Final Assignment

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Summary: Cara fall in love with someone but she realize,

sometime what you want is not what you deserve.

One Day

Hi, my name is Cara, 20 years old. I lived in Ciseke, Jatinangor. A small crowded area in Jatinangor. Few days ago I met a guy. He’s so charming and perfect guy I’ve ever meet. He’s tall and his light mustache so tempting. I think he is my future husband. He is my next house new neighbor. His rounded eyes always fly in my head. I remember that day, sunny bright morning. At 07.00 o’clock he went to campus on foot with white shirt and blue jeans. I dared to follow him. He stops the odong-odong in front of faculty of arts. He entered the class by chance I have no class so I wait him on the corner of kantinsastra. Minutes like hours and hours like day, I couldn’t wait to see him again.

At 12.00, he went to faculty of communication. I bet he wants to meet his girlfriend but I was wrong. He met his friends. They look strange, a boy with flower hat and a boy with muscular body. I still wait and sit, drinking my orange juice in a hot afternoon. I keep asking on my mind, who is he? Is he realizes that I stalked him?At 14.00 he went to his board house. I think he’ll take a nap because it was hot day. I can feel my ice cream melted in our way to Ciseke. I open my window and turn on the fan seeing his room in across my building.

At 16.00 o’clock he went out with his sporty style and an ipod on his hand. Djati sport hall is his destination to take exercises. So do I, I went there on foot with my running shoes. After 5 laps I couldn’t run anymore it was so exhausted.I stopped at tribune watching him in distance. I was wondering if I can be his girlfriend or may be his wife. We’ll build a small house in shoreline, have pretty and handsome children and we’ll run in beach to spend the beautiful sunset. My heart stops beating when he stares at me. His eyes like a diamond, very sharp and sparkling.

After he took exercises, we went home. Actually, I keep following him from behind. Sometimes I stop and run to keep my eyes on him. At 19.00 he went out again. I don’t know where he goes so I put my hat and my glasses to accomplish my disguise. From distance, I can smell his perfume. The smell is good and I’ll never ever forget his scent. I keep following him until we arrive at NgopiDoeloecafé. Nice place to hang out with friends. I ordered a cup of mocacino and a slice of strawberry cheesecake. I sat not far from him, so I can keep seeing him. It almost one hour he sat alone. I don’t know what he awaits for. Minute after that, his friendsare coming. I don’t know what they talked about but seeing his laugh is sweeter than sugar.

At 21.00 he went out with his friend. I keep following them in way to Caringinstreet. I think he want to his friend’s home. They stop at Sawerigading board house. I have one friend who board here. His name isBowo. I went to his room, after seeing they went to a room next to Bowo’s room. I told Bowoeverything that I’ve done today. He just smile at me and rubbed my hair. I can’t stop saying that I found the most beautiful creature in world. Bowo told me about his next room neighbor. “You have to know about him, my neighbor is a gay. He always invite male to his room” said Bowo. I can’t believe him for a while until Bowotake me to his neighbor. See it and you’ll realize who the real beautiful creature is. I’m trying to peek and I can’t believe what I saw. My heart stop and I can’t breathe, seeing a guy kiss a guy in a real time. My head is full of question and I said “Yeah you were right Bowo”. “So, this is real life honey” said Bowo.

Thanks To:

1. Allah SWT the one and the only almighty god

2. My beloved friend, amel

Wordcount :730

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2 thoughts on “Final Assignment

  1. In my opinion, this is a good story. From the beginning of the story until the end is very clear. And, the way you describe how the girl feels with the boy. I also surprised by the ending that shows about the fact that the boy meets, is his friend (also boy) :D



  2. Amelindha Inderaeni

    After i read this story, the first thing that i like most is the way reader showing how truly love is. Setting time and place are clearly mention so in that story we can know about jatinangor. The feeling’s description very carefully shown. I really loves it when Cara as a main character thinks about how it’ll be when she becomes a couple. In the end of the story, I never thinks that he is a gay but i agree with bowo, we have to realize about life. For the conclusion and moral value from the story, don’t ever judge someone by it looks and never ever trust someone by first impression.


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