Paranoid : A Short Prose


Summary : A university student gets suspicious to everything around her after her friend’s room was robbed by a thief.


I lie down on my bed and try to sleep. The lamp had been switched off an hour ago and my eyes still can’t close. I can clearly hear the clock ticking, the chirping of crickets, the dogs bark and the police siren far in the road from my room. I close my eyes and try to ignore all the sounds that I hear and the thought about the sounds that I probably hear, hoping the night is over soon.

This is my second year as a Universitas Padjajaran’s student, yet I still don’t know many things about Jatinangor and Hegarmanah village in where I rent a room. My kost-an is quite far from campus, I have to walk for about 15-20 minutes until I reach Gerlam, but the air is fresh in the morning and I can see rice field and hills when I open my door, just like in my home. My kost-an has two floors with five rooms in the first floor and three rooms in the second floor. My room is in the second floor near the stairs and that makes me can hear the footsteps if someone is walking up the stairs. My kost-an is so quite in day and moreover in night even when it is surrounded by villager houses. There’s less interaction in the neighborhood, people nowadays just like to stay in their house and watching gossip on the TV.

Two weeks ago, I was shocked by my friend’s scream from the first floor. Everyone came out from their room half asleep, with messing hair and saliva in the corner of their mouth. I ran down the stairs and looked around; my friend’s room was wide open. My friend’s face was pale and her body was shaking.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was robbed. Someone entered my room and take my laptop and my wallet.”

“You saw him? And you do nothing?”

“I’m afraid!”

She was crying and I could see the fear in her eyes. A strange feeling came when I imagine if I were her and saw a stranger entered my room and too afraid to scream asking for a help. Pretending to sleep and hope the stranger would go soon and didn’t do any harm to me.

That event made me felt so uncomfortable and anxious about everything that might happen. I was afraid that the robber would come again and my room would be the next target. I was hardly going to sleep; every suspicious sound could make me alert to every possibility of danger.

It was 03.00 am and the sound of pouring rain woke me up. I remembered that my laundry was still in the clothes line, so was my friend’s clothes which I borrowed. And I remembered her words yesterday ‘I want you to bring it by tomorrow, I need it!’ her voice was repeated inside my head and I forced my self to get up. ‘all is well, all is well, it’s 03.00 am, no one will rob at this hour’ I kept telling my self while I opened the door, I still got paranoid from my friend’s robbery case even after a week. I ran down the stairs and found that the lamp in the veranda was about to dead; I tried to avoid it and took my clothes in a rush. A sound of someone opening the gate was distracting me, I turned my head and I saw someone was walking out slowly from my neighbor’s kostan. I couldn’t see his face clearly because the light was too dim and I didn’t use my glasses but I saw he was using a big bag on his back. Suddenly he turned his head and saw me, I couldn’t see his expression but I betted he was shocked because he stopped and then he ran. I thought he was one of the students who kost in there but then someone was screaming and I knew why he ran when he saw me. The light from my kost was turned on; everyone came out from their room, wondering what was happening. I was frozen with clothes in my arm, too shocked to move. The next target was my neighbor’s kostan.

I’m sure the robber saw my face, even when the light was dim that night. I’m sure he saw my face and probably will look for me and abduct me. I’m afraid to go to campus alone; afraid that he is watching me from somewhere I don’t know and wait for the chance to abduct me. My paranoid get worse day by day, every night I always hear the footsteps of someone walking up the stairs and then I run to the door and make sure it is just my imagination. The footsteps sound is just my imagination; every night is a long night for me.

I wake up with dark circle under my eyes; it has been a week since I saw the robber and I still can’t get over my paranoid. My friend is sick and I have to go to campus alone today, it 09.00 am and the narrow street that I have to pass is so quite and it makes me feel anxious.

I see a man is leaning against the wall, wearing a black jacket and he looks at me suspiciously while I pass him. My heart is beating faster, I see no one else except him. What if he is the robber I saw that night and will abduct me now? What if he can do hypnotism and make me follow him unconsciously? My mind can’t stop thinking a bad thing that may happen to me. I take a quick peek at him and see him following me. I walk faster, so does he? I stop and turn, see him standing beside a motorcycle. He opens his mouth and begins to speak.

“ojeg neng?”

What? Ojeg? I shake my head and walk away. My face must be burned with shame, I feel guilty to think that he is the robber who came to my kostan. I need to refresh my mind, this paranoid drives me insane, maybe it’s better if I move and find a new kostan.

Thanks to my best friends Viska and Khairunnisa who help me with the dramatization and be my proof readers.

Reference : My own experience

Words count : 1085 words

Link for dramatization :

One thought on “Paranoid : A Short Prose

  1. 180410130010/C

    I like the way you give the plot in your story, I understand your story easilyand why you can get paranoid. You start your story is quite interesting, so I want to continue to read your story through, but I think you like vent your paranoid on this story.


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