Where We Belong To: Song Lyrics

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Summary: This song is about a couple who can only meet in a place called Jatinangor


Verse 1

I know it’s a long way

It could be a day to get there

Miles to miles I don’t care

It is just like stairs to stairs

You’re far away I can’t see

Your shadow’s sinking to the sea

But the stars show us where to meet

Only one place, should we chase?


Close your eyes now

Feel the wind around you

Let your body fly so high

And your heart will guide you to the place we know


They could never understand

Those who are in other land

The feeling we have now

But the path we choose let’s just walk it together

To the place where we belong to

Chorus 2

Close your eyes now

Feel the wind around you

Let your body fly so high

And your heart will guide you to the place we know

Hold on tight to my hand

I’ll keep you from falling down

Let your body fly so high

And your heart will guide you to the place we know

And your heart will guide you to the place we know


Thank you to:

1. Noviyanti Katerina for being my inspiration.

2. Muhammad Haikal Firdaus and Rahmadewi Budiningtyas for proofreading the lyrics and helping me finding the melody for the chorus.

3. Muhammad Haikal Firdaus and Seruni Morena Rinjani as model in the music video.


1. All of the Stars – Ed Sheeran

2. Never Let This Go – Paramore

Word Count: 177

Link for work dramatization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIUVPCINZrg

10 thoughts on “Where We Belong To: Song Lyrics


    So! first thing first, about the lyrics. Filled with the dramatic ones, as usual teehee. But it’s genuinely sweet and beautiful. I can totally relate them with the relationship you’re having with Keket. As for the dramatization, I like your music arrangement Dan, your arranging and guitar-ing skills are getting better day by day, good job! But I think your vocal sounds too dominating (the volume is too high). Lastly, for the music video, to me, it….actually looks like you’re the one that Haikal is looking for, it’s like both of you are the ones that actually going to meet each other in the end….HAHAHA but it’s good because of it’s simplicity and thanks to the good scenery, perfect weather and the bright sun on that day, too. Overall, great job Dani!!! I’m sure maany people will like it too.


    • Hi Yas, I am sorry for the vocal sounds, I forgot to set the volume. That is the purpose of my appearance in the video, Yas… hahaha, mission accomplished then :D. Thank you for the comment Yas!


      • Oh another thing! As there are many high notes in this song, it would be better if youbare selective in where you should use falsetto or not so it won’t sound…tiring…..(?) also you wouldn’t be very tired too if someday you’ll sing this live.


  2. As usual, I don’t understand much about music, but i think your song is good Dan. From your representation of Jatinangor, it must me a place that is located far far away. I see that in the lyric “It could be a day to get there” and “Miles to miles I don’t care”. Oiya in your video, at first, I thought that Haikal and you are a gay couple who will meet at Jatinangor hahaha the way you smile in the video is so “not holdable”


  3. Hahah I agree with Tebe’s opinion. When I watched the mv, I thought you and Haikal are gay. but nope. hahah however, I love the song. It’s very easy-listening and has a beautiful lyrics. Great job!


  4. What A great song! I really like the melody it’s just like Coldplay – Fix you. I don’t understand with the video clip and sorry to say Dan I must admit that I agree with Tebe’s opinion:)). But the song is really good I swear, well done!


  5. I LOVE THIS SONG LIKE TOTALLY LOVE IT!! I like how you make me travel in imagination with your song. How you build the music with guitar, it’s just so fit. You also have a sweet yet masculine voice. And about the music video, I like the chemistry between them, looks natural. Good job, Dan!


  6. I agree with Tebe’s opinion, I may not understand about the music, but your song is very good. I don’t even expect that you would be intent at all to makes this song with the music video. I really enjoy to watching your music video, Dan. Good Job!


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