A Love Went Wrong: A Short Prose


Summary: This story about girl who start looking for a relationship to the wrong person

Before he came, everything was ok.

The afternoon, I sit back and think about my past relationship. I just be thinking. It has been 3 years since I broke up with my boyfriend, I thought that I am happy for being single, but sometimes I wonder if “I will find my true love?”. I am never having thought about being in relationship like all people and happiness of having someone. I just focusing myself to finish my study, get my degree and have an interesting job. All this time, I always spent my time alone by myself or meet up with some friends.

Had I ever really been myself? I didn’t think so. Many of my friends considered I strange.

“Don’t you miss having someone to love or care about you?”asked them.

“For now, I don’t know”I said after a slight pause.

Just feels right now, I didn’t care about what they said. I wondered.

Meanwhile, I occupied myself with activities or campus duties. In spare time, I read the books which I borrow from the library, buy novels at bookstores or watching favorite movies. Sure, it was a little lonely at times. I think that I wasn’t getting any younger and soon I’d be twenty three. Maybe, I just wants someone when I lonely. I just shy to admit it.


On August 28th, 2014

He came changed at all.

That night, I sat in front of my laptop. I got friend requests from a man named Sean on my Facebook and found out that he some mutual friends with me. Then, I accepted him. For months afterward, I don’t been able to open my Facebook.

On August, 28th at 9:54 p.m., when I logged into my Facebook, I read a message from him

“Did you come of the stand up show on Tuesday?” Sean chatted me on Facebook.

Hmmm. The stand up show? What is he talking about? I didn’t know Sean. But I hurried to reply his message.

“Sorry, Sean. I didn’t!”I said.

“Oh, really?”

“I made a poem and recorded it, please listen to it,” Sean answered.

Sean sent me the link of his recording on my Facebook. I listened to it in silence for a while. Then, before I finished to listened to it. He gave another a poems.

“Which one do you like?” He asked.

“I especially like the second one. And since when do you know so much about the literature and made of poem?” I asked, while I listened to the poems he gave.

“I have something to tell you first,” He said.

I fell in love with a woman named yumi. We have an open relationship of the 2 years but we broke up. And, since I broke up, I actually liked literature and made a poems. I wrote a poems and learned about literature.” He said.

On that day, we had the most random conversation. He finally told me about his life and relationship. I ended up talking to him the whole night. Until today I thought I knew all about Sean’s life, just as I knew about him.


On August 29th, 2014

The next day, Sean chatted me on Facebook again. He started to chat me every night. That night, we had a conversation and he gave me a poem again.

“I want you to listen to my new recording of poem, you want to listen to it?” He said.

“I guess it’s all right?” I answered bluntly.

Then, he made a topic about love.

“What do you think about love?” He said.

I decided to stop about this topic and take a deep breath to calm myself. Love? you tell myself! I felt a bit surprised when he said things like that. What did he know, yes, especially about love.

“Love, I don’t believe about it,” I said

Why?” He answered.

“Hmmmm….I don’t know. I think it is not even necessary right now,” I said.

I ended up talking to him. I don’t want to say anything at all.


On November 18th, 2014

Oh! I didn’t know what I felt.

It has been more than 3 months since we knew each other. We didn’t contact each other. But, In the night, it rained. The phone ringing me out of a sleep. It is 11 p.m., I received message asking, “How are you?” and it’s from him. I was surprised because he was gone for a while and never contacted me.

“I’m fine, how about you?” I replied his message.

“I’m fine too, should we meet? He said.

"Sure," I said

I lay on my bed and imagined, what happened until tomorrow? So, I don’t know…


The day was Monday, I met with the boy named Sean, a college student from Bandung, too. We’re different college, but he’s following activities on my campus. So, we’ve meet on my campus. I saw him, he was sitting at a table,facing the other way. Then, he turned his head when he saw me and put smile on his face.

On that day, we talked about each other, campus and everything. He was very kind and clever, from observed him over months I felt he was a good person. After that day, we were getting closer as a friend. We kept in touch mostly via messages and talked to each other on the phone if we couldn’t meet.

Three months later, after we knew each other. Sean was confessed his feeling to me, I didn’t think he would like me. But, I try to open up my heart for him and I accepted him as a boyfriend. Then, we started to date, we sometimes spent our time go out to the movie on the weekend and when we meet, we often discussed recent novels. I think he was very sweet boyfriend who made poems for me and shared to each other.


On December 27th, 2014

Then one day, we had a complicated problem in our relationship. I notice he changed. I knew that he was busy with his thesis and graduation.

One night, I decided to send him a message,

“I just don’t understand you nowadays,” I said. But he not reply my message.

By the time I’d pulled myself was fine with him. But, I was wrong. He was gone. I often felt sad that he never gave me explanation and didn’t contact me at all. So many thoughts came to my mind,

was he bored?is he just giving false hope? He wants to hurt me because he’s also hurting? Or me loves a wrong person?

Well, it has been two months we started to date. I realized that is enough. I spent a lot of time reading books or following activities on my campus. I think it’s better off this way, each of us. If many friends asked about him, I refused to discuss him.

When I come back to my room, I close my eyes but I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about how strange love is and it changed people. Somewhere deep of my mind, I thought “A love went wrong?”

Thank you to: Ayu B Haninda (180410100066)

Asri J Ningtyas

Reference: Poem A love went wrong by Melvin Banggollay

Word Count: 1.187

Link for dramatization:


Background Music: SoundCloud by Billy Ramdhani

Say something (sax cover) by A great Big World & Christina

Leave your love (sax cover) by Sam Smith

3 thoughts on “A Love Went Wrong: A Short Prose

  1. 180410130053/C

    I got a little ”baper” when I’d finished reading your story. Nice theme you got there, because the message of the story had successfully been told. However, some grammatical issues are easily recognized and it affects every aspect, and somehow, it a little bit breaks the athmosphere of the story itself. Overall, I love your story.

    Word count: 60


  2. 180410100152/C
    I am interested to read your story because your story tells about love story that it is usually happens in the real life, and the way you tells about this story is good until the ending. Then using ‘I’ as point of view is also good supporting for the way to tells about this story because it makes this story looks alive. And maybe there is some missing grammatical.


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