Take Care Of You: A Short Prose

Balqis Alkatiri
Summary: New life, something happens and I want to love my brother more.

Happiness… One day i will be the happiest man in the world. Woke up in the morning with my cat. Actually, sleeping with a cat is better, i love cat than another animals. Someone said that “Behind every great person, there is a great cat” well.. as usually… everyday 50% in a day in my life is with cat. I have one cat, but later… i wouldn’t mind live with cats. I take a shower, fed my cat, then go to campus. After class is over i went to cafetaria near there.. walk alone.. texting my sister… and my brother to ask how’re they doing… but i didn’t text my parents, hell no.

I love my parents, especially my mom. But, with all they did these years to me, to my sister and my brother, i just hate them. I really wanted to punch everyone face who said that my life is perfect or something like that. They didn’t know what i’ve been through, what we’ve been through everyday in my life. Do i looked like happy? Well maybe, cause i fake that. I don’t want anyone feel sorry for me, for us. My life is hard, my brother life is hard, i have to handle it. My grades are not good enough to be graduated this year, i have to graduate soon.. my brother needs me and the most important is i want have my own money.

I have one class at 12.30 the last one, then i have to go get my sister. After i picked up my sister, we go to Siloam Hospital. We have to take our brother to a psychiatrist. My brother is not crazy, i believe that. We take him there because we don’t want he being a crazy person. Well, i need to see a psychiatrist too but not today, today i have to take care of my brother first. We’re the first patient so we have more time to talk about there. When we’re arrived in the hospital my brother said “what are we going to do in here?! I’m not sick!” he was angry and upset to me, and i said “i know bro, who said that you’re sick? You know that i’m the only one who is sick right?”, and then he said “drop me at the lobby” i said “no no no, we all will get in that hospital together”, i don’t want to leave him cause i don’t want him to runaway from this. Then, when we’re arrived at the doctor’s room (the door was closed) my brother smiling, walking around the hall, then he knocked that door and stand in front of the door with a big smile.

Actually, he didn’t need to knock. It’s funny but the doctor understand why is he doing that. We entered the room, we sat together. The doctor asked my brother right away “you looks so happy, can you tell me why is that?” i think the doctor know whats going on wiith him. My brother smile, laughing, he can’t stop smiling, and he said “what? What? Hehe i have to tell what? Hehe” i said “you tell him everything that you want to talk to” and my brother said “why don’t you? I will talk after you”, “well, i will tell the doctor something too but the doctor asked you first right? just answered him, i’ll close my ears”, and then he talk… talked about movies, food, sleep time, hobby.. when my brother finished to talk, the doctor said to him that he wants to talk private with me and he said “it’s not fair, why i can’t be here while you’re tell something? see you otuside”.

He went out, when he closed the door the doctor asked “he wouldn’t go anywhere else right?” and we answered “of course, he probably sat waiting for us”, and then we talk a lot… i told the doctor everything i knew about him and the doctor said that my brother have a sindrome, i forgot what the sindrome is. And the doctor asked “why your parents didn’t come here too? Cause this is really important”, i said “they’re busy, next time they will see you doc”. I lied, my parents isn’t busy at all, my dad at home watching tv all day long, and my mom go to the new house that on process. So that’s why i’m doing all of this. When we’re finished talk with doctor, the doctor wants my brother to go inside again, and when i open the door… he’s not there. We’re panic. My sister run to the parking lot looking for him and i search inside the hospital and called his phone and thank god he answered and he came to the doctor’s room. The doctor talk with him again.

I felt sad, broken inside. Why is this happening to me? To us. My parents do know about my brother but they still treat himwrong. Calling him stupid, ugly, yell at him, at us, what is wrong with them? I think we all need to see a psychiatrist. I’m tired doing all of this alone, my sister to little to through all of this, it is really hard for her, and hard for me. Me as a son, doing all of these, tired, stress, i go to school, picked up them, take care of them, but when i’m back home my parents didn’t treated me well.

So, at home the only one that makes me happy, smile, is my cat. Everytime i came home she greet me right away, she talks a lot like she had a tough day too. I hug her, take her to my room and we play together. Even when i’m really tired i always have time to play with cat. Just like Sigmund Freud says “Time spent with cats is never wasted.”.

Reference: My account Google+, phineas and ferb character, redrawing.
Word count (981)



2 thoughts on “Take Care Of You: A Short Prose

  1. 180410130009/ C

    It’s a good and touching story actually, but it could be better if you use the correct grammar in your story. It’s quite confusing when you say “After class is over i went to cafetaria near there.. walk alone.. texting my sister… and my brother to ask how’re they doing… but i didn’t text my parents,” because the usage of tenses is not clear. You say ‘is’ that explains daily habit, but then you say ‘I went’ that actually the past activity. I think the dots between ‘sister’ and ‘and my brother’ is not needed.Then, the words ‘didn’t treated’ in “my parents didn’t treated me well” should be changed to ‘didn’t treat’. Besides, I also think that the dialogues are better if they are separated from the paragraphs, so the reader will not be confused in reading it. Then, I cannot find the relation between the story and cat that you mention at the first and the end of the story. Cmiiw. But overall, this is a really touching story. May happiness always be with you and your entire family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 180410100079/D

      I can not help my tears to not fall down while reading this. I knew that kind of feeling. Yet, there are grammatically wrong in each paragraphs. Overall, its settings, problems and characters are quite supporting. So, good job bruh! Godspeed for you and fams!xx


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