Since I’m with you: A Song


summary: the boy who love his girlfriend then he made a song for her at Jatinangor.

Since I’m with you

My life is more meaningful

I see an angel when you smile in front of me

Your voice is peaceful and your love is so warm

So baby please listen, you’re the one that I need

Hold… my hands

And stay… I will never let you go

Hey baby… I will love you

Just the way you are

Just the way you laugh

Just the way you smile

I know I’m not a perfect person in this place

But you make it’s true, since you stay in my heart

When you stare at me, I feel like I’m in heaven

And makes me believe that angel is exist

The world feels so dark without you

By my side

Don’t ever try to go away from my heart

Since…you beside me,

I feel like I’m the luckiest men in this place

I believe that you are my true love

Word count : 152 words

Thanks to :

Reosandy putra for helping me make the music arrangement

Rian Fauzan for being my singer in this song

Mr. Sandya for teaching me how to make a good song


Ungu – Demi Waktu

My Chemical Romance – I dont love you

Project pop – bau bau

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