not.

“Dri, how is work?” I said as I cut the meat on my plate. “Everything alright.” Adrian replied. Ring,ring,ring. Adrian voice phone rang. “Hello.” Adrian answered the phone and went out of the dining room. At first glance I heard a woman’s voice on the telephone. I was getting jealous. Finally I decided to follow Adrian to the address on the paper.

The date is finally arrived. Adrian leaves our house around 10 AM. I wait for a while and I was getting ready to go. The sun was shining bright and the weather is fine. I turned on my car and go. There are few cars on the streets. After a while I was up at the address. I parked my car and saw the car Adrian parked there. It turn out that the address that is written in the paper is a cake shop. I got out of the car. I decided to observe from a distance first. Adrian brought a bouquet of rose. A female shopkeeper came and brought a cake to Adrian. I’m trying to listen to their conversation. “This is the cake that you have ordered sir.” “Oh yes, thank you.” “Is it for your wedding anniversary sir?” “Yes this cake for my 9th wedding anniversary.” “Wow, you are really romantic sir. Your wife must be really happy.” The shopkeeper Said. Adrian smiled. Tears started streaming down on my cheek. I felt very embarrassed and felt very stupid. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. How fool I am to forget my wedding anniversary? I decided to return home.


“Maya why are you here?” Adrian asked me. I turned around and approached Adrian. “Adrian, I’m really sorry.” I hugged him and cry.

Word Count: 1061 Words

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