Tombstone: Short Prose



Summary; He is to busy to find the culprit and does not realize who himself is.


Wake up at 7 in the morning, take a shower, have breakfast, go to office, arrived right at 8, filling absent, greet no one, sitting on his desk, work, go home and great no one else. Those are his day-to-day activities, yes, flat and monotonous. He is a loner, closed and antisocial guy. Talk only when necessary and do only what he must to do. Kennedy Tombstone lived alone, at a cramped, dirty and stinky apartment.


One quite night in a dark and rainy sky, he was standing alone nowhere, at the end of and alley which has a dying light around. At the other end, there was a body standing silent. It was a woman wore a black negligee and her hair loose over her face. “Kennedy, Kennedy”, said she, called his name severally. Suddenly she flew approached him as quick as lightning strikes a tree. The more that woman approaching, the more Kennedy’s body had shrunk. He turned into a little boy. Without reason the woman were hitting, slapping and pinching Kennedy throughout his body. He screamed and cried in pain. Then he woke up.


“It just dream, it just a bad dream”. The tears were on his cheeks, the sweats were on his neck. He decided to stand for a moment at the window to take fresh air. He looked around and above. He saw a woman and a little boy holding hands and walking in the alley behind the building. He watched them sharply. His eyebrows frowned. Unexpectedly the little boy looked up straight where Kennedy looked at him. He was surprised when he realized the little boy bathed in tears. Kennedy’s eyes back glassy but he did not let the tears out. Then he went to the bed and went back to sleep.


The alarm sounds hard; he got up and turned it off. Strangely this morning was not like usual. The alarm sounded fussy and his eyes felt heavy to open. When he got up from the bad and would go to the bathroom, his phone rang. “Kennedy are you sick or had gone out of town? “No boss, what is it?” “Then where the hell are you now?” Looked toward the clock, it was already 9 o’clock. For a moment he confused and wondered. This retard was unexpected to be happened. Then he rushed of the bathroom to take a shower. When he reached the bathroom, he was very shocked when he saw a covered blood of shirt lying in the floor. His eyes bulged and his body trembled while he thought hard, whose shirt was this and who dared do this to him. He took the bloody shirt and put it in a plastic and hides it in his wooden cupboard.


Finally he decided not to come to work. He tried to reassure himself. His heart was anxious and his mind was not focus. He was trying to find out at what is really going on. “The culprit were able entered my house, but the door was locked and there is no entrance other than the front door”. He set in the sofa, drunk a cup of tea and watched TV. News headline news seen in one channel CNN. The news was about a murder of an elderly woman who was killed with stab wounds. She found in the trash without her hands. He looks as if he glad to see the news. Her lips look to be smiling, but he pulled it back. Before the news was finished, he was immediately turned off the TV.


He rose up, walked over to the window, trying to understand what was really happened. Then he saw at a glance out the window and looked down. This time he surprised it while gulped when he saw yellow line that runs along and some men in uniform and badge around garbage bins in the alley behind his house. It was the crime scene of the news he had just seen.


Suddenly he remembered a face. It was Dwayne, his next neighbor. He thought that he must be the culprit because he able to enter the house unnoticed. He knew if Kennedy used to hide a spare key under the trash beside his front door. “I am sure there are any related between this murderer and the shirt that I found.” He is getting suspicious if all these are associated with his neighbor Dwayne. “We have to do something immediately!”


The next night, the face of the woman was right in front of Kennedy’s face. What were heard are only screamed and shouted from the woman who was scolding Kennedy. Little Kennedy was helpless. All he able to do was cry. “Forgive me mom, forgive me…”


In the morning again he was awakened by the chatty alarm clock. When he looked at the clock, it showed at 9. Today he is off work because it’s Sunday. But that does not mean there was no problem because despite the holiday, Kennedy used to get up precisely at 7 o’clock. His eyes slowly lead towards the bathroom. He slowly walked toward the bathroom while holding fear if the same thing happens again. His guest was right, but this time not shirt but gloves which full of blood lying above. He thought it would not happen again. He immediately picked it up and washed it up and put them in the same cupboard he hides the bleeding shirt.


After kept it in cupboard, he set on the sofa. He took a deep breath and wiped down up his head with both hands and turned on the TV. News headline news broadcasted. This time the news was about a child found unconscious next to his mother who was killed. The body full with stab wounds and found without her tongue. Seeing the news he cried. The cry accompanied with a hidden smile which made him seemed happy. When the tears fall instantly Kennedy re-expressed his flat face that unknown what the meaning of that expression. He turned off the TV. “It is a same incident, I think after what I did to him it will not happen again. Yes if this is still related, from the beginning, you are the culprit” he said as he imagined his ex-girlfriend’s face. He remembered that he ever give a spare key to her when she was dating. “We have to make it done” “hehemh… yes”.


Today is Monday. No dream this night, but still, he woke up late, but not too bad, he only a half hour late than usual. But this time he woke up with in a very quiet atmosphere. The ringing of the alarm did not hear. However, he ignored it. While still sleepy he headed for the bathroom. Arrived in the bathroom, he found an alarm clock lying there. He was surprised. “The culprit still alive, and this time an alarm clock, hemh I already hav…” the word was unfinished. He took it and realized that it was his alarm clock. He turned his back and looked at where his alarm clock should be at. But there were nothing there.


“Oh… God please help me, somebody playing a joke that is not funny, I have to call the police” “no you stupid”, “but someone sneaked into my house, how if I am getting killed?” “No, do not call the police. They will know that you have the things in your cupboard “.”Yeah that’s right, no; I will not call the police. But I am scared and confused; I need someone who can solve this god damn thing.” “Maybe we should call a doctor or a psychiatrist again “.


While waited the arrival of the psychiatrist, he turn on the television. For the third time the tv broadcasted of a murder. Again, a woman was found murdered with stab wounds and mouth ripped up to her upper cheek.


A couple hours later after the news, someone knocked at Kennedy’s door. “Wait a second” Kennedy opened the door. “Is this Mr. Tombstone residence?” “Yes, um yes. Are you the psychiatrist?” “Yes, my name Peter” “Dr. Peter, please come in”. They were sitting on the sofa and began chatting. “So Mr. tombstone,..” “just Kennedy please” “So, Mr.Kennedy, what problem do you have?”. Kennedy told the doctor about the dream he had recently and about the stranger that came into the house. “Did you call the police for this problem?” “No I don’t” “Yes you can’t”.


The doctor a little shocked. “Emh, so Mr. Kennedy have you ever been to a psychiatrist before?” but there were no answer. “Okay then, would you tell me why you cannot call the police?” “Actually we, emh, I,” He told the doctor all about the stuffs that he found at the bathroom and some person he suspected as the culprit. “Hemh, this is interesting, so in the beginning you thought someone wants to slander you and then you think this guy want to kill you?” “We thought so. But it wasn’t him or her.” The doctor began more curious and distrustful, “Can you show me the stuffs that you put in the cupboard?” Kennedy stood up walked into the cupboard beside the sofa.


He opened the cupboard, took the t-shirt and the glove. He turned his body and showed them to the doctor. The doctor was amazed when he saw Kennedy holding a pack of shirt and glove in his left hand. But not only that, he was astonished anxiously and limped when he saw a dead woman and a dead man tucked away neatly in the cupboard. He also saw two pieces of hand and a piece of the tongue in a jar. “Jesus!!! What the hell is this all about?”, “What is it doc? We have shown you all the stuffs I got” Kennedy approached the doctor. “Get back you crazy psychopath” “Why are you so rude? Oh and I got this too” while showing a big butcher knife in his right hand


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Wordcount: 1666 words


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