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Never Got to Say Goodbye

Summary: Only if Leo were a straight man, Vega’s mom will not go that far)

September 21th 2012, it was in the class break, Vega and Leo went to the canteen and do chit-chat as usual. They are sitting face to face. Till suddenly Leo annoyed her with his old habits.

“Look at the girl who is sitting right behind you.” He said. But don’t look at her now, wait until some seconds. I’ll give u a sign!” he begged while throwing his face around. After some seconds he kicked her sneakers under the table where they were sitting and eat some meals.

Vega turning her head and saw nothing strange about that girl. She was sitting alone, wearing red skirt and white blouse, has some moke up on her face, headset in her ears and obviously She is just like the other 20 years old girl. Then She looked at him curiously and asked him, “What about her?”

“Oh c’mon!” Can’t you see the newest I-phone in her hand??

“YEAH, I saw it! SO what?! Everybody will have the same thru months or years. I don’t really care.” She said while enjoying her meals.

“It is I-phone 4s!! She is the first person Vega… It is really matter! Maybe, you don’t understand.


“Well, U know me better babe. I want to have friends with class. Look!! She dress well. I know that this little chick has a good taste about fashion because I got my eye on her before today. They are must be expensive and branded one.”

She scrolling her eyes and put a fake smile. “Don’t tell me that you are expecting something on her?” I don’t want to listen!”

“I really wanna make friend with her and hang out together. It will be awesome when I have her in my Instagram and Path friends-list.” I will have more followers. Ohh I can’t wait Vega!!!!”

“She won’t even notice you, Leo! Look at yourself, you got some expensive stuffs by cheating your mom and brother.” Vega put the same expression as She did before when Leo is starting to explain about his bad habits. He can not take his eyes off from all expensive things. Vega doesn’t like that kind of face that Leo made everytime he saw rich students. Evenmore, sometimes He want to have the same expensive stufss they have. At the time He has not enough money, He needed to lie his mom so bad that he told her fake stories. Sometimes, He told her that He need more money about taking a course. The truth, He didn’t.

“ HAHA I got it dear! Don’t worry, She won’t notice that I have nothing. I just want to be cool and famous. I can buy her with words. I can make friend with anyone as I did with you. Watch me, Vega!” He moved his head to that girl behind Vega and put a little smile on his face as a sign to Vega that He is really sure about his words.

“ Who said that u can buy her with words?” I am not rich, bangke!

“Jessi-J said me” Leo got the joke. They both laughed.

November 11th 2012, Leo came late to the class and sit right in the corner. Leo looked tidy with his clothes as usual. Vega realized that She has feeling for him since they have been together as a friend for several months. They went to watch movie together, went to eat dinner together and so many others. She is phisically attracted about Leo, the way he smile at her, his strong arms, his smell, the way he dress is so cool and take a bath more often than Vega. After class, He came to Vega and wanted to talk about something serious. He grabbed her hand and walk faster than before. “Let’s go to the church!” he forced.

–In the Church–

“Why are you suddenly wanna be here, It is not even Sunday yet?” Vega asked him.

“I want to apologize something. Is that problem for you?” he yelled and grabbed her hand to walk inside the church.

What? What did you do…It seems like you did something really bad.

Yes, I will tell you later. Just….don’t talk too much now. Please!

Then, He started to sit in front of the cross and couldn’t help his tears to fall down on the black t-shirt which he was wearing that day. He prayed like he will never do that sins anymore which he never told anyone before.

“I am a gay, Vega!” He told Vega confidently.


“How can you say that to me?! Are you joking or something?” She was totally surprised.

“No! Let’s face it. I told Jesus and He will understand. No need to make this like a boom boaster. I am a human and I am not perfect! I don’t care what everybody will say. I care about you, you are my bestfriend. So, you will always be with me right?” He begged her with that smile on his face which one of the reason why Vega can not say “No” for everything he need to get from Vega.

Vega closed her mouth and said nothing. She was totally surprised and hurted inside. She cared about her feeling for him. They went back to their dorm. After that, She has never tried to text or even call him since the last time they went to the church. Until she can’t help her feelings and need to share it with someone. So she called her mom and told her that she fell in love with her gay bestfriend. Her mom stopped the call right after she said that one sentence. Vega became nervous. She decided to go home the next day.

December 17th 2012

At Vega’s home


Vega’s Mom: How could you fell in love with your gay bestfriend? (She interviewed Vega without any notes in the beginning)

Vega: I am here to explain you. (She fall on her face and tearing a lot) I didn’t meant to (She rubbed her hair and still crying)

Vega’s mom: “Come here!” Let me tell you something. (She grabbed Vega’s hand and brought her inside the house and put her in the purple chair) So, why do I need to pay you to study into college when you even don’t know what things to do in your 20s? Stop to explain me things and start to listen! (She slapped Vega on her face with a magazine)

Vega speechless.

Vega’s mom: Open your eyes dear daughter! There are alot of straight mans outside. Even they don’t dress as well as gays. Love is not about appereance dear. I also know you are not that kind of child who have more friends like others do. I am telling you that this happened only because, you’ve stucked playing around with him. This is not a real love okay.

Vega: I won’t do that anymore mom. I promise. I will not meet him. Okay? (She was lying. How can she hide herself when they are in the same class?)

Vega’s mom: No.. No! I will send you to another private university!!! I’d rather pay more now than to see you with worst stories. I will need to get heart attack!!

Vega: Mom…don’t! (She begged)

She has never back to her dorm and just stay at home as her mom told her. Vega’s mom arrange all her needs for the next university and packed all of Vega’s stuffs without letting her to take a part of it. Vega lost everything. She lost her freedom, her cellphone and everything she want about. She has never met or even listen to Leo’s voice after that day. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t miss him but she is trying hard to delete every little thing from her mind about what she has been trough with that man for almost 1 year. She need to fill a new stosy for her new chapter in life. Everyone knows, it will always never be easy.

Thanks to Annisa Fachrudin and Kirana Putri for proofreading and internet access.


– A Friend personal’s love life

– Loving Anabelle movie

– Leave your lover by Sam Smith

Word Count: 1300

Link for dramatization:


Part 2:https://soundcloud.com/ekayantibanjarnahor/part-2

Part 3: https://soundcloud.com/ekayantibanjarnahor/part-3

Part 4:https://soundcloud.com/ekayantibanjarnahor/part4

2 thoughts on “UTS CREATIVE WRITING 2015. EKA YANTI BANJARNAHOR 180410100079

  1. Interesting story about bestfriend, but is it too much that her mom don’t let her become a friend with her own bestfriend? It should be okay if she still have a contact with her friend. Her mom should not only think about being with gay person might be bad. It’s like double heartbreak, it think :D


  2. It is kind of heart-breaker story. Maybe you can make the explanation why her mother reacts extremely like that. So that the reader can understand why her mother do that.


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