The Destination: A Short Prose


Summary: A girl could not decided either she went home by bus or by travel.

It was an ordinary Thursday for Tita. She got up at 06.00 o’clock and took a bath. She got ready from her boarding house at 06.30 and went to campus on foot. When she arrived at Faculty of Arts in Universitas Padjajaran, she ran into some of her friends. She said hi and complained about her tasks that weren’t done. They talked to each other about 15 minutes until the class started. The course that Tita took on this first hour is English Syntax, but she wasn’t really like the course. After a long boring course, Tita could have some fun by having Children Literature course. She liked to read, but not the theory. Then she had lunch with her best friends. She didn’t only buy herself a lunch but also many snacks. After the break, she and her friends went back to class to learn Bahasa Indonesia, a common course for every student in Faculty of Arts. Tita was about ready to go to her boarding house, pack her things, and go back to her hometown by bus, but Clara stopped her. “We have a meeting for PRABU now”. Tita completely forgot about the meetings and she didn’t have enough money to purchase Arnes’ ticket. If the meeting ended in evening, there would be no bus and Tita would have to purchase the travel ticket. “Can it be postponed? I have to go home today” asked Tita with shock and desperation. “Unfortunately, it can’t. It’s a very important meeting, and all the commitees should come” Clara said as she leaving her. Tita felt so upset but she couldn’t say no and left the campus.

After an hour meeting, that actually was not a long time for a meeting, Tita called her best friend, Dini. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you,” said Dini, sounded a bit angry. “I’m really sorry. I completely forget about PRABU meeting. Where are you now?” asked Tita while she packed her backpack at her boarding house.

“I’ve already at Pangdam. But there’s no bus in here. Why don’t you come here?” said Dini, still with angry voice.

“Okay, I’ll be right there in 10 minutes. Bye” said Tita, then turned off her phone and went to Pangdam (Pangkalan DAMRI). When she arrived at Pangdam, she saw Dini with her big backpack, sat with a frown in her face. “I’ve already missed a bus just to be going home with you, Tita” said Dini.

“I’m really sorry… I bring you some food to eat,” said Tita with some bread in her hand.

“At least you can text me. So I won’t miss a bus because of you” said Dini, while eating her bread.

“Okay… okay… I promise, I won’t let this thing happens again.” said Tita as she held Dini’s hand. Dini smiled at Tita. Tita relieved that Dini wasn’t angry at her anymore. Tita leaned her head on Dini’s shoulder and sighed. They hoped they wouldn’t wait for the bus long.

It’s 16.30 and there’s no bus coming. Actually, there were some bus coming but with different destination with what they wanted to go. They should take bus that went to Dipati Ukur, not Elang or Cimahi. Dini kept playing games. Tita wanted to play games too, but her handphone were running out of the battery. She shouldsave it for calling her parents to pick her up when she arrived. After playing games for a very long time, Dini got up and held her backpack.

“I’m going to go to Arnes shuttle. I can’t wait in here forever. You want to come?” asked Dini while she put her phone in her pocket.

“I don’t know… I don’t have enough money to purchase the ticket” answered Tita desperately. She really wanted to go home. She was tired, hungry, and wanted to be at home then but she didn’t have enough money.

“You can borrow my money. Come on… let’s get out of here!” Dini said while she looked at her watch. “It’s 16.40, and I bet the bus won’t come,so let’s go to Arnes shuttle, Tita”. Tita thought and thought again about it. She couldn’t borrow Dini’s money because she didn’t really like to borrow money from someone.

“I think I’m going to wait here until 5.00 pm. If you want to go, just go” Tita said as she turned off her phone and put it into her pocket.

“Okay.. I’ll go,but if you change your mind, just call me.” Dini said as she called an ‘ojek’ and went away to Arnes shuttle. Tita waved her hand and said goodbye.

It’s 16.45 and the bus hadn’t come yet. Tita waited with a huff. She cursed herself for spending her money too much and being completely forgot about the meeting. She was really upset for not being able to go home. She hadn’t any choice but waited until the bus came. “Dini must be at the minibus and sleep soundly,” mumbled Tita as she stomped her feet, feeling so upset. Now she was upset because she didn’t take Dini’s offering. “Why am I so stupid?” said Tita as she cried and covered her face with her jacket. Everyone was looking at her, but she didn’t really care about it. She got up and walked to the opposite direction where the bus supposed to come. She heard a sound of the rustic machine but she didn’t want to look at it. She kept walking on that opposite direction.

"Knock… Knock" Tita knocked the door. A girl opened the door, and then Tita hugged her and cried. "What’s wrong, Tita?" she asked. "Can I stay at your place for one night?" asked Tita, still crying. "Of course you can. Come in" said Fauziah, the girl that she hugged. Tita brought her backpack, came to Fauziah’s room, and told everything she wanted to say. Finally, she thought it’s a right decision to make. She would wait until the next morning and get an early morning bus.


Thanks to Aldila Putri Hakmi and my high school friend, Muhammad Fauzan Afianto, who proofread my writing and Vina Fasya K (180410130053/C) who gives me the idea for the title of the story.


– My own experience

– Microsoft Word

– Audacity

– Background Musics:

Bathhouse Morning (Yuya No Asa) (OST Spirited Away)

Always with Me (Itsumo Nando Demo) (OST Spirited Away)

Word Count: (999)

Link for Dramatization:

One thought on “The Destination: A Short Prose

  1. 180410130053/C

    I think it would be great if children read your story, because of the message shown in the story, the moral value. Tita’s character, in my opinion, is too emotional that she couldn’t face her problem calmly. This literary work shows the negative effect as the result of too much “baper”.


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