June: A Poem


Summary: This poem is written by June replying the lines her mother wrote a night before her mother died on June 2008.



I’m trapped in the middle of nowhere
and your shadow is what I desire
Sit alone in this cold rattan chair
with a little spark of fire

It amazed me; how destiny brought my arms to yours
I can never forget the first smile that flows
from those tiny little lips of yours
yet, it also amazed me; how destiny part my arms from yours
and just like million dust on the floor
it wiped you away right to that door
of a place where your world is not my world anymore

This little soul is calling you from the distance
somewhere you can never reach
My blood’s burning begging a final glance
while this mouth is shut never wants to give a speech

The rain’s telling me to go,
yet my feet keep screaming “No!”
As the wind started to blow
my tears yelling so heaven will know
this poignant knee that I bow
wants you to see how mad I can grow

I never blame the dark for taking your shadow away
nor do I ever blame you choosing your own way
Just hate how the remorse creeping this bleeding soul
As my mind circum back and forth; far away, so far away outside the North Pole
Swallowing the pain, kissing the tears, embracing the fear
I am so done with this bottle of beer, and wishing your shadow is here
wiping every single tears
that you gave me after leaving me along with fears

As this pen dancing on this blank page
Just like a clear sky showered by the dark cloud
I write you this line along with rage
Wanting to scream out loud
That it is hard for me to let you go with that shroud

First, let me thank my beloved mother for being my inspiration, my dad for the critics and advice. And a very special thanks goes to my buddy Rahmadewi Budiningtyas (180410130037/D) for being my proofreader and helping me working with the dramatization.

-Epigram Written in Prison by Sir Thomas Wyatt

-A Clear Midnight by Walt Whitman
-Mrs. Dahmer by Sierra DeMulder
-Kiss the Rain by Yiruma (music)

Word count: 296 words

Dramatization Link:

5 thoughts on “June: A Poem

  1. 180410130041/C

    First of all, i loved your dramatization. It gave me the chill as if the rage crawled out of my laptop screen, really. And your idea of the name June and the month June was brilliant, but it made me slightly confused with the POV alteration. When it said “from those tiny little lips of yours”, it seemed like words from a mother to her baby, yet you stated that the poem was written by June, the daughter. Well maybe it was just me and my this-and-that, overall you did a freaking good job!

    (94 words)


  2. You made me almost crying, Morena. Both of poem and the dramatization are beautiful. I like the way you dramatize it, really touching. There’s a little bit different on the poem and the dramatization, but that’s not really matter I guess, because the whole poem are really good. Good job, Morena!


  3. 180410130026/C

    Gosh, it is wonderful. I can feel the pain and tears of missing someone in this poem. It will be much more excellent if you put more metaphors and stress the “time” in every line into the poem so that every line of the poem is connected not only by the previous words, but also by the time which, I think, is also the aspects of the poem. Elsya has already written it, yet I want to write it again. Good job, Morena!


  4. 180410130034/D

    First, I am honored to give you this bucket full of my tears, thank you for such profound poem and dramatization as well. I really enjoy your brilliant choices of words in a way playing the rhymes, also for the intonation, it’s really a thing for this poem. Putting Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain as your poem background song is also appropriate, since the song supports the poem to deliver the message (as to me). Yet, this song has another version which there’s a sound of thunder in it, may be it’s better to put this version as its sound of thunder may represent the anger tone of this poem as well as its sound of piano represents the sadness one.

    Meh. Nope. This poem is WOW. Your mother must be proud.


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