The Last City: A Poem

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Summary: A senior-year university student who must graduate already from Jatinangor, but he just could not yet.

The Last City

As I woke up from the dream and opened the curtain

For starting the day when it’s still current

The cold wrapped me so tight

And I was screaming inside

Is there anything I can do?

To prove something to you, but I have no clue

Because I only value some grades

Without noticing that learn can be so great

However, do you realize what kind of place are we live in?

With all the things that only certainty kicks in

I see lots of wonderful smile

But you knew it was all a lie

You will realize when the sun starting to shine

But at least the atmosphere is fine

Hey my friend what are you doing here?

Do you notice that smear?

As you counting down the days constantly

The days will become years eventually

Without I could even open up my eyes

You would be gone as time flies

Thanks to Ismail Hidayat (Sasing Unpad 2011), Venna Agniasari (Sasing Unpad 2011) and Ekky Hanna Vicya (Sasing Unpad 2010).

Special Thanks to Intenzoo for the awesome background music

notes: the permission for using the song will be uploaded via Image below.

Word count: (152)

Link for work dramatization:

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