Journey to the east: A Song

180410120114 / D

Title: Journey to the east


This song tells about a man who learns about social, spirit and life from his journey from Bandung to Jatinangor and he found many things happen in his journey to Jatinangor. He called Jatinangor “The East”.

Verse 1

The sunlight comes in between the curtains, I happily opened my eyes

Because I just woke up in early morning, with my clear bright eyes

I washed my face with the cool water in this early morning

I’m going to the east with the spirit and happiness

I can feel the spirit in the morning with the clouds above me

With all people on this long road to the east


In the night, I can see the moonlight guides me in journey to the east

In the night, beautiful mountain is one of the best views in this place

Cold breeze will accompany you overnight

This is the place where people can learn everything about social and peace

Bearing love and happiness in the heart of the people


I can feel the warm wind in the morning with the birds above me

I can see the people are working for their dreams, and they are all around me

I can feel the spirit of the people around me

I can see the city lights guide my way to the east

Verse 2

Long journey to the east, like finding a treasure in the wildness

Long road to the east, I can see the road with full of madness

With the busy people around me, we’re going together to the east

Passing through the black cloud, that looks like the oort cloud in the space

It looks really complicated when I look around me

It looks like really bad traffic, this might be hell



· Eminem – Rap God

· Lupe Fiasco – Can You Let Me Know

· My own journey from Bandung to Jatinangor


· @alexbababaks (For the bass and beats on the bridge)

· @adityahalimawan (for giving advice for the instruments)

· Aditya Perdana (Proofreader)

· Zitro Alviotti (Proofreader)

· A.K Prawira (Proofreader)

· FL Studio 12

Word Count: 251

I am so sorry for my lateness, I had internet connection problem when uploading the dramatization. And sorry again for double-posting.


4 thoughts on “Journey to the east: A Song

  1. I must say that I enjoy the song, the music is really good! the lyric you made is great too, I think it resembles your spirit to learn in ‘the east’ and how in the beginning you describe ‘the east’ in a good way but then you find the bad things and it is described on the second verse. However as in this song you don’t sing it but you rap, what I know is, in making rap the lyric should rhyme, but not all has rhyme in the end, but maybe it doesn’t matter, correct me if I’m wrong. Also i found the mispronounciation of ‘opened’. Overall, I like this song, you make it like it’s professionally recorded, I wish I can make one like this too hehe, good job!


  2. 180410130064 / Class C
    its very hip hop
    even when you’re song, in some states, there is a mismatch between the rhythm and when you sing it. nice song


  3. Nice music and i enjoyed this but I think your sound is getting quite near the end, I can’t heard it cleary, and it’s too slow for the genre (rnb/hiphop) but it’s a good song anyway.


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