1 May, 2015 16:22

Summary : Sissy and Tom met an old woman and tell the Endless Rainbow. They wondering and the adventure starts from their dreams.

Sissy a little clumsy rabbit become friend with a dreamer cat, Tom. They live in a big island surrounded by thousand small Islands. They live in harmony lead by King Charles. He is a righteous and wisdom king. His character looked like his son, Tom. One day, when Sissy and Tom played in the tulips garden, they met an old woman, “Hey children come here. I want to tell you about “Endless Rainbow” located in a downstream Sun river and you’ll enter to the strange island. They say, if you can see the the endless rainbow until nightfall, all the fairies will come and grant your dream. “Is it true?” ask Tom. “May be it’s true, so you have to keep your dream to get there and bring your equipment also your dreams. Just follow the Sun River” said her.

Sissy who still not believe, become curious with it. They keep on talking about that along the way home. When he got home, Tom rushed to meet his mother. “Mom I want to see the Endless Rainbow” said Tom. “Then go, see it. But you’ve back home at nightfall.” Said his mother, Queen Lovina, Tom’s mother didn’t know about endless rainbow. “Mom, can I see the endless rainbow?” ask Sissy to her mom. “You’ll see it in your dream. Then now wash your hand and take your dinner”. That night they were busy preparing for the next day.

In the next morning they met on the riverside with canoe that already prepare guards kingdom. “Are you ready Sissy?” ask Tom and Sissy replied “My dreams are waiting”. Without guards they sailed through the Sun River. They rowed for hours and got tens miles. Then they arrive in the downstream. “Tom, that’s the island” said Sissy. They paddle the canoe faster than before to reach the island. At that time, the sun is right above their head. “Okey, it’s time to rest, come on let’s sit under the tree.” said Tom. “Kraak” suddenly a branch fell down and they ran into the canoe. They keep paddling as fast as they could to avoid that strange sound. Unconciously the canoe went faster, evidently they were tens of mermaids . They were very beautiful and mesmerizing. “Hey comer, we were pleased to see you” said one of them. “Hi, I’m Tom and she is my friend Sissy » said Tom. The mermaid only replied by their little smile. Sissy focused on what her saw, the beautifulness of the jungle. There are thousands of coloured butterfly and lot of deer ran. The plants are unusual and that’s rare for her. flowers are hypnotizing and sissy was amaze with all that. The mermaid start to sing with melodious voices, while they said “ Welcome to the Island Dream”

Without realize, Tom and Sissy fall asleep in their canoe, when they woke up, it is dewfall also they didn’t know where they are. The canoe leaked and water filled the canoe. Tom and Sissy shocked and they ran into the jungle. “kraak-kraak” they surprised and ran faster. Sissy detached with Tom. Tom called Sissy, but there is no answer. “Oh God no! it’s a snake!” yelled her. Tom hears that sound and ran into the sound. Sissy fell down and unconsciously after some snake bite her. But Tom never finds Sissy. They didn’t know each other’s presence. Until the fog came, it’s about 4 o’clock suddenly the jungle become white and all leaves fell down into the ground.

“kraak” the deer appear. He said to Tom, to follow him. Tom Followed the deer without suspicious. “Hey Deer, would you like to help me? I’m looking for Sissy.” said Tom. The deer only looks and smiles. After a while they found Sissy lying. “I’m sorry Sissy.” said Tom. The deer take them into the De javu Waterfall. “Therein the Endless Rainbow” said the deer. Suddenly the deer disappear. “Sissy I’m sorry, if only you alive I’ll promise to take care you, Fairy help me. Bring back her, alive.” said Tom. Then all of the dream island inhabitants come out and kiss Sissy’s forehead. After that Sissy woke up. The deer come and said ‘’ We are the fairies, we are your hope and your dreams. Thank you for coming. This Island still alive with all human’s dream, make everybody to dream, bring their hope and their dreams here. See, this is Endless Rainbow.”

Thanks to Husni Mubarok as my proofreader.

References :

Alice In Wonderland, Lewiss Carrol: 1865

Wordcount : 748

2 thoughts on “1 May, 2015 16:22

  1. 180410130072/C

    wow it is amazing stories. The stories it’s like a fairytale and i like it.
    because in the story there is an amazing adventure , and I can imagine. And the conflict in this story is good, and the climax too. I hope this short story could be a novel because the story is very amazing. Cool !!


  2. 180410100122 D
    The part when Sissy was dead was quite unexpected, and the happy ending for this story was a good choice.


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