It Has To Be S.Hum-A Short Prose

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Summary: The journey of scholarship student who get major she doesn’t want.

Bandung, June 10, 2010.
In the early morning when the sun still hid its shine behind the sky ashamedly, Nadia woke up to prepare herself to go to university. Today, she had to go to one of university in Bandung to complete her scholarship requirement file after she got announcement that she deserved to get scholarship from Indonesian government. She would go with her teacher, Mr. Irawan, the mathematics teacher at her school who gave information and helped her to get scholarship. She had a lot of thoughts on her mind, so that she did not know what she should do first of all. She was feeling happy because getting scholarship for student who came from a family was not rich, it was a miracle or the greatest gift and it made her parents proud of her. But there was a big question on her head about her major that she got. She was offered to choose two major, her first option was accountancy department and her second option was English department. But why God did not let her to get the major she wanted. Was God examining her? She believed that God was good planner but WHY? There was a question like that.
At university, the registration place, 1.00 pm.
Many people were waiting their turn at registration place to completing their requirement file whereas Mr. Irawan was waiting in front of the registration building. Nadia was sitting with her hand holding her scholarship requirement file. She looked around and there was no one who she knew.
Anas: “Excuse me, can I sit here?”
Nadia: “Of course, you can.” After few minutes ago, they made conversation again.
Anas: “Can you tell me what your major is? Oh I forget, I’m Anas and you?”
Nadia: “I’m Nadia, my major is English Department, and you?”
Anas: “Wow, we are actually in the same major, it sounds good, nice to meet you Nadia.”
Nadia: “Yes, me too.” Then they gave phone number each other for helping if there were some information or etc. After she finished the registration she met her teacher who was waiting for her.
Mr. Irawan : “have you finished?” he asked Nadia with smiling.
Nadia: “Yes Sir, thank you for everything you’ve done for me” said Nadia with smiling too.
Mr. Irawan: “You’re welcome Nadia, you have to be the great Sarjana, don’t be afraid to try something new in your life and always give your best for everything in your life.”
Nadia just nodded her head while keeping her tears drop because she was touched by her teacher’s advice.
November 5, 2010.
Nadia and Anas were closer and they became best friend. Nadia looked frustrated when she knew about her GPA in the first semester.
Nadia: “Nas, I want to give up because my GPA is bad, I think English major is not match with me it’s too difficult.”
Anas: “Nad, listen to me! It’s only beginning, you have to study hard and always try, try and try. I bet you can through all of it! Even when you were kid, you learnt how to walking alone by yourself, and you could do it right?!” Nadia just nodded, then Anas continued to speak “It’s because you believe to your ability in yourself even you have to fall down when you try to walking alone.”
Nadia: “But…”
Anas: “No, I don’t want to hear the words ‘but, no’ or other complaint words, all you have to do are study hard, do your best, and never give up!”
Then every semester, Nadia tried to give her best and she was helped by Anas certainly.
January 5, 2015.
In the end if we do everything seriously we can get it, and God always see what you have been doing. Today is Nadia’s graduation even though it’s late but she is happy because it’s the result of her hard work. Maybe it has to be S.Hum J
Thanks to: Ayu B. Haninda-18041010066 my classmate as proofreader, and Nita Nurkholifah for helping me to record.
Reference: The Script feat Will.I.Am-Hall of fame, Yiruma-Kiss the rain acoustic version, and Keira Knightley-If you wanna go home.
Word count: 665 words

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3 thoughts on “It Has To Be S.Hum-A Short Prose

  1. Good story. But it will be more good if you write about how hard she got the scholarship is. Also, even there’s some grammatical error on the story, but it still a good story tho :)


  2. 180410130067/C

    The tittle of this post attracted me to read the whole story. I think the idea is quite good but the pace of the events is too fast. The characters’ dialogue could be described more, like Nadia’s impression when she sees Anas for the first time, what is he looks like and maybe the setting where and when they talk. I think it would be better if you add more details here and there because when i read the word ‘journey’ on the summary, I expect to read the processes on how the character deals with the obstacles that she has to go trough in order to reach her goal.


  3. 180410100045/c

    In my opinion, your story is nice and it is easy to understand. But, I did not get the ending, ni…

    And I think that your story seems like a hurry, you should give more details at your story and ending.


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