First Love. song lyrics

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Summary: A boy who doesn’t want to be apart with his girlfriend.

First Love

When we were together

I feel more comfortable

So i do not want to be separated

I am holding your hands and i lean on your shoulder

Please stay until i am awake

I will be by your side

‘til the end of time

Since the first time we met I know you are the one

The one who will change my life

From now and forever won’t let you go

I will make you stay in my heart

You are my sunshine

Your smile is killing me everytime I saw

You are my whole world

Promise you will be the last

I believe we will never be apart

Our tongue should never tells a lie

None of us can ever say goodbye

I will be loving you no matter how you are

Everyday everynight i can not make you out of my mind

I swear there is nothing that can break our love until the end of our time

Thank you to Adyka Fajar who helped me with his keyboard.


Paramore – The only exception

Zaggle Griff – Cold sun

Sleeping With Sirens – Iris

Pee Wee Gaskins – Just friend

Word count: 160 words

Link dramatization:

13 thoughts on “First Love. song lyrics

  1. I really like the music that you have made. It is good and easy-listening although I could not hear your voice clearly. I like the way you use unusual metaphor like “Your smile is killing me” to represent the love that the “I” in the song to his/her loves one. However, there are some metaphors that often used in many love songs and I suggest you to change the title of the song, so it could not be mislead to another song. But, I think this song is really good.


  2. 180410130025/C

    I like the song, it’s really touching. The lyrics also touching. Is it from yourself experience? Since I don’t really understand about music arrangement, it’s a good song. But I think you should little bit increases your voice, to make it best. May you have your first love soon! Good Job, Rian!


  3. What a great song! I love it. Easy listening with deep meaning in the lyric. I think it will be better if you record the song in the silent room and and edit with noise reduction aplication. Can’t wait for your next song releases.


  4. Just like the title, it is a lovely song. When I heard it for the first time, I enjoyed it from the beginning until it finished. I think that if you make a little bit faster of the tempo it will be great. Overall you did a great job, I love your lovely ‘first love’ song.


  5. 180410130056/C

    I really like your voice and song. It is good and easy-listening.
    I like the music. It makes me feel calm. But I think in the middle of your voice. I could not hear your voice so I could not hear the lyrics too. But overall you did it and make a good song. Good luck rian.


  6. 180410130072/C

    I like this song, the song is very good and the voice is nice too, but I think there are some lyrics that are less obvious when i hear the song. Overall it’s easy listening song and i like it. It’s an amazing songs.


  7. This is an easy listening song. I love it. You also did a good job on the lyrics. Though it sounds a lot like Goo goo Dolls’ Iris at the beginning of the song. But overall, you’ve done a great job.


  8. When i heard this song from soundcloud, the song was very good and easy to listen,the lyric was very good too, i like the instruments, the guitar and piano was very nice, i like youre song rian, but youre voice must loudly if you record youre song again.


  9. it’s a lovely song, actually. it’s a kind of song which maaany girls would like a boy to sing this song to them when ‘ditembak’–it’ll melt their heart out. As for the dramatization, did you intentionally make the guitar sound that way? The sound of it is too small, I think, but that’s just a minor problem. The addition of the keyboard sound adds a more sweet and soothing sensation to this song and I really like it. As for the lyrics, I think it’s an already common type of sweet song lyrics, and the phrases used in here, you can find it almost everywhere like ‘I will be by your side ’till the end of time’, ‘you are my sunshine’, etc. and yes this is your, and my job too to work on it in order to evolve to be a good song writer in the future. But anyways, overall, you’ve done a good job and I like it. Keep your spirit up in writing better songs for the future, Rian!


  10. I do not really understand what does this song about. Though, in the summary it is said that this song tells about a boy who does not want to be apart with his girl. Yet, in the beginning of the lyrics it says ‘When we were together’. Does not it implies that their relationship already finished? But, the rest of the song says something such as does not want to break up or some other romantic words. Then, the songs end with lyrics ‘I swear there is nothing that can break our love until the end of our time.’


  11. i really like this song. your plays and the lyrics are very good, but your voice doesn’t hear clearly you have to increases it.


  12. Even though i cannot hear the voice clearly, I could have enjoyed the lyrics and the rhythm. Great job! :)


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