My diary-short prose creative writing


SUMMARY: A naif person who gets lessons of life from the stories of people around her.

[My Diary

My name is Sabrina Brotolesmono. Working as a teacher in the high school makes me experienced many things. Many people expecting that I will be the one who will take over my father’s company. I have good score in academic, have a good family background and my father already offered me an interesting job. But, be a teacher is my only one dream in my life. Meet many children with difference story, make a relationship with many teachers who have difference skills, and so many happiness. My life must be sweet and colourful. But the world is not as sweet as my dream. So, this is my story. It is just a stories in my diary…

Eliza and her flower dress

She is one of my students who have a good grade in her subjects. Like the other students, she just looks like a normal student. She come to school, do her homework, active in her class, and playing with her schoolmates. Looking at her is like looking a flower blooming in the garden with butterfly flying around it. She is pretty, smart, and popular. One day, she told me that she want to talk with me. She was looked messy. Her hair that usually clipped with pretty hairpins, now looks messy. Her eyes swollen and her nose redden, indicates that she was crying. She told me that she was tired, she was afraid and felt like a dumb. She told me that she is pregnant, and her boyfriend breaks her up. Actually, I usually heard that kind of story in the newspaper. But, seeing my student experienced that thing, it is like awake from my long dream with a big bucket of ice splashed on my head. I do not know why she said that to me. To be honest, I do not know how to response her. In my whole life, I have never meet people with this kind of story. My parents, my family, my friends, my schoolmates, and the whole people in my life are living their life favourably.

Rheno and his dream

As a daughter of my parents, it is not really hard to get what I want. Grow up in the wealth family gives me the easiness in life. Looking at Rheno, one of my students in X grade, he always looks sleepy and sluggish in the class. He did not give an attention to the teacher so that his grades getting worse. His school-mates said that he is a freak one. I think it is because he is kind of introvert and taciturn person. I do not know why, but if he still like that it will be hard to help him go to the next level. In the break-time, I tried to talk to him. I ask him why he always likes that, he doesn’t answer me. I ask him what is the biggest dream in his life, he said that he wants to make his brother’s dream come true. He told me that his brother is a child with down-syndrome, and his little brother wants to be a pilot. He wants to fly around the world. He said, if his brother was born to be like a normal children, it will be easier to make the dream came true. But unfortunately, his brother doesn’t. When I was talk with him, I was just realized that Rheno’s body is very skinny, he has long legs but it looks so skinny. He said sorry to me, but the situation makes him like that. After school he always working odd jobs and come home late night. He tries to rising money so that, his brother can get therapy and he hopes his brother can be better. He knows it will be hard, but he believe that his brother’s dream will come true.

Mr. Romi, his chair and a rose

When I was met Mr. Romi for the first time, I think that he is a good man. Not like headmaster in the school’s story, he looks chummy with his students. He routinely comes to the classes and gives a short speech, but magically every students listen to him attentively. Not much headmaster can make a good relation with the whole students like him. When I talk to him, I feel like I was talking with my father. He really has a good charisma. One time, I saw him with his wife and their children walking in the park. They seemed very happy and I thought “he must be a nice family man”. When he speaking about “how to be a good students” in front of the class, everybody listen to him seriously, but I see someone looking at him with anger gaze, or afraid, I don’t really know. This gaze came from Helena’s eyes. When her friends were looking at him seriously and attentively, she just was looking at him with that gaze. Gazing at him sneeringly. One evening, I want to give monthly report for him, but accidently I see unbelievable thing. I saw him in his office, acting intimate with his student, all what I was thinking about him immediately broke. He just broke people’s trust for him. Now I know why Helena gazing at him likes that, because he wears a perfect mask.

Their stories make me learn more about the world. Maybe it just a little part of it, but these stories already makes me awake from my long sweet dream. Now I know that the world is not as sweet as my dream. I just knowing that kind of stories just from novels, news, and films, without consciousness that these stories are real, happened to some people on the outside. Their stories taught me that people who looks nice not always nice as their looks, people who looks have everything not always living straight, and people who looks bad also have their reason. Once again, it just stories in my diary.]

Thanks to:

My friends that I can’t say their name who was gave me many interesting stories.

Winda Suryani and Enjelita Pusparini for helping me make the romanization.

Rafa Raudhah and Ekayanti Marbun to be my partner in discussing and proofreading this short story.


-Story of my friend

-Songyos Sugmakanan (Dir). 2013. Hormones episode Dophamine 2- Thailand drama. Thailand: GTH

-Bobby Ertanto (Dir). 2010. 7 hati 7 cinta 7 wanita- Indonesian film

Words count: 992 words

Notes: words that I used in my romanization are not exactly same with the short story. I was made some differentiation in order to make the romanization looks simpler.

dramatization’s link:

One thought on “My diary-short prose creative writing

  1. 180410120122/D
    Hello putri, I am greatly like these three stories and its dramatization. One of them I like is Eliza because she is ordinary girl but her conflict makes her changed. conflict makes character thinks that everything could not always be follow her wish and at last character must be brave to make up her mind despite of under pressure. they are interesting. If I may give my advice for this story, focusing on one story will be better in order to we as the readers being more enjoyed how its character is in peaked conflict makes us get strained then how its character solved its conflict in order to the readers want to know how its character ends happy or sad. I think only one story is prolonged makes this story will be more interesting.


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