Personal Essay Creative Writing Final 2015





Summary: This is a personal essay that explain about how mess my morning routine started when I snoozed my alarm at the first place and also about its affects as well.

An Unexpected Morning Routine that Changed My Life Forever

To me, waking up early at morning is one of the exhausting things to do. One of those was about waking up early in the morning or being a morning-person. More often, I asked the sun why it have to rise so soon and my eyes need to feel pain of its lights. It was not that easy to make it real especially, when I had to stay up late everynight finishing all my homeworks until the moon and stars hided themselves. I had to wake up at 06:00 a.m. at Monday or weekdays but most of the weekends I woke up at 10:00 a.m. and of course it could affect my weekdays morning routine. March 13th 2014 was the day that I will never forget. I woke up at 7:25 a.m. after hitting the snooze button at least five times since 06:00 a.m. and end up getting out of bed in a panic. The class started at 07:30 a.m. It means that I had to do all the preparations before to go on class in a hurry at my dorm.

During my third year of college I became a quite hectic student I had an experience with this annoying and almost funny thing about a year ago before attending a class. I was about jumping on my own head and also I felt like there was some of crowd butterflies flying randomly inside my stomach. I skipped to take bath, I decided to clean up my face as fast as buffalo does. Then I took a tooth- paste and a facewash. Twenty seconds needed for it. I looked at the mirror with a pink frame in its sides. Unfortunately, the mirror told me by its own face side that my hair looks “lepek” or oily. I realized that I did not wash my hair since two days and it looks pretty bad at the moment. I had no other choice and ended up to wash it quickly than I used to. Beside the mirror there was a shampoo with black liquid coming from its mouth and I started putting them into my hair, putting waters and then do some quick moves as well. After that, I bundle it in a towel. I thank God that I got a machine with the most noisy sound which helped me a lot to put my hair dry as soon as possible. It is called a hair-dryer. I started to dry my hair and do the other activities all at same times. I thought that by doing that would helped me a lot on saving the rest times I had, then I would not coming late to the class. While hairdrying my hair, I also put some deodorant at the same times and then face-powder, lip-gloss and the last thing was my favorite parfume. Suddenly, I realized that the noisy machine that running around my head sounds weird than it used to. It was really near to my head-scalp. I grabbed that machine back but it was harder than before. I turned my eyes around it. There was about ¼ hair in front area of my heas was bundled in a mess. It is more likely when you put a bubble-gum right in some parts of your hair. You know how it looks like and what to do next. Yes. I need to cut the whole parts of them as well.

From that moment, I have learned a thing that I still remember to this day. I will never do multi-tasking job while I am drying my hair with a hair-dryer or I will end up with a loss of ¼ hair that I got and it is located in the front area of my head. I will never realize that it would be happen since a hair-dryer made it too noisy. Also, a hair-dryer has its front and back sides. When its back side came to my hair, I need to worry and stop it as well. After that, I need to cut them and people who got the same unlucky more lucky enough when they lost a few of them and it is located in the back side of your head. I was not that lucky person. I had to cover and bundle it with the rest hair that I have got. The point is, doing stuffs in a hurry is not good at all, I might say that it is like “My heart beat so rapidly faster that it took my breath away.” So, when you are a student, try to schedule your sleeping time routine. Shortly, the more organized you are, the less unexpected problem you will get. It would help you in the morning dramas. Never try to do multitasking job and put your attention on another stuffs while hairdrying your hair. I warn you and make sure you have a mirror right in front of me.

Proof Reader: Dede Ali

Words Count: 851

Editor of my video: Iyang Maulana

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