Final Work Creative Writing_Rengganis Citra


Summary: The first and second poems tell about a woman who misses her ex-love. The third poem tells about a young boy who dreams could go to the college.

Type of work: Poem

Missing You

It is more than just a memory

The laugh we had under the star

The walk we had in the rain

The argument we always do

Those always keep distracting on my mind

Do I dare to meet?

Do I dare to greet?


Why do I feel lonely in this crowded place?

Why do I feel sad in this delightful party?

I just sit with the empty chairs, left by its occupants

Then ask myself

Where are they? Where are you?

Why don’t I look for you?

Why just me?

You who have been missing in eternity

You who have been fading in haziness

It’s me my dear, the stupid one, who always waiting for your arrival to Jatinagor

It’s me my dear, a dreamer about your existence

The Point

You are just a point

An endless point

A strange point

You can always laugh

You are always seemed strange to me

Hey you, the mysterious one

How arrogant you are now

You are the one who end all of this

You who made everything looks blur

You who made all of the chaos

Jatinagor’s Window

The blue bench on that corner

Is the only friend while lonely?

They are walking through

The happy laughter

When I grow up

Will be I like them

Bringing books and laptop

Not this wicker basket

When I turn twenties

Can I sit in the class like them?

Busy with their books and laptop

Discussing and laughing

It’s my dream

My dream in Jatinagor’s window

Through the window where I will be

Through the window, I always dream about

Thank you to Darwin who gave me inspiration.


Lang Leav –You (poem)

Rindu – Everybody Loves Irene (song)

Therapy – All Time Low (song)

Word count: 268

Link for work dramatization:

2 thoughts on “Final Work Creative Writing_Rengganis Citra

  1. 180410130011/C
    I adore your poem, especially the first one, is that based on your personal experiences? Hehe. Well, I did not quite sure about how should we write a poem, but, as our lecturer says on Meet the Professionals, we should pay attention about the used of the metaphoric word. I did not see you used it. But it is good after all, I still adore your poems.


  2. Nice poem, Nis. I really like the tone that you use for the dramatization, it’s very representing the feel of “missing you”. However, I can’t hear your pronounciation clearly, maybe next time you can turn up your voice a little bit. But most of all it’s great!! :D


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