Bangku Biru: A Poem


Summary: A poem about bangku biru at Faculty of Art Universitas Padjajaran.

Bangku Biru

You were always there witnessing our moments

Didn’t really bother how many people come to see you

Didn’t even care when we come

Through the cold night or the hot afternoon, you were always there

Never move from your original position

You let us express what we feel

When the world hit us to the ground

When the date was pointing to our birthday

During the time when final exam were going to strike

Whereas God blessed us with the love that we shared each other

You were witnessing all of it

You set no rules for us

“Smoke? Your body will take the responsibility”

“Late assignment? Better than nothing”

“Singing? Make sure you have a good voice”

That’s what you always said, didn’t you?

I have spent more than a half of my time here with you

And I will leave you sooner or later

I’ll miss you so much

I’m feeling blue when I realized it

As blue as you are

Dear, bangku biru

My special thanks to

1. Jasmin Zarasani as the proofreader for my poem

2. Vinnie Maestro as the editor for my poem’s dramatization

3. My dear friends Fakhri Puja, Hutomo Adhi, Vinnie Maestro, Muhammad Wildan, Raafi Syahidan, Seruni Morena, Muhammad Asyhadi and Ezzat Kemal as the actor for my poem’s dramatization. Also, Julio Tanton, M. Naufal , Erisha Bella and Bhakti Satrio for helping me made the dramatization.


– Bangku Biru, Faculty of Art Universitas Padjajaran

– My experience at bangku biru.

– My friends who gave a good and bad experience at bangku biru

Word Count: 168 Words.

Dramatization Link:

3 thoughts on “Bangku Biru: A Poem

  1. Wow Dudu, I never thought you can make this touching poem. Your bangku biru’s representation is really true for me. Your video dramatization also depicts what bangku biru is for us. Overall, I really like this poem. It is kinda sad realizing that sooner or later we will leave that place.


  2. Wow… Same like tebe, I never thought you could make such touching poem, Du. I really like the way you represent ‘Bangku Biru’ as a very sincere witness for everything people do there and how it allows us to freely express ourselves. The way I see it, it’s like you describe Bangku Biru like a living object who’s really wise and kind, although it’s a dead object, by using ‘You’ to refer to Bangku Biru. Also the part of ‘“Smoke? Your body will take the responsibility” “Late assignment? Better than nothing” “Singing? Make sure you have a good voice” That’s what you always said, didn’t you?’ truly makes this ‘Bangku Biru’ alive. Furthermore, I love the dramatization a lot, I feel a quite deep sadness when watching it. It surely will be one of the things/place that I will miss a lot after I leave university life. Very good job Dudu, and all the casts and crews, very good job.


  3. well, these people above have told everything. hahha and yea, when I read it and watched your dramatization, It feels like this bangku biru is alive. good job! don’t know what to say anymore haha. oh iya, I agree with Tyas, I think Bangku biru is something I’m gonna miss so much about FIB.


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