Where’s My Phone: Short Prose


Where’s My Cellphone ?

Summary : A girl who feel sad and lonely while she in her room because she had lost her cellphone.

Tonight, Kiera’s act doesn’t like usual, Kiera can’t be separated from her cellphone, she always checks her cellphone continuously; from Line, Path, Instagram, BBM, and her gallery and she does it over and over again. This morning, there’s nothing wrong from her activities; she wakes up, takes a prayer, and takes a bath. She never misses to watch Barbie. Today she doesn’t have any schedule, she doesn’t have come to campus but she has to take lessons at 4.00 pm. Besides, she has to meet her friends. Time shows 2 pm, but Kiera just stays in her bed until 3.30 and she still doesn’t get move from her bed. For a moment she thinks it doesn’t matter if she absents for once. But, if she absents, she already breaks her promise to her father that she can be serious. After she thinks about her father, she immediately goes to bathroom. At 4 pm Kiera gets prepared , and 10 minutes later she is gone. She uses public transportation; everything is good but when she is at pangdam, suddenly a bunch of men get in and distract her. When Kiera realizes if there’s something wrong, she immediately checks her bag, and her bag is opened but she keeps thinking positively. She thinks maybe she forgets to close her bag. She arrives at campus and goes to ATM. But when she opens her bag, her cellphone and wallet are lost. Kiera is panic but trying to stay calm, suddenly she meets with Celinda.

Celinda: hi Kiera ! Where have you been?

Kiera: I have just arrived from boardinghouse, and where have you been?

Celinda: I’m from campus.

Kiera: Cel may I borrow your cellphone?

Celinda: of course! For what?

Kiera: I want to try calling my cellphones because it doesn’t exist in the bag.

Tuuut, Tuuut, Tuuut


Celinda: maybe you left it in your room.

Kiera: Hmmm maybe.

Celinda: Kiera, I’m sorry I have to go now.

Kiera: its Oke! Thank you so much Cel!

Take care Cel!

Celinda: you’re welcome J

After she realizes that her cellphone doesn’t exist in her bag, Kiera is confused whether she should take a lesson or come back to her boardinghouse to see is her cellphone in her room or not. Kiera has a bad feeling. Finally Kiera prefers to come back to her boardinghouse for making sure that her cellphone is in her room. When she arrives in her room with her panic, she finds that her cellphone doesn’t exist in her bedroom too. Then, she asks Calissa to call Kiera’s cellphones. She thinks maybe her cellphone is hidden.

*Kiera tries to knock Calissa’s room.

Kiera: Calissa may I borrow your cellphone? I want to try calling my cellphone for I think I just lost my cellphone.

Caliisa: oh yaaa, you can!

Kiera tries to call her cellphone for a couple of times but there’s no sound of her cellphone in the room, until someone turn off Kiera’s phone.

Calissa: It’s better if you call your parents and let them know about this case, and don’t be panic!

Kiera: you are right Calissa thank you, you remind me to call my parents.

Then the first thing that Kiera does is call her parents to let them know that Kiera lost her cellphone. Then she gives them information to her friends that Kiera just lost her cellphone. The next day she comes to campus, Kiera’s best friends come to Kiera and ask her about the case.

Danish: Hi Kiera, how’s you cellphone?
How could that happen?
Do Calissa and Celinda know about this?

Kiera: I don’t know Danish how it can be Danish, it was happened very fast I didn’t gave an attention to people around me. I realize that if my cellphone was lost when I left the public transportation. Yaaa, Celinda and Caliisa know this because yesterday I Borrowed Cellinda’s and Calissa’s cellphone to try call my cellphone.

Danish: Do your parents know about this?
Have you given them the information?

Kiera: Yes Danish, I had tried to call them yesterday. There are other things that I always think about some documents for examination I must read.

Danish: Don’t worry Kiera, I have some documents for examination and I think it is similar as you have and I will resend it to you.

Kiera: Ohh thank you so much Danish, I’m sorry for making you bad.

Danish: No problem Kiera. Don’t be sad.

Ohyaaa, what did your parents say about it?

Kiera: yaaa, they said I have to take care.

Suddenly Caliisa and Celinda come.

Celinda: Hy Kiera? How’s your day? Are you alright?

Kiera: yes I’m alright. Come on we have to come to class.

Kiera feels bored every day because she doesn’t have cellphone; she just watches television to spend her time. Then, Kiera’s father feels bad for Kiera’s day. He keeps thinking whether he is going to buy any cellphone for his daughter or not. If he doesn’t buy it for his daughter, he feels bad for it. But, if he immediately buys a cellphone, he thinks that Kiera will not learn from her mistake.

Kiera: Mom do you mind to buy me a new cellphone because I need it so much.

Kiera’s mother: you have experienced similar case like this for so many time.

Kiera: but, mom I need it. I promise I will take care of it as possible as I can. Please mom I feel so bad L

Kiera’s Mother: ok, I will. But you have to take care of your stuff.

Kiera: yes mom, I promise to you!! Thank you so much mom!

Kiera’s mother: yes, you’re welcome dear.

Thanks to:

Allah S.W.T

Rima Febriani as my lecture

Muqita Anubela who checked my Grammar

Fathia Mardliah who edited my worl dramatization


my own stories

word count : (972)

link of work dramatization:


5 thoughts on “Where’s My Phone: Short Prose

  1. I think the story is really good and simple. I like the way you end the story. So, it’s still the mystery where Kiera phone is. I also like the dramatization. The music is match with the story. It’s a really good job.


  2. 180410130009/ C

    Hello, Megah! I wonder how could you make an interesting story based on your own experience? It’s totally an experiencing-Jatinangor story! I think the dialogues resemble the dialogues in radio drama, Meg. But overall this is a good story which warns me to be aware of the criminality in Jatinangor.


  3. Hello Mek, your story is vey similar with my friend’s experience. The feel is so real. This story gave us a lesson to be carefull in Jatinangor, that’s great. The criminal is everywhere there. I hope no one will lost his/her phone again T.T


  4. I always like a story based on a personal experience like this because it makes the story more real. But I think you write too much the word “she” on the first paragraph but most of all it’s great! Please keep your cellphone safely ;)


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