A Short Prose : Please, Stop it


Summary : Lina is an introvert girl who get closer with a smart man but she might be heard everything that makes dislike herself at last.

Lina is a student of Japanese Department. She never be happy throughout her study because she has no wish being a Literary Student. She prefer being alone rather than join others to hang out together. It is unfamiliar if she is well known as an introvert girl but actually its not really she is. In the sixth semester, she enters an extracurricular organization, Pecinta Alam. She meets many good friends from various faculties but few students who being close friend with her. Because of unpredictable conditions, she frequently being partner with Dira, a smart awkward rigid man of Physics Department. They have different attitude but gradually, they felt comfort each other. They have known each other.

At B building of Humanity Faculty

Friday, 27th March , 08.00 AM

Dira ushers Lina by his motorcycle. A few minutes they have a small talk and get laughed. Till Dira gets a call and as soon as he says good bye to Lina.

“Where have you been, Lina?” Shienna asked

“I have met my friend, are there a problem for you?” Lina asked

“I know he comes from other faculty and he has been known as a bright boy. I have some friends who knows him.” Shienna asked and smiled at Lina.

“You do always poke your nose into. I know him well and we have a good relationship so far” Lina said and left her without turning head back.

She thinks from when Shienna become curious about her. Just once she talks to her. She commonly talks to people who will give her any good chance. Such as she has near to Aldo, Dira’s friend. He comes from Chemistry. Although Shienna is a student of Humanity Faculty but she is known as an ideal type for men in this university. She has a high GPA and she apparently no trouble in her life at all. Lina reminded when Shienna has a relationship with Aldo. This case heard by outside information but unfortunately, their relationship survived around two weeks.

At Arboretum

Saturday, 17th April 2015, 06.25 AM

After a few weeks, Lina did not looked alongside with Dira. Lina get stressed why her most friends in her organization keep her away and did not give her a reason what her mistake made so that they all get changed. Sometimes, she also reminded Dira did not call her anymore in a few days ago. She knows a spreading rumour that Shienna has a relationship with Dira..

Lina is walking around Arboretum lake by herself. She wears a pair of grey sweats and running shoes. She hears a small stone falls into this lake. Her mind gets distracted. She is looking around her. She finds a tall man out who wears a blue sweatshirt and a cycling shorts in the middle ground . She does not know him then she continues her walks but he calls her. Her feet stopped and she begins to see this man. She begins to know him. Yeah. He is Dira. Dira is coming near to her.

“We have not seen each other. How are you today?” Dira asked

“Me, alright.” Lina answered


Two minutes, they both get silent. Nobody begins to speak ahead. Lina is playing her android then Dira is looking at the sky is more shining because the sun is higher slowly.

“Lina, I am sorry for all happened to you. I am glad to meet you again even though maybe it’s the last time we have a conversation” Dira said.

Lina wants to response his state but her broken heart makes her mouth closed and her eyes staring into her wristwatch. She thinks how long she might be survive for her feeling. Probably, if she has no hope, she would to run and forget about this happening.

Dira continues “ I was a smart man but my friends considered me as a weird man. I was so stiff and it was a reason why I rejected by a woman I liked before the day I met you. At that time, she belonged by my close friend. Because sometimes I meet my friend while is alongside with her. I become fascinated about her attitude. Maybe other people dislike her attitude but I did not know I adored her. Her relationship has a short time. I tried to express my feeling but she did not give her answer for a long time. After we had a lunch ago, she just calls me and asks me to accompany her for supper. She changed be better. She looks up to me. She wants be close to me. I am glad to hear it but I remember you. You always tells me how frequently she is bullying you in the class. I accepted her but I asked her not to bullying you again. That’s…………………..”

She turns her body back. Her mouth begins to open and say “ Please, stop it. That’s enough I get. I am sorry I could not be here any longer. I have to go now”

I dislike myself. I realized that I am so crazy why I have this stupid feeling. I should forget him. God, give him happiness and forget me. I hope my feeling is only a moment. Let my broken heart is healed by itself. She let her eyes crying and her tears is bring by the wind while she is running away as far as it can be.

Word Count : 906



1. A movie, that I forget its title name

2. Ailis application on Android

Thanks to :

1. My senior, Kak Ary who lending me her android.

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