What is happening? : Short story

Demitha Rinjani Ilham


What is happening?

Summary: A girl named Abigail who sometimes doesn’t know what is going on.

Me, Abigail, soon-to-be 20 years old. Please help me to get through with this.

Saturday morning. My phone rings and wake me up. I just remember that I have three deadline on Monday, nice, I haven’t done it all. I call Arsen, Ilona, and Fay, asked if they can come to my dorm and do it together so I get less stress. Unfortunately, no one hang up or call me back. Now I get more stress than ever. Please God, I need Arsen’s joke, the mischievious Fay, and Ilona’s laugh.

On Monday I can’t find them on campus. It’s final exam week so everyone’s busy. But thankfully I can meet them on dinner time. Arsen starts to tell his jokes and tease Ilona’s new hair said it was like a Flamingo because it’s pink but Fay said it’s nice and Ilona looks so beautiful. When Fay say anything, she never lied, so I trust her even I laugh at first. Then we talk about Ilona’s salty coffee. So once Fay put a lot of salt on the boiling water that use for Ilona’s coffee, Fay was happy when Ilona finally drink it but when she finds out that her coffee was salty, she immediately spit it out, unfortunately it struck into Fay’s shirt. We all laugh because karma does exist. That story will never get old.

It’s Tuesday. Final exam and the deadline still on the road but my brain already burned by all of that and I think I’m gonna be bald soon, like Zayn Malik. When it comes to final exam, the week last longer than the other. Human knows that. Sometimes I want to give up but then I remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Means, holiday is coming pretty soon.

So it’s Wednesday. Everything’s the same but not for Ilona’s face. Sad is not the right word to describe it but angry is. Neither me nor Fay don’t know whom she angry with. I assume it’s Arsen because he’s not around. So I asked her about the face. She said that Arsen never stops teasing her new hair, I think he crossed the line. To calmed her down, I ask her to join me and Fay to Pizza Hut, she denied but then come after fifteen minutes. I know she’s hungry, she just won’t admit it.

Thursday. Final exam will come to an end, finally. Arsen, Fay, and Ilona gonna come to my dorm in Caringin at 4 pm and play Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister, or Uno because we need refreshment. At 3 pm I bring all the stuff to the lobby and wait for them to come. I feel so disappointed because it’s 5 pm and no ones come. I call Fay, she didn’t hang up. I call Arsen, someones hang up and said he left and forgot to bring his phone. I call Ilona, she’s not coming because she still pissed off with Arsen and doesn’t want to see his face. I said she’s so childish, now she’s angry at me. Good ‘cause I’m angry to all of you.

Thank God it’s Friday. I don’t have to go to campus because the final exam will be held online plus I will not see their face today so, again, thank God. I check on my cardboard and so I still have one deadline, 2000 words and the deadline is tonight. Nightmare. At least I still have 15 hours to get it done. I calmed myself.

Oh it’s Saturday again. I think I have something to do today but I forgot. I have so many notifications on my phone but I didn’t check it, I don’t want to, so I just playing games or watching tv all day in my dorm. Time flies and it’s 9 pm now, I should go to sleep. When I just lay down on my bed, someone knock my door three times but no sound. Okay this freaked me out, I freeze, neither moving nor open the door. Someone knock again. I try to calm down and breath properly then I opened it. I saw Arsen, Fay, and Ilona and suddenly they said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, SORRY WE PISSED YOU OFF THE OTHER DAY” still confused but then I remember IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!

Word count: 713

5 thoughts on “What is happening? : Short story

  1. 180410130009/ C

    Hello, Dem, it’s a story with the unpredictable ending and I like it! I thought that this story was only about your activities in a week but eventually I found out that those bad days are before your birthday surprise. I like that for that is such a unique narration technique. However, I am confused with the tenses you use in this story; sometimes you use past but sometimes you also use present tense. It’s also could be better if you made the dramatization. But overall this is a good story! I hope you will not be as bald as Zayn Malik, Dem.


  2. When i read the story i feel like i’m reading a diary book, that usually tells about the record of what has happened over the course of a day. But then… in the end it turned out to be surprising! This is the new way to make a story. Well done Emi!! Keep up the great work


  3. It’s so you, Dem. Ha ha. You actually wrote your diary and simplify it in this short story. The ending is just so amazing! I was about to feel sad but the surprise cheers my smile up again. Good job! Let’s make the film :)


  4. Dem curhat dem? The ending is very surprising *yes of course*. Another good story of someone who study in Jatinangor, and you told us well . The line “When it comes to final exam, the week last longer than the other.” Is very true for us, students. Good job Dem!!


  5. H A H A H A H A, i think this is your story life Nyu, I agree with Rahmat if you actually wrote your diary. and now, guess what
    i remember when Opi and I came to your room,and gave a late surprise with our silly face!


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