The Heros From Amrisio 2 : A Fiction

Summary : A conflict from generation to generation between Frogs and Aligators in Ambrisio Island. This conflict based by revenge and greed. The greedy Aligators want to take Syad the holy stone in Sotaj Cave where the Frogs lives and guard it.


Six months have passed, Foogie trained by Dalief, Foogies abblity makes Dalief amaze. Foogie has talent from what Dalief thought, seeing that way, Dalief inherit his technique. One night, Dalief wake Foogie up to bring him out from Rajnak island, “where are we going?” Foogie said, “silent!”. Without any thought, Foogie went with Dalief for four days and finally stopped by the a river in Nodi island. There are many Nodi monks so they silently smuggling to Nodi island. “what is this place?” ask Foogie wondering what is this place, “this is the place you are looking for, lets go to the west, there is a Lizard Holy Shrine.” Answer Dalief carefully. Silently they walk through bushes until they found the Shrine door. They holded by Shrine guard because that place is restricted to limitid person. They also questioned by the guard, after a few minutes, a long breaded old lizard come out from the Shrine, he is Lohoc. Lohoc recognize that he is Dalief and immediately bring him in. Lohoc believe that Dalief was not steal the legacy ring, thats why he let him in. Dalief tells where were him hiding since that case and introduce Foogie to Lohoc.

Dalief start to talk “he is the one we needed to reveal the truth who is the traitor, Foogie, say something!”

“Im Foogie, I come from Sotaj to meet my grandfather’s friend, Lohoc. He said that I need to bring this ring and give it to him.” Foogie explains.

“Are you Poyet’s grandson??” ask Lohoc

“I am.” Answer Foogie

“Im Lohoc, your grandfather’s friend. How did he got that ring?what happened to him?” curiously

“When my parents dead in the war between Frogs and Aligators, my grandfather took this ring from Corek, he killed by my grandfather. It was almost 4 years ago, Crocod son of Corek took a revenge to the Frogs and conquered Sotaj, he killed Poyet by Inrumaris. I had a little time to talk with Poyet before he passed away, that is why I come here.” Explain Foogie clearly.

Lohoc’s thought that Dalief is not that traitor is clear. He think that he need to bring them to meet the Queen.

In an instant, Lohoc bring them to the Queen. He explained that the Queen’s thought about Dalief is wrong while showing the ring and let Foogie give the Queen little explaination. Foogie also tells the story what happened in Sotaj. He hope the Queen would help to free Sotaj from Aligators.

Hearing the story from Foogie, the Queen command her army to prepare for the war. This war has benefit for Lizards and Frogs. She is going to make Aligators pay their betrayal, and help Foogie to free Sotaj from Aligators. Now the Queen have the legacy back, as a reward, the Queen give a sacred sword to Foogie, its name is Ybor-Syraf. it can compared with Inrumaris, it made by the most powefull magician in Nodi island. Ybor-Syras is a mother of steel.

In the full moon night Lohoc give a suggest to the queen so that the army of lizard gathered because tomorrow morning they will go to war. When sunrise come they already go to Ambrisio Island.

After two weeks, they arrive in Taked Mountain for rest. Unfortunately, the Aligators spy look them, and talk to Crocod. Lacid knows this information that Foogie and lizards had arrive in Taked Mountain, and then Lacid go to Taked Mountain to talk with the queen of lizard and Foogie that their plain already known by Aligators. While sneaked from tree to tree this small house lizard finally get in Taked Mountain.

Lacid tell Foogie what happend to Sotaj after Crocod killed Poyet. The frogs have been a slave, and Foogie’s grandmother “Elda” locked away in dungeon. “Booom” Foogie is so angry, and talk to the queen of lizard if attack to Aligators should be carried as soon as possible. Finally, the queen of lizard decided to attack Alligators, tonight.

They arrive in Haymun mountain. apparently, Crocod and his army are ready waiting them for war.

“oh they have been waiting for us, her” Said Dalief”

“Dalief, as a ex-lizard army, I give you a honour to leed this army for war” command the queen. Dalief directly raised his sword. In an instand Dalief shouting his voice as a sign to the lizards army for attack the alligators, and they run directly towards alligators while unsheathe their sword. The alligators respons lizards moves.

“BOOOOOOMM!!!!!” the war begins. The Alligators and Lizars kill each others, and it appears Foogie start slays Alligator armies. In the meantime Crocod still stand and silent to observe the war, and the queen of lizard start to releases her healing spell looking her armies are hurt. Looking The Queen of Lizard is releasing her spell, Crocod start to cast his magic by Inrumaris.

“Hepusalakecemesala!!!!” thunders from the sky strike the Lizard armies.

Foogie who is in the middle of war field affected by thunder strike from Crocod magic. The Queen of Lizard that give heals to her armies getting faint beacuse of loosing her energy. Seeing how many Lizard armies down, Foogie took an act.

“Wcmelsalaselemeseta!!” Foogie swing his sword towards Crocod, and made a big wave magic that make Alligator armies down. Crocod run to Foogie while striking him by thunders after seeing Foogie swing Ybur-Syraf. Foogie diflecting Crocod thunders by his sword while running towards Crocod too. Finnaly, they fight in the middle of war.

In the batlle between Foogie and Crocod, Lohoc take a condition to release an arrow toward them, and the arrow move to Crocod. He realize that arrow is coming, spontaneously he avoid it. That is Foogie’s good timing to attack Crocod so that Inrumaris lost from his hand beacuse Foogies sword is hurt him. Foogie unsheathed his sword to kill him through Crocod neck. Suddenly, Elda comes to the war and “STOOOP” she said to Foogie. She holds Foogie not to kill Crocod and ask to cut his tail only, so that Crocod becomes weak.

Words Count : 1.010

Thanks to : Anugrah Jalu 2010, Cucu Saepudin 2010

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