Packing Well for Your Trip: A Short Prose


Summary: A girl could not get her dream because she forget other important things.

When we want to go somewhere, we have to packing our stuff that we want to bring. Sometimes we face the problem in packing. Making a small problem to become a big one is not an option. All we have to do is making sure that we have well preparation and not forgetting anything to bring. Being in the selection of an event is like packing for a trip. What if somebody doesn’t pack their things well? Could they have the trip? Let us find out in this story.

It all started in the middle of the noon in April 2013. Learning physics after doing heavy exercise was not a way to end a day of school. The equations were flying through my head. I was too tired to take notes from the teacher. Yulia, my chair mate, was sleeping in her desk, covered by her thick books. She didn’t really care about the lesson. She could learn it at her house with her private teacher. Suddenly, the bell of the school rang. It’s not a sign to go home, but some of the school teachers wanted to announce something. Yulia woke up right after the bell rang. She always likes the sound of this bell, giving her some hope, I guess. “Attention… Attention… For students who want to join Texas Summer Camp on July can come to the AV room right after school,” said the vice principle of SMA Negeri 5 Bandung. Yulia did not go back to sleep. She stayed awake until the end of the school session. She was too excited about Texas Summer Camp. When the bell rang one more time, this time for ending school session, Yulia went to AV room without saying goodbye to me. I hated this habit of her.

I went to the student council room. I was intended to take some letters to be distributed to some organizations in SMA Negeri 5 Bandung. Suddenly, Yulia appeared from the student council room.

“Hi there… You left so fast. You really forgot about me,” said I with frowning face.

“I’m really sorry; I was too excited back then. I forgot to bring you to AV room,” said Yulia, still with happy face.

“I don’t really want to be in Texas on July” said I, sarcastically “why are you looking for me?”

“I want to ask your help. Look at these requirements” said Yulia, as she showed me her notes. I read it. Five of six requirements were not Yulia’s problem. Turning out the reason why she needed help was the last requirement: Has skill to play traditional music instruments or play folk songs from Sunda by usingstring and windinstruments like piano, guitar, trumpet, and others.

“So, you’re going to ask for my help, aren’t you? I can play some traditional music instruments, if you want to learn it. “

“I don’t want to ask for your help. You do not have patient to teach me. You’ll get mad at me when I can’t do what you’ve told me to”

“Hehehe you’re right! I do not really like to do teaching stuff. But, I still don’t get it. Why are you looking for me?”

“I want to ask you to ask Rudi to help me. He is really busy and I want you to ask him for his schedule”

“Seriously? Why don’t you ask it by yourself? I’m not his secretary or something”

“Please…” said Yulia as she pleaded She kept giving that look. She made me fulfilled what she wanted by that look.

“Okay, fine… I’ll ask him,” I nodded heavily.

“Thank you very much, Susi! I love you,” said Yulia as she hugged me tightly.

“Let me go!” I yelled as I tried to get out from her tight hug. She let me go. “by the way, I just wondering. Why don’t you ask him by yourself? He is your best friend, right?”

“I… don’t want to tell you hahahaha” Yulia laughed and left me. Oh my God, why did she always leave me when she already got what she needed? Of course, she only considered me as her chair mate, not her best friend. Her best friend was Rudi, one of the famous students in SMA Negeri 5 Bandung. He was the guitarist of V Band, a music band of this school. Rudi definitely would help Yulia. Yulia had done many things for him, especially in his academic life. She helped him in learning to pass midterm and final tests. I wondered if she had feeling for him or he had feeling for her. Because in my opinion, they were cute as a couple.

Much music flowed in me. Many students were practicing in my room, especially music extracurricular students like Choir, Vocal Group and V Band. V Band was the group that usually used me to practice their music. One of the band members, Rudi, liked to stay there a little bit longer than usual practices. He was very charming and talented. Sometimes he played pop-music like “Mirror” by Justin Timberlake, “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars, and every song that was in2013 Billboard charts. He could play it right after he heard it. He was a music genius. I wondered why he did not join Texas Summer Camp. He wasso talented and he could represent Indonesian culture by his music. While he was playing Miley Cyrus’ song, there was a girl coming. She is short but beautiful. She asked him for help. He shook his head at first, but then he said yes. She was really glad and almost hugged him. He smiled and asked her to start practice tomorrow. Icould not wait to see these beautiful youngsters play their music in my room. I was so excited about their next practices.

