That Midnight: A Short Prose


Summary: this story is about a coward girl, who has just started to be a boarder, and at one night she wants to have a deep sleep, but the electricity in her room suddenly turned off.


The chortle was still being heard from one of the dorms in Pondok Amanah Ciseke Besar. More night more louder that chortle was heard. How crisp that chortle! Who are chortling in the midnight like this? Obviously, the noise turned up from the television in the one of the bedrooms that showed Just for Laugh. This show was usually showed every midnight, but in fact the television was ignored by its owner. Indeed, that was the habit that happened every night in Elsa’s room. The television talked nonsense alone without there was who paid attention to it.


Elsa was a new student that had just being a boarder, and it was the first time for Elsa to stay away from her family. Elsa was a coward girl, whenever she was alone in her room, she would feel as if there was a person who noticed her like there was a couple of eyes that stared at her gestures. Besides, Elsa also had a phobia about darkness.

Just like the others nights, this night for about 12.00 PM o’clock, the beam of light still could be looked from the room number 105. A tiny thing that was suspended in the centre of the ceiling was never feel tired accompanied the dweller of the room, lighted the darkness of that room day and night without took a rest. It was still loyal to light without complained for tired. Perhaps that was the realization of its grateful for Elsa who had given it the place in the ceiling of her room. It was being grateful by sacrificing all of its light, as if it knew Elsa’s fear if she lost its light. For Elsa its light was valuable, and it was just like her friend. However, this night the source of the lighter that loyal in Elsa’s room suddenly defied as if it was bored or maybe it wanted to ask Elsa’s sympathy that it was tired and wanted to take a rest for a while. So, in that night, suddenly that thing brought itself to extinguish its light and abandoned Elsa in the darkness.

The chortle that usually accompanied Elsa’s nights was also dumb swiftly. Silent. Perhaps it was also tired, because every night it should regale the person who even though never noticed it. The 14 inch thing on the Elsa’s desk was dumb right now. Similarly with the lamp that abandoned her in the darkness, it also abandoned her in the silence of the night. Yeah! Maybe that television was also bushed.


A girl was cuddling the bolster close in the comfort bed covered with the blanket that rolled her body, she seemed enjoy her sleeping. Indeed, the cold air that night felt like infiltrated into her body, and this pushed Elsa’s gusto to pull the blanket for warming up all of her body. Her tired expression illustrated how that sleeping could relax her after she was busy at campus all day long. However, when she enjoyed her relaxed sleep, suddenly she was shocked when she was alert that the atmosphere of her room was silent and darkens swiftly.

Elsa stirred from her bed and she went out from her room as fast as possible. She tiptoed, looked around in a dazed way while she was staring at others room around her. All rooms seemed different, those were light, and it was seemed as if the lamps in their rooms were accompanying the dwellers of the rooms around Elsa warmly. What’s wrong with the lamp in my room? Why did the lamp in my room suddenly turned off whereas the lamp in the others room are on? Elsa’s mind was in total confusion and full of the questions that made her became more panicked. What should I do?

Elsa paced back and forth in front of her room while she was staring at the room beside her. She wanted to knock that room’s door, but it was 01.00 AM o’clock. Ah! This is the time for people to sleep, and this is the time all people took a rest after they did the activities at campus all day long. Elsa abandoned her intention and she continued to stare at the door of the room beside her.

Elsa’s eyes were drowsy, and it could not be counted how much she had yawned. Her drowsiness bothered herself. She peeped at her room, and then she gazed to the above where the little thing was suspended. She hoped that the thing would be sympathy and permitted her to have a deep sleep in its light. Nevertheless, that little thing ignored her and without any sympathy that thing still ignored her in the darkness. Alone.

Perhaps the lamp and the television in her room can enquire the Elsa’s understanding when they are bushed, but who will help her when she is in trouble like this? Even her friends who always accompany her day and night, it has the heart to abandon her alone right now.


Elsa was a girl who had a difficulty in adaptation with the new things around herself, even with the new people. When she started to be a boarder, she became an individualist. Her routine in her daily life at the dorm were spending the time for reading, listening to music or even just watching television in her room, and she didn’t acquaint her neighbours. Her only closed friend was Aldi.

Elsa took her handphone and she touched the numbers on the screen then it was ended by touching the green phone’s symbol on the screen. She called Aldi.

One missed call.

Two missed calls.

Three missed calls.

She ended the phone and then she sighed. Elsa was so upset when she knew that the person she thought was chummy with her also ignored her. Or maybe he is sleeping. Didn’t he know that I need him? I am petrified.

Elsa paced back and forth again in front of her room. When she felt that there was a thing pulled her leg, she sat on the chair at the corridor. She massaged her leg, and then eventually she fell into a deep slumber.


“What are you doing here, neng?” said Bu Lina, the owner of the dorm, waking Elsa up.

Elsa woke up and then she yawned. “The electricity in my room was off. I think there is something wrong with that.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m so sorry, but I should have said it before that the electricity in your room has different electric current. Your current is from Hegarmanah.”

Elsa was gawked when Bu Lina smiled sheepishly while scratching her head even though it did not itch.

The End


Thanks to Ade Maria Partiani and Bitha Cahya Romansha who have proofread my short prose.

1. Based on my own experience in my kosan when I have just started to be a boarder.
2. Break Free by Ariana Grande (feat. Zedd)

Word Count: 1113 words

Link for work dramatization:

4 thoughts on “That Midnight: A Short Prose

  1. Hi Fitri, your story is interesting. I forget that there is grammatical error in your story when I read it (or maybe I’m who don’t understand well). Honestly I’m confused what you mean at this sentence “…[She] was staring at others room around her. All rooms seemed different…” is the form of ‘other’ here is an adjective that refer to the ‘room’? or is that a form of a pronoun? In my opinion, according to the sentence, I think that that’s an adjective that refer to the room around the character’s room, so that maybe it should be ‘the other rooms’; moreover, the next sentence is refer clearly to the room, ‘all rooms’. Sorry if that’s true that I’m who don’t understand what you mean, well it’s just in my opinion.


  2. 180410130017/C

    Hi Fitri! When I read the story I thought this was your experience when you were in the first semester. When I finished it and I read the reference, I was true. I still remembered that when you told this experience to me, it was really funny hehe. I like the way you put the plot twist on your story. I am a coward girl too; I imagined if I were Elsa maybe I would cry haha. Being alone at the kosan, her friend did not answer her phone (I understand because it was 12 in the morning). Alone in the dark, I felt pity for her. Well you made your own experience as a nice one. Good job Fitri!


  3. 180410130029/C
    Hi Fitri! Your story is a good one. I can imagine how Elsa feels about being a coward girl and she has to live far from her family because I’d ever felt it too haha. But honestly I don’t understand with the phrase “there was…” in “The television talked nonsense alone without there was who paid attention to it”, perhaps you want to say “tidak ada yang menontonnya”, and I think it will be appropriate if the sentence is changed into “The television talked nonsense alone, and nobody paid attention to it”. That’s just my opinion about the grammar structure.


  4. 180410100024/C

    From what’ve read, I think there is a grammatically error in “The television talked nonsense alone without there was who paid attention to it.” that’s sentence makes me confused with what you’re try to tell the readers. But, great work by the way!


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