After 10 Minutes-A Short Prose


Summary: A student at Economic Department named Siran trying to finish her thesis even though she is sick cancer and she is helped by Fatma as her guidance counselor.

After 10 Minutes

This afternoon water is falling down from the sky with its smooth melody to recharging the earth and all living beings on earth, I am sitting in my room while holding on my cup of coffee and looking out the window. I still remember the incident on August 5 in my mind that makes me feel like sucking Nano-Nano candy, because of all tastes I can feel.


Bandung Hospital, 2.10 pm.

I was waiting for my mom who was being controlled by doctor when I saw her walking in the hospital corridor with her pale faced. I was curious, was she sick? So that I went to approach her but she knew me first.

Siran: “Miss Fatma?”

Fatma: “Yes, where have you been? Siran.. are you… sick?.” Actually I was uncertain to ask her.

Siran: “Yyyes.. Miss, I am sorry because I never meet you again to correct my thesis about these 3 months.” Siran looked so sad with tears that almost fell from her eyes.

Fatma: “It’s ok, can you tell me your reason?”

Siran: “I actually get cancer, I was diagnosed by doctor about 9 months ago because I always get headache and it feels hurt so badly but 3 months ago my condition is not better anymore so that I should always check my health.”

I was shocked hearing her story, she was very young to get this bad condition and then she continued her story again.

Siran: “I want to continue to do my thesis if my condition getting better, because I want to graduate.”

Fatma: “I am sorry to hear that, Siran… you are a tough girl, maybe I can’t help you to solve your problem but I hope you will get better and get what you want, and about your thesis… of course my hands always open to accept you.”

Siran: “Thank you so much Miss, I will call you if I am ready to continue my thesis. Miss, I have to go right now because I have to take my prescription.”

Fatma: “Yes, be careful. I have to go too because my mom is waiting for.”

2 weeks later, I got a massage from Siran that she wanted to correct her thesis. We met at canteen Economy Department at 9.00 am. For next meeting, we always met in the class if I should teach my students. Although her condition didn’t get better, but she tried to do her thesis and got my guidance, such as for today she couldn’t come to meet me because she didn’t feel good so that she sent her thesis via email. I felt awesome about her enthusiasm, she was really tough girl. After that, she ever disappeared without a word again until 2 weeks, then I got a massage from her that 2 weeks ago she was drop so that she couldn’t do her thesis because she should be hospitalized. Honestly, I felt closer to her, maybe it is because of her condition. After I asked her where she was hospitalized, I decided to visit her.

Bandung Hospital, July 13.

Fatma: “Hai, how are you?”

Siran: “Miss… I can’t lie to saying I am fine hehe but I am really happy that you visit me, thank you.”

Fatma: “You are welcome.” She looked thin than before even though her enthusiasm is still tough.

Siran: “Miss, do you know when scholar session will be held?

Fatma: “Maybe on August 5, but don’t think about that, you should get well.”

Siran: “How about my thesis? If I can, I want to finish it and join scholar session.”

Fatma: “You should correct it little by little, but…” before I finished my sentence she interrupted me.

Siran: “Please Miss… maybe I don’t have much time.”

Fatma: “Ok, we will talk about it later, get well soon Siran.”

There was no advancement for Siran’s condition, she still tried to correct her thesis but she couldn’t go anywhere because of her condition, so that we often interacted via email.

Bandung Hospital, August 5.

Finally she could join the session after completing every requirement and asking the examiner to come to hospital because of her condition. I was looking at her who was using medical tools and answering every question from the examiner, it made me sadly but feeling proud too. She finally finished her scholar session with applause and she got her Economy Degree but after that she was drop… I saw a happy and sad moment all at once because after 10 minutes she closed her eyes forever…

Thanks to: Ayu B. Haninda-18041010066 my classmate as proofreader, and Ayni Masri for helping me to record.

Reference: I inspired by real story in 2012, an Informatics Engineering student named Ginda who passed away after given award of degree at graduation ceremony by Head of University and Dean in Santo Borromeus Hospital.

Word count: 757 words

Dramatization link:

Back song: Sarah Mclachlan-Ordinary Miracle

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