Cooking Up A Model

Ermaly Aminah Erwinputri


Summary: Klara suspects that her husband, Andrew, is having an affair and decides to spy on him. What she discover is not what she expected.

Andrew and I are such in a good place right now. People say marriage is hard work. But for us, it’s not like that. Sure, it’s not a cakewalk, but that’s life. We argue about having different opinions and it is true we have different point of views in life, but we make that work. The key is communication. We always sit down for dinner and talk about our day. He is my best friend; I can talk to him about everything.

Andrew and I met 5 years ago. We were at our friend’s party. I was still dating my ex and so was he. We didn’t meet again until 3 years ago when I bumped into him in a restaurant. I was on a date, which my friend set up for me, and my date knew the chef. After we dine, he took us to the kitchen to say hi to and give compliments to the chef. He was surprise that I knew the chef. A week later, we started hanging out. I felt comfortable with him; I can be myself around him.

After dating for a year, he proposed to me and tonight is our 2-year anniversary and I always love going out to a nice, not fancy, just nice restaurant. Andrew is a professional chef, so he knew all of the great restaurants in Manhattan. We have prepared a romantic night. After dinner, we had a nice walk home and just talk.

The next day, we went out do our regular routine. I woke up early and make breakfast while Andrew showers. After Andrew leaves for work I clean up our apartment, dress up and go to work.

I am a model and when it is not fashion week, I am not that busy. I usually just go to my agent’s office and go to the available go-sees. That morning there were only 2 go-sees that I have to book. My agent says that it is a slow week and that there aren’t many openings. Working in the fashion industry is hard. You need to be discipline and hard-working and some clients can be tough. This month I only booked 3 photo-shoots and one commercial.

At dinner, I talk to Andrew about my work problems. He says that it is going to be all right and something better will come up. Like I said, I trust Andrew and he will always find a way for making me feel better about myself.

However, the next few weeks, I feel something different. Andrew grew distant. I don’t know what happen or what I did to make him be like that. At dinner, he spoke so little about his day and seem didn’t care about my day. I was worried. Was there something wrong?

I am known as an insecure person. When there’s a problem, I usually blame myself and this is no different. I tried reaching out to him but it was no good. Every time I came to his restaurant, he always says he was busy and can’t talk to me. I asked his friends and they didn’t have a clue what’s going on with him.

Somehow, it’s a good thing that my work hour is flexible so I can stay at home and have some relaxation. I think and try to remember of the beginning on when Andrew acted strange. Then I remember one morning. After Andrew checks his phone during breakfast, he suddenly stops eating and took complete focus on his phone. I didn’t know if it was a text or an e-mail, but he was pretty excited about it. When I asked what it is about, his expression instantly changes, as if he was trying to hide his excitement and said it’s nothing. Until this day, I believe him. I was beginning to be desperate. I left my beliefs and went to check his phone while he was asleep. After that, I went out and try to follow and stalk him. Apparently, he has some appointments on his calendar. I followed him entering a building and a woman greeted him at the door and gave him a nice hug, as if they have known each other for a while. I’m beginning to worry and a thought caught my mind. Is my husband cheating on me? I calm myself and have the courage to go in the building. What I saw surprised me.

“I can explain” are the first words that come out from Andrew’s mouth. I was just standing there silent. In my mind I think, “What did I just walk into? What am I saying? Andrew sat me down and tries to speak to me. At first, his words were just humming to my ear. But I have to hear what he has to say. I need to know the reason he lied and keep something a secret to me.

Andrew explained that he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. He knows what I’ve been going through at work and scared that if he tells me this secret, I would be upset.

The morning that I suspect him of hiding something was the morning that Andrew had received and email from a modeling agency. An agent was having a meeting at his restaurant and when he saw Andrew, he offered him a job as a model. I admit that Andrew has some handsome features and an amazing body. After all, we do exercise regularly and eat healthy. Mostly because I’m a model and Andrew’s way of supporting me is companying me on my work out and cook nutritious meals for my diet. He said he offered the agent my contact but the agent refuse and insists for him. He thought he’d give it a try and he surprisingly like modeling.

At first, I was angry with him for not telling me and for not believing me. But then, I forgive him and I end up apologizing for not trusting him and thinking he will cheat on me. At the end of the day, I stayed for his photo-shoot, which I almost ruin, and went home. The whole night we talk about our work and I was happy to share all of experience in the industry. I am very happy for him.


– Gone Girl

– Sex and The City

Word count: 1048

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