180410130064 / Class C

Summary: The story is about a college student who had shallow life and fined his strength through a religion even after all he died.


Dramatization: a boy walking to no destination, and finally come back into his flat because that’s the place that make him safe and calm. Then he pray to the god as he sees the name of the mosque, as he remember his family. Finally, he sees a powerful light from the sky, he feels that death come to him and died in the end.

Still….. I did not know where is the straight line wants to be
Seeing nothing….. Only rough road and endless journey
Just walking… behind the man that will disappear
Still….. I did not know what lies ahead

I’m back again
To the route I always knew
Just going there
Doing nothing anymore

My hideout my place
My shallow……. Shallow life…..
Always into me

Please….. Please
Help me God……… Help Me
I don’t know what I have to do
God where are you? …… Where are you?
I know….. I had so much sin
But please… forgive me god

My family……
I’m sorry mom………..
I’m sorry dad…………

The death come to me
To special place from the lord of the world
Take me with you god
And forgive me…..please god….. I’m sorry

Thanks to:
– My Mom who always encourage me when i down
– My Smartphone Galaxy Note 3
– My Laptop to make the render easy

Reference: religious movie

Word count : 198 words


One thought on “Life:Poem

  1. 180410100122 / D
    I didn’t really understand the purpose that contained in this poem at first, but as I see the dramatization, it was suddenly became clearer and I could feel the spooky atmosphere right there. It was terrifying yet funny at the same time in my opinion.


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