Alternathera Amoena: A song lyric


Summary: The song tells the Jatinangor could be a place to meet people, and also a place to get new friends, especially on campus or outside the campus environment . It also probably can get partner in Jatinangor. Jatinangor interesting thing when we see the sunset because if we look at the eyes seemed hypnotized .

Alternathera Amoena

Get dress, get fresh

Let’s take a walk, with our handshakes

Don’t drive the car, just ride Allstars

The road is long, but our feet are strong

Bridge :

Get down, get low

Bear your self down, so slow

On these alternathera amoena, with dust

Feel the evening breeze till dusk

Reff :

Among the people, boys and girls

Fogs and motorcycles, nevermind, sir

Below the silver sky, we talk so low

We are upon high, see sunset below

Bridge :

Be green, not blue

Bear foot, take off the shoes

On these alternathera amoena, here i am

Feel the evening breeze, 5 PM


Chorus :

What we have is now

What we see is a night falls down

What we feel is these alternathera amoena

End of day through the dawn comes calm


Along the way, leave the foot steps behind

Smokes and ashes, starting make up my mind

Wheel sky high above, we drop the sweat and tears

Blue pale horizon behind us, see sun goes down so near

Thank you to Ka Yayoi the olegun’s vocalist and Ka Japra the olegun’s bassist.


-theme song inspiring by: my uncle stories


-the tittle of this song take from Latin languages

Word Count: (179)

Link for work dramatization:

5 thoughts on “Alternathera Amoena: A song lyric

  1. 180410130061/C
    I like the melody of the song really fits to college students starting the day. The lyrics is simple and has a good meaning. I feel enjoy listening your song.
    Good job Syifa!


  2. 1804100235/C
    I love your song! The lyric, the melody. I love those all!. I can’t stop listening your music! Good job!


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