The lost Scientists

Fajri Prima Irfan

Summary: Ramon Depiti is a son of rich man in The Ourtown. He love science so much when Professor Jim invite him to visit Backcity (the city of scientists), then he started a tragic love story with Tatiana (the daughter of famous scientist).

Ramon Depiti is a 24 years old college student of physics in Ourtown University. Ramon is son of Francisco Depiti and Annamarrie Depiti. His fathers is conglomerate widower, and his mother has passed away 24 years ago giving birth to him and his twin, Rebbeca Depiti. His sister was passed away too a week after his mother. His father love him so much, he always facilitate Ramon with luxury. Ramon is a Latino like his father, the brown-skin, the curly black hair. Ramon height is 182cm, and he has athletic body. He has been an idol to the girls, and the most important thing is his father is a conglomerate in the Ourtown.

Ramon wanna be a scientist like his idol, Albert Enstein. One day, Profesor Jim invite him to visit The Wizard in Backcity. Ramon knows, it is a city of scientists and the Wizard is one of them. Profesor Jim and the Wizard were old friend. When Profesor Jim moved to the Ourtown being a lecturer, they never met again. Ramon very ambitious to be a scientist and he received the invitation. The relationship of Ramon and Professor Jim are close enough, they are more than lecturer and student. Ramon always been talked with Profesor Jim about his personal problem, unexception his love story. He does not believe with the girls in the Ourtown because they never love Ramon as himself, but they just loveDepiti “the assets of Ramon’s father.” which is, it will be passed on to him.

Today is wednesday at 07.30am the “lightning express” train will leave the Ourtown. all of the passengers were seem to be happy in that train, then Ramon and Professor Jim were sitting next to each other “are you ready be a scientist, young man?” Professor Jim said while cleaning his glasses. Ramon said “yes, I am.” with a smile on his face. They will take 20 hours of travel from Ourtown to Backcity. At 4:15am on Thursday they had arrived at the Backcity station. When Ramon was seeing this city he was surprised, he was imagined about Backcity turn out contrary of reality what he has seen. This city is so dirty and stench, he does not believe that it is so famous with the scientists. A red taxi was brought them to a lab in the central city. Until there, they were greeted by a beautiful woman, she is Tatiana 22 years old. Tatiana has blonde long hair, white-skin, she height is 170cm, and slim. She is a daughter of Doctor Martin or The Wizard. She has been worked in the lab as her father assistant. She is a maker atomic-bomb and she was the best graduated the faculty of physics in University of Backcity. That lab is their home, they provide the rooms for the lab’s employees and the guests. Finally, they met with the wizard like an old friend. Professor Jim give a big hug to him and then they mock each other. After that, The Wizard showed off his project to professor Jim and he asked Tatiana to accompanied Ramon to get around and teach him be a scientist.

Time flies, six months feel so fast. Ramon and Tatiana has special relationship. The wizzard support their relationship, because he knew love story of Tatiana and her ex-boyfriend. She was broken hearted by a labs employee, Ronnie. Before The Wizzard asked Ronnie back to the lab to help the project of him with Professor Jim, The relationship of Ramon and Tatiana looked normally. Ramon felt Tatiana behavior was changed, and he was uncomfortable with that. Two night ago they were fighting, because Tatiana refused to going on date with him. At the same night on 02.00am, Ramon saw a girl with a wedding dress walked to Ronnies Room which placed next to The Wizards room. Unfortunately, Ramon can not see her face and he did not know who was that. He suspected between two girls in the lab either Tatiana or Merry the cleaning service who wanted to clean up The Wizards room, but he wonder why she was wearing a wedding dress? What he saw was bothering him. He told to Professor Jim about what was happened last night. When Ronnie came back to the lab Ramon felt Tatiana behavior was changed. Then, Professor Jim said that he ever seen that girl too last month, but Professor Jim did not know who was that too. Ramon stay up all night, because he was so curious about that girl.

On august 21 Ramon and Professor Jim back to the Ourtown with disappointment, everything was messed up after Ramon knew about that girl. The other night at the same time that girl came back again like she did before, and Ramon followed her. She came in to The Wizards room, and silently peek what was going on with her and The Wizzard. He saw Tatiana in wedding dress and making love with her father. Ramon so disappointed and angry to them, he break in the door, which awoken Professor Jim and he saw The Wizard and Tatiana too. The Wizard tried to explain what was happening, he had been making love with her daughter when Tatiana was 16 years old. That was the reason why his wife left him. They have been fallin in love, the relationship between Tatiana and The Wizard is more than daughter-father thing. That was the reason why The wizard agreed to Ramon and Tatiana relationship in order to cover up their affair.


* Cersei and Jaime Lannister characters from Game of Thrones

* The Lightning Express by Billy Joe and Norah Jones

* Caitlin Snow, Cisco, and Dr. Harisson Wells characters from The Flash

Word count: 920

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