The Hero From Ambrisio : Fiction


Summarry : A conflict from generation to generation between Frogs and Aligators in Ambrisio Island. This conflict based by revenge and greed. The greedy Aligators want to take Syad the holy stone in Sotaj Cave where the Frogs lives and guard it.


Sotaj is a Cave located on the valley of Ayrus in the middle of Ambrisio Island. Nine hundred and twenty three frogs occupy Sotaj. They are lead by King Poyet. He is the ninth descent from the Knight of War. Now he lead the frog army in Ambrisio with Elda, his wife. They have a grandson named Foogie. Twelve years ago when the Frogs and Aligators had war, Foogie lost his parents, Tiruf and Jessy. They defend Ayrus Mountain from Aligators. They who fought was on their duty to defend Syad the holy stone. The stone had been protect Ayrus Mountain for thousand years, and it is the reason of Ayrus Mountain produces gold and diamond for Frogs’ wealth. There were many Frogs and Aligators dead during the war. The Frogs lost their successor that are Tiruf and Jessy, while from Aligators lost their leader Corek. Corek was dead by Poyet Inrumaris. The Frogs won the war and made Aligators return from their land because of Inrumaris. Inrumaris is a legacy from Frogs ancestor.

The Aligators live in Bidis Cave on Sorel valley at the west of Ambrisio Island. Crocod son of Corek wanted to took revenge from twelve years ago to Poyet. He known as stone cold and he is ambitious to dominate Ambrisio under his command. After Corek was dead he wanted to eat poyet’s heart. Crocod plan something that scheming to kill Poyet who lives in the Sotaj Cave.

One day, Crocod and his army is heading to Sotaj Cave bring white flag to Sotaj Cave. They are lucky, because the frogs and Poyet aprove their request. By Poyet kindness the Aligators able to get in and out freely trough the Sotaj Cave. “Thank you for your kindness have accept us in Sotaj. I am a son of Corek apologize about your son death” Crocod said while bowing his head “Forget it Crocod, that is a grim past for us” Poyet answered clutching his shoulder “lets have some cup of tea” Poyet invitation to Crocod. When they ere having conversation and cup of tea, suddenly Foogie is coming and ask to Poyet “who is he, grandpa?”. “hi, where have you been? Ohh, he is my friend’s son, his name is Crocod, and … Crocod, this is my grandson his name is Foogie. He is son of Tiruf”. Once he introduced to Crocod, he back to his treehouse. Foogie live in treehouse with his friend Lacid the little Lizard. He loves to read Lacid’s martial art books. Lacid is one of master of martial art in Ambrisio Island.

Three years have been passed, both of them live peacefully. Unfortunatelly, when Frogs held the party Crocod secretly entered into a private room of Poyet to take Inrumaris and he made to get it. Once he got Inrumaris, he runs to the party and attacks Poyet “Gubrakkk” his attack miss, it lands on Poyet soulder. The Frogs panic, they run undirectly and the atmosphere changes in a second “HAHAHA. Your leader is going to die, and I will be a king of Ambrisio” Crocod said proudly “what are you doing? Why did you attack me after Frogs and Aligators have peace?” Poyet ask “Shut the fuck up old man. How stupid you are! We never mean to be friend with you. I am son of Corek will eat your heart now” Poyet knows that Alogators will harm Frogs once again, Poyet whispers to Elda “Take the ring in my room, bring Foogie with you and go to Nodi Island, you will meet priest Lohoc the Lizard.” Hearing the message, Elda run to find the ring immediately and then looking for Foogie at treehouse. After she meet Foogie, she gives the ring to Foogie and tell him that Crocod had attack his grandpa. She told him go to Nodi Island and meet priest Lohoc the Lizard. Elda ignore Poyets message and come back to Poyet after give Foogie the ring.

When Elda arrive at party hall, she found that Poyet is dead. Crocod is eating Poyets heart in front of Poyets body. Seeing what Crocod doing, Elda trembled and fall fainted.

Foogie back to his treehouse and meet Lacid, he told Lacid what is happening. Lacid shocked hearing what Foogie’s story. He prepare some books for Foogie to be carried on his travel. Foogie starts to travel leaving his home and go to Nodi Island. After a few weeks he travel, he arive at Tish cave in Rajnak Island. That is a very small cave and old Lizard named Dalief live there. Foogie ask a permission to stay there for a while and then told his story about conflict happened in Soataj Island to Dalief. After hearing Foogies story, he told Foogie that Nodi Island is restricted, they whom coming to Nodi Island have to give the Queen a gift. Foogie immediately show the ring that is given by his grandpa to Dalief, Dalief shocked because the ring that Foogie shown is the ring that Lizards been looking for. That ring is a legacy for the Lizards, it gone 30 years ago when Corek and it colony took a visit to Nodi Island, Corek stole that ring. No one know except Dalief that Corek stole the ring and took it to Bidis cave in Sorel Valley. The Lizards dont believe Dalief, that is why Dalief is deported to Rajnak Island. He claimed to be a fool and failed guard for guarding that legacy, although he is the most strong and reliable soldier for the Lizards. After hearing the story from Dalief, Foogie persuade the Lizard to teach him martial art, and he will give the ring to Dalief as a reward so he can take the Lizards trust once again. Dalief take a minutes to think about the offer, and finaly he standup and take a stick as a Yes. Foogie will start the training when sunrise.

To be Continued …

Words Count : 986

Thanks to : Anugrah Jalu 2010, Cucu Saepudin 2010

Link Dramatization :

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