The Clinging Ring: A Short Prose


Summary: A freshman named Secret moved in to a boarding house called Pondok Bacan and felt haunted by a gemstone ring.


“So here I am now. Hello, Bandung. Oops, I’m sorry. I mean Sumedang. Jatinangor to be precise. It feels nice to be here, new place, new adventure.” Said I cynically. I didn’t really like the idea of leaving my hometown. However, it was the only chance I should take since I was accepted in the University of Jatinangor. I came here alone, not because my parents were busy or something, but I preferred to go on my own. “I am an adult after all. No need to be under parental supervision all of my life.” Said I every single time my parents asked me if I needed their help or advice or anything that they thought would decrease the burden they gave me, their only child.

I was a little bit of lost here, looking for the direction to my boarding house, Pondok Bacan, which might be somewhere near. There were many freshmen accompanied by their families and friends, while I was here alone with a backpack and a suitcase. The rest of my stuff were already in the boarding house. It felt like it was going to be a long year in Jatinangor. As long as I didn’t feel lonely, I thought I’d be fine.

I gave up on searching the boarding house. I didn’t want to look like an uncool lost freshman. Then I decided to use the motorcycle taxi service aka ojeg. The ojeg service cost five thousand rupiahs and it took approximately 5 minutes until I arrived at Pondok Bacan. The boarding house owner, Pak Roy, was a nice old man even though he was a little bit of a creep. He smirked all the time when talking to me. He made his living by running this Pondok Bacan business since 25 years ago, he told me. The boarding house was inherited from his parents. After talking to him, I straightly went into my room. Not bad, I guessed. There were simple basic furniture that you could normally find in any bedroom, such as a spring bed, a cupboard, a night stand, a study desk, and a stool. But still, I had to clean up some dust, unpack my belongings and put it in my room. While I was sweeping under the bed, there was something which might be trash. I looked for it and I finally found it. A black dusty box. I opened it and found out it was an antique and shiny gemstone ring. Its color, elegant blood red, and its smooth surface made me sure that it would cost more than the total amount of my tuition fees. I thought I could keep it for a while before I gave it to Pak Roy. Or maybe I could take it the next time I came home. I could earn a lot of money by selling it. I smiled crazily while daydreaming about it until I finally realized I would look stupid if I took a look at the mirror.

I cleaned the ring and put it in the cupboard. Suddenly I remembered the reason why I insisted on living here. I looked outside the window, and there it was, The Cincin Bridge. It was calling me out since it was why I wanted to live at Pondok Bacan. The beautiful landscape. Oh, how I loved the view of the mountain, the bridge, the graveyard..Hey, is that a graveyard?

I took my favorite jacket, a worn out yet the most comfortable one, put it on, brought the room key and left. The weather was a little bit cloudy and cold. The wind was also strong, but it didn’t stop my strong intention to go outside and enjoy the view of Cincin Bridge. I stayed there for maybe half an hour until the fog started to come down and there was Adzan Maghrib. I decided to go back to the boarding house, for the day started to become dark.

Everything was the same as when I left the room, except for the ring wasn’t in my cupboard. I searched for it and found it under the bed in the same exact place where I had found it. I felt something mystic was haunting me and I was sure that I should return the gemstone ring to Pak Roy immediately. I took the box and left my room, hoping to find Pak Roy outside. Unfortunately, the light outside was out, so the creepiness level became doubled. “Pak Roy? Pak Roy? Where are you?” said I. There was no answer. There was nobody but darkness. I was stupid for not knowing, or even asking where was his room or where he lived. “Ugh. What should I do?” I searched for him, but there was no result. I didn’t want to be with that creepy ring for a whole day. Speaking of the ring, I forgot where was it. I was sure I was holding it the whole time. “Where is it?” Ask I to myself. I could not find neither Pak Roy nor the ring. Well, whatever. I wanted to sleep peacefully so it was a good thing that the ring had gone. I went back to my room, hoping that everything was fine, opening the cupboard, and seeing the shiny cursed thing was there. I sighed.


Thanks to my mother, for the warm beef soup, and my sister, for the WiFi.


The Lord of The Ring movie

‘Korban Batu Ali’ song

Dua Dunia episode ‘Jembatan Cincin Jatinangor Sumedang’

Word count:880

Link for work dramatization:

3 thoughts on “The Clinging Ring: A Short Prose

  1. Hi Vina! I’ve never thought the story could end up like this. It’s not a really an horror story, since you don’t like the horror stories. The tension isn’t really there. But I like the music background. Don’t forget to include it in your references. I love the story, Vin!


  2. 180410130025/C
    I like the way you twisted the story, Vin. I like how you describe Jatinangor as cold and cloudy, it makes the story little bit scary. It is good to took a place around Jembatan Cincin, because it supports the story to build the scary athmosphere. Good story.
    Good Luck, Vina!


  3. 180410130009/ C

    Hi, Vina! I love your story for it uses gemstone, which is booming now in Indonesia, as an issue. I like how you link the name of the boardinghouse, the gemstone, and Jembatan Cincin; you are pretty creative. However, the story must be better if you add the result of the ring to you and what Mr. Roy relation with that issue. But overall, this is an interesting story.


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