It’s May already. It’s been a month since Yulia practices her music skill. She was serious about passing the selection of Texas Summer Camp. She had skipped her snack time to practice with Rudi. She always went to music hall after school lately. However, I found something that was not right here. She did not practice other requirements. She skipped her public speaking class to have music practice with Rudi. She also missed her English lesson. I felt a little bit worried about her. She hadn’t even made her essay. She said that she could make it in one night. I did not believe her, because I knew that she needed at least one week of preparation to make an excellent essay. However, I just could pray the best for her. There was no use to talk to her. She would not listen to me, her chair mate.

This was the thousand times they had come to my room. I still could not hear beautiful music from these youngsters, specifically from the girl. She could not play the music well. She was a slow-reader of music notes. She was also always off the beat. Like Fletcher in Whiplash said “Not quite my tempo”. Her music was not as beautiful as her face. I did not think she could pass through the selection of Texas Summer Camp. Why didn’t she practice other things that weremore important? Like her public speaking skill or her English language speaking skill. I think there was other important thing that she had to do. Sorry to say, but she did not have ability to create music. However, Rudi still had patient to teach her. Just quit it already, Rudi. She was the pain in your ass. I could not really tell him that because I was just a music hall in the school. I just hope that the selection of Texas Summer Camp soon to be over, so I could listen to good music again, not the same awful music of her.

The day of the selection had come. Yulia was not ready at all for this selection. She could not play the traditional music either Sundanese folk songs. Her essay was not ready. She was working on her essay while mathematics lesson was on the class. The math teacher almost caught her. I was trying to keep her spirit up. “You can do it!” I said as I tapped her shoulder. She smiled bitterly. She was stressed out for this selection. I could see it from her face, pale and hopeless. I accompany her until she finished the test for this student exchange. When the test was finished, she came out with tearful eyes.

“What’s wrong dear?” I asked her.

“I think I failed the selection. My old habits came back… I couldn’t speak clearly and explain my essay,” said she as she was sobbing.

“The worst part is… I could not play Manuk Dadali song. I’ve been working it for a month, but I failed” Yulia was crying again. I was trying to calm her by saying that she had done her best and she had to pray as sincere as she could. I also said that I would pray for her, because I knew what this student exchange meant to her.

The second week of July 2013 was coming. It meant that was the time for SMA Negeri 5 Bandung to do their flag ceremony. It was the result of sharing the front field of the school to SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. This flag ceremony should be something special for Yulia because in this ceremony, the school also held farewell party for students who were going to Texas to join Texas Summer Camp. However, it was a heart-broken farewell party for Yulia. She could not go to Texas because she set aside other requirements for one small hard requirement. She did not pack well for her trip, trip of her dream. Her one and only trip for the rest of her high school life. I was really sorry for her, but we can have the trip if we were packing well for it.


Thanks to Vina Fasya K (180410130053/C) who proofread my writing and Ananda Bayu Pangestu (180410130041/C) for letting me borrow her laptop.
My high school friends, Ayunda Rahmadini and Lavenia Devina for helping me with the dramatization.

– Movie: Whiplash (2014)
"After School", a short story by Nathan Basser
– Microsoft Word
– Audacity
– Background Musics:
Fields of Hope (OST Gundam Seed)
Think of Me (OST Phantom of the Opera)
Birthday Gift (OST Byzantium)

Word Count: (1670)

Link for Dramatization:

2 thoughts on “Packing Well for Your Trip: A Short Prose

  1. 180410130041/C

    It is a really good story, actually. But the way you started the story bothered me a bit. It felt like you’re going to give me a lecture or something. It’s a lot better if you started the story without that one paragraph, and let us, the reader, to understand the story in our very own way.


  2. 180410130953/C

    The way you present the story is fine by me, even though the first line that opens the story is a little bit intimidating. Overall, I love how you’ve made the story, great for reminding us that being prepared is very important.


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