Friends for Life: A Short Story

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Summary: There are two girls who have been good friends since childhood. The ups and downs they face together. But, could it be forever?

There are two girls who have been good friends since they were kids, they are Ann and Celia. They always laugh together. The ups and downs they face together. But, could it be forever?

Now they both entered middle school. But unfortunately, they are not in one class. Ann is a pretty girl, smart, and popular in school. Recently, she won a national level tennis competition. Her academic achievements were good too, as evidenced by her for being champion of each semester. Not only that, Ann also received a scholarship from the school as outstanding students. Unlike Ann, Celia is quiet and shy type of girl. She is just an ordinary student in school; she does not join any club in school and her academic achievement is also mediocre. So Celia is not really stand out.

One day, Ann was training for a national championship. And Celia was waiting outside with the lunch that she brought for Ann. When Ann goes out, Ann meets Celia, but suddenly she was invited by other friends to hang out. Celia did not mind and even told Ann to join with them rather than eat lunch. But, Ann does not want to and prefer to eat lunch with her.

When it’s time to go home after school, Celia was asked to replace her friend’s picket duty. At that time, Jack, Ann’s classmate who can be considered as a popular guy in school saw her doing it.

At the same time, Ann was in the club room to get home and planning to do homework at Celia’s place. Then suddenly, a friend of the club, said, "Ann, why do you want to be friends with that girl? She is a nerd and does not have any friends. You must stay away from her, since she does not match with you in any way. ” Ann was obviously upset when she heard it.

And accidentally, Celia was passing to the club and heard all the conversation. She immediately went away, but Ann saw and chased her.

Celia knows about it. She knows that she is nothing compared to Ann. Once they grow up, they are often getting compared and Celia gets to know her value. Celia thinks if she and Ann still deserve to be a friend.

But, Ann assured Celia that she will always and forever be her best friend.

On the way home, Celia asked Ann, whether she and Jack was dating. But Ann replied, "That’s not true. If it’s so, I would have told you, Celia. There are no secrets between friends, right?" Celia was relieved with Ann’s answer. Not because she was not going out with Jack, but because Ann regard her as a friend.

In Celia’s room, Ann found a novel that Celia created, Ann suggest her to send the novel to the publisher.

And one day their friendship began to ruin because of trivia matters. At that time Celia asked Ann to accompany her after school but, she said that she could not because she had some business at home. However, Celia actually saw Jack with Ann in a restaurant. They seem happy. Celia was disappointed with it. Though Ann said that there is no relationship between her and Jack and also said that "there are no secrets between friends, right?" But it is opposite to what is seen by Celia. Does Ann betray her?

Because of that, Celia decided to ignore Ann.

On the way home, Ann called Celia and gave her a letter, "This is the notification" she said.

Celia received the letter. Then Ann ran away "Now, I already do not want to know if you are already dating with Jack" Celia’s thought.


“This is a great tragedy. It is very, very sad news for all of us. Ann who loved by schools and sports clubs people was died.” Some people talking on the microphone. Ann’s funeral ceremony was held in the school.

Celia never thought that Ann would pass away first than herself.

"It’s all thanks to you! If only Ann did not see you yesterday" "Why don’t you just die?!!"

Celia really could not do anything, she was silent, crying. Ann’s friends club almost ganged her if only Jack did not stop them.

Celia ran. She really did not know what to do. She was feeling distress.

"That’s true, why did not I just die?"

Celia is crying. It feels like she wanted to leave this world.

She remembered the letter Ann given to her. She opened the letter and began to read it.

“For Ann, I’m really sorry. Lately there is a secret that I keep from you. I meet Jack without telling you, because I realized how Jack feels. I couldn’t help but to make sure … he finally confessed! That Jack is falling in love with you!”

“Huh? So Ann and Jack were not dating” Celia continued to read the letter.

“I am so glad. Because of there are people who realize your kindness, Celia. You were very concerned about the feelings of others. Then, even if you feel wronged and hurt you keep smiling. However, I hope you will not get hurt anymore because of your kindness. Don’t hide your feelings. Jack is a good person. Maybe he’ll be your boyfriend, but.. Please, I want you always to be my friend. We’ve made a promise at that time. The most important promise I ever made in my life.”

She cried her eyes out. Now, she’s really regretting it.

A year later, Celia’s novel that Ann suggested to send to the publishers, turned out to be accepted and won Writers’ Award for Best Newcomer. Therefore, "Letter to Ann" turned into a book called "Dear Friend". And apparently, there are many people who read it.

Ann, I love you very much. Wait for me in there. I’ll never forget you for the rest of my life. You are my best friend I’ve ever had..

Thank you to Atikah for giving me some ideas for the story, and Fitri Syamsyiah for being the first to read.


– Article 11 Things You Never Thanked Your Best Friend For, But Meant To (

– Nakayoshi: Gress! Comic, volume 91.

Word Count (994)

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2 thoughts on “Friends for Life: A Short Story

  1. 180410130066

    This is a good story, I really like the dramatization, it was really unexpected when Ann just died in that way. However, the conflict is too simple, it makes people really can guess what would happen next – that Jack is fall in love with Celia. I like the ending because it makes the emotion going up and down.


  2. 180410130034/D

    That “IH KOK GITU” moment I felt in which the story told that the (soon to be) hero just died. Actually, I’ve read and watched a kind of this story many times- with such your characters’ characterizations, that letter and lets-publish-a book-after-someone-died thingy, but I like the way you put the tittle since it does really fit to the ending. And also as you said in your summary that “The ups and downs they face together”, it seems to be more interesting to put one or two events that represent “the ups and downs” of theirs which can probably give your reader’s impression that their friendship are more valuable if they will be separated someday.


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