Eternal Love: A poem


Summary: A girl who really loves someone but she is stuck at Jatinangor, to complete her study. She really loves this boy but the distance separated them, the boy live at another country, and she can’t go there. She decided to work hard after realizes that she is not the only one with a dream. People around her at Jatinangor also have a dream and they are keep on working for their dream. The girl finally realizes that she needs to work hard and try to complete everything so she can go to meet her love.

Eternal Love

Those bizzare flickering lights

With a mixture of the never ending crowds

Creates an astir situation

While I’m alone regarding the locus

And realize doing nothing will not create cooperation

Still loving you like crazy

Seeing your face every time I close my eyes

Hearing your voice every time I’m lonely

Start my day with a smile whenever I see your smiles

That’s how you always perfectly ruined my day

Meet you is the only thing I want to accomplished

If I can’t touch you

Then let me just watched

Maybe it’s all I can do

For me to feel delighted

Alas, reality disillusioned me

Come to me like how a thunder strikes the sky

As fast as it can to disillusioned me

I’m here and you are far away

How ironic this dream can be

I’m stuck at this city

Trying to complete my life

But it will not ever be completed

Because you are one pieces of my life

And reality will not ever let me make it true

Those bizzare flickering lights

With a mixture of a never ending crowds

People work for their own dreams

I need to do the same

Work for my dream that is you

My eternal love is you

Even it will take all my time

Wait for me to come to you

I will free myself from this place

And complete the pieces of my life that is you

Word count: 239

Thanks to: My sister for helping me with her comments about this poem so I can make this poem sound better. Also for a certain someone out there with his bright smile and his always hardworking mode on that keeps inspiring me and loving him.

Link for work dramatization :

